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  1. I'm seeing just a ridiculous amount of long range shots scored/conceded. 6 league games into my latest season, and I've conceded at least 1 long range shot in 5 of those games. This just feels like FM19 all over again.
  2. I'm currently in February on my save, and my centre back is one of the top scorers in the league with 13 goals - including 2 hat tricks. Whether it's scoring or conceding, all I ever see are headers from set pieces.
  3. Just played game number 2 - a 3-0 win and all three goals were set pieces (2 corners and a penalty).
  4. Thought I'd try the new match engine. First game - 17 mins in a corner is scored. 4 goals in the game and 3 of them directly come from set pieces.
  5. I played some of the public beta when it first became available. Got tired of conceding/scoring multiple set pieces in every single game. Take some time off from FM. Come back and concede from a corner within 20 mins of my first game back. Rinse. Repeat.
  6. Fairly small sample size so far as I haven't had a chance to play a tonne of games. First impressions: - There's a lot less balls over the top leading to one on ones. Great stuff. - Everything else feels the same as before. Way too many goals from set pieces, ugly goals, penalties awarded and missed one on ones (there's less of them but I've still missed every single one on one so far).
  7. Goal variety (or lack thereof) is really the thing that stands out in this ME. I've just played 3 games: 4 penalties scored, 3 headed goals from corners and one hoof over the top which was actually converted one on one. The matches are just so boring and unrewarding.
  8. I think I'm done with this year's version because of the match engine. FM will naturally keep me entertained and the game itself is very good (ME excluded), as always, but the match engine has just got too frustrating to carry on with. I've played 14 seasons on this version and I've moved around multiple teams, trying to play different styles of football and adapting to the various squads I've built, but no matter what do I come to the same conclusion: every single match feels exactly the same and it's absolutely killing the experience. I love Football Manager and can easily sink hundreds/thousands of hours into each year but this match engine really feels fundamentally broken. Every 'big' match goes exactly the same way: tight, edgy affair that is decided by a scrappy set piece that bounces round in the box and is blasted in the top corner. In fact, the majority of goals in the game seem to stem from set pieces (whether it be directly from the set piece or from the resulting aftermath, which doesn't appear in the stats). Multiple one on ones will be missed along the way (just random hoofs over the top, but I won't beat that drum), and multiple headers will be blazed over the bar from 3 yards out. Whether you're winning or losing, the match engine feels so detached from reality and more importantly, so unenjoyable to watch or try to create a tactic for. If you win, is it because your tactics are 'good'? or because you've figured out what isn't totally broken in the ME? There's no interesting interplay or incision from players. You can have passing on very short or direct, and you'll still just see the same pass sideways and hoofs upfield. Goals won't be satisfying fruits of labour, they'll be a scrappy set piece lumped into the mixer, a woeful backpass that falls short of a keeper or a long shot from 30 yards. There's lots of little bugs and glitches in the game, but it's easy to overlook them because the game is so vast and they don't totally kill the immersion. This match engine is a cornerstone of the game and it is just so relentlessly unenjoyable to work with. People will say that it's evolved since the older days of FM and CM, and I'm sure they're right, but honestly, it's hard to remember anything in those versions remotely like this where the ME is so one dimensional, boring & repetitive, and just killing the game. Apologies SI, I'm sure you worked hard on this year but I wanted to make a post with honest feedback.
  9. Just a request for an option when holidaying - for my holiday to end when there's a vacancy at specific clubs (maybe a tick box list to select clubs/leagues?). Would make being unemployed much more streamlined. I know there's an option to apply to certain levels of teams, but it's a little unclear which teams are actually included in these brackets. For example, I want to only apply for 4.5+ star teams, so I select what seems to be the highest option, and the game applies for positions at 3 star teams.
  10. Just wanted to post to say I've been experiencing similar things myself. For example - Liverpool sacked Klopp on 17th May and I was labelled favourite for the position. I was expecting them to approach me but they didn't, so I applied a few days later. They confirmed they'd received application, and now it's over a month later - 18th June - and I still haven't even been approached for an interview (and the position is still vacant). I've noticed this happening a lot throughout my save (16 years in). Sadly I didn't get the save prior to the sacking, but next summer I'll try to get to get something.
  11. Was the fabled Diablo tactic from this version? Or was that CM 03/04?
  12. Hi @Ben Kenney Had another return - this time Pochettino returning to Spurs for the 3rd time in 10 years with 2nd spell ending only 2 years ago. Uploaded as- poch post.fm - just after latest appointment. poch pre.fm - around a week prior.
  13. They've already said (earlier in this thread) it'll likely be in the new year.
  14. This game felt like a pretty good representation of where we're at right now. I'm Stuttgart and this was a big game against Bayern who've dominated the league for years. We were the better team and I missed about 5 one on ones (par for the course I know)... before conceding this in the last minute to lose 1-0. Not really trying to pile on. I know things are being worked on... just hoping someone finds some amusement in this. bayern 2.webm
  15. @Ben Kenney I had another 'sensational return' on my save - Markus Weinzierl returned to Wolfsburg for the second time in the save. I have uploaded two files to the cloud: Weinzierl pre app.fm - just over a week before they appoint him. Weinzierl post app.fm - on the day he is appointed.
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