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  1. The DL is not the same with argus and no other of yours tactic offers the possibility to play with 3 défenders and 3 midfielders. Can you uploaded this tactic to 19.2.3 keeping the DL like this please. Thank you
  2. OK. But i love tactic with 3 midfielder with 1 regista, but ill try argus 343. Thank you knap
  3. Hello Knap, how are hou ? Its possible to update this tactique please. Thank you m'y friend
  4. Knap what tactic do you advise me with chelsea, please?
  5. Hello knap, how are you? One question, this tactic (argus 352 19.2.1) continues to work for 19.2.3?
  6. Thank you. For the moment i play with beowulf4231DMKnapP110, its good but I want to change during the match, when I lead to the score, to be less offensive and more in place defensively. Thank you
  7. Hello knap, help me please... Which 4231 for an underdog team please? I want a 4231. Can you give me this link pleaseTIME 4231 Press DLPD
  8. I think if you use FM19.2.1TIMEKnap4231 your 3 strikers will score all 3. I think this is the only tactic that allows this, what do you think Knap
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