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  1. Hi TFF, I play with slayer, I like this tactic too much. What do you think ? There is room for improvement
  2. Hi knap, how are you? I'm going to start a new season, and I wanted to know if you had made progress in updating 433 BlueMatter with 3 striker. If you have to put it online I wait before I start. Thank you
  3. It was the 433 BlueMatter that I used the other years and this tactic always worked very well whatever the team with which I played. If you could put this tactic back in place I would be your grateful knap
  4. Hi Knap many thanks for your very good work. I love your last tactic FM20.2.3451KnapPreachinBluesP102. Is it possible please make a 433 with 3 striker? I loved playing with this one that you yourself created in fm19. It would be great if you could do it. A big thank you for everything and happy new year my friend
  5. Hello Knap, can i have a SUS tactic ti alternae with thé 4231 please
  6. I am testing Fm20.2.3BEOWULF4231KnapP51 with manchester city. Only victories in friendly matches and victory in the Community Shield against Liverpool 1a0. I'm already happy because beating Liverpool in this game is a feat
  7. Hi TFF thanks for all these updates but I want to stay in 4231 which works very well for me. Can you put back the Wolverine V4 link please I didn't have time to take it
  8. TFF in the new version of Wolverine the wingers are always reversed? Left foot on the right and right foot on the left?
  9. Many thanks to TFF. I use Wolverine V3 and I am first at the end of the first leg, still qualified in the Champions League, I am in 1/2 of the carabao cup. Thanks TFF, since I was waiting for a 4231 ... Since I followed the instructions everything is fine. The left midfielder and the left winger are right foot and the right midfielder and the right wing are left foot.
  10. A big thank you TFF. I play with Wolverine and I can finally play with a 4231. Thank you. I beat Liverpool 5a0. I am 1st after 15 games. Finally a 4231 ...
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