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  1. first season with inter, it's the treble. Congratulations on this tactic. The 3 strikers score goal on goal.
  2. champions + cup + supercup + 1/2 finalist in champions league
  3. It's possible to put this tactic beowulf 4231 with 2 wingers in 19.3.5 mode please
  4. hello Knap how are you? The top scorer in this tactic is the left or right winger. i Always used this tactic, i find it great, congratulation Knap. When i was in Monaco it was the left winger lopes the top scorer (top scorer of he championship with 24 goals) and with Leicester and fenerbahce it is right winger Gray and Babbel. this is my 2nd season with fenerbahce this year again it's the attacking midfielder and winger my top scorer. My striker scores on average between 8 and 15 goals in championship. i see that there is an update in 19.3.5. This involves changes for this tactic? Thank you Knap
  5. 3rd title of champion of France in a row ... every year we set the bar higher ... this year we are unbeaten and in addition we win the champions league
  6. my career 1st year in Montpellier then I leave Montpellier for Monaco, 2 titles of champion in progress
  7. The DL is not the same with argus and no other of yours tactic offers the possibility to play with 3 défenders and 3 midfielders. Can you uploaded this tactic to 19.2.3 keeping the DL like this please. Thank you
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