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  1. Okay, I'm an idiot and didn't realize you can now do this. I'm a long time FM player but I didn't play FM18, and only recently purchased FM19. Just saw this feature today. Not sure whether it was implemented in this year's edition or last year's, but thanks SI, and my apologies too. One step ahead of me as always.
  2. Hi all, Been enjoying FM a lot this year outside of the excessive long range shots. One area I'm really having difficulty is when I come up against the big teams. For a bit of context, I'm playing as Leicester City. I started off with Leeds for a couple of years, before moving to Leicester. They weren't in the best of positions when I arrived, flirting with relegation. After a tough first year, I managed to push into the Europa League spots in my second season and finish 7th behind the 'big 6'. The following season was pretty similar. I'd find that I'd beat almost all of the teams below me, but my record against the big 6 was horrendous. Pretty much all losses, with the odd draw at home. My latest season is shaping up to be pretty similar, and I'm struggling to imagine how I can crack the top 4 if I can't take any points off those top teams. I've not had a problem breaking down defensive teams in this year's edition, but I'm really struggling to form a cohesive, defensive unit that can grind out a draw or pick teams off on the counter. I find that no matter what tactic I employ or system I use, within 10 mins I'm down 2-0 to a set piece and/or a long range shot. There's been games where I manage to play these teams close, but in the last 10 mins they just always seem to find a way, no matter what I do. There's been other games where I just get blown away 5-0. Man Utd are probably the toughest team to prepare for. They have world class players in every single position, and if they all fail, I cannot stop Pogba from single handedly beating me. I won't post my tactics as I'd appreciate learning more about the mentality of players better than me when facing better teams. I'm sure I'm doing things wrong, but I'd rather learn more about these points: - How do you prepare to face these teams? Do you research them, if so, what do you look for and how do you apply this knowledge? - How do you tend to set up? Without knowing specifics, are there any important areas of the pitch that need defending and how would you do this? - How do you deal with these teams that can beat you in so many ways? They have taller, stronger players who can win headers on set pieces. High attritbutes in long range shooting that feels unstoppable unless you specifically counter. Ruthless finishers who bury the first chance they get? - How do you deal with your inferior players making stupid mistakes in these games? I feel like I can spend ages preparing for a game, only for my CB to play a killer backpass and give away a free goal to the opposition. - Any general tips on systems that you can play vs these big teams? I apologise if my questions are a little clunky, I'm just really struggling to understand defensive tactics in this years edition. Nothing I put together seems to work. Thanks in advance.
  3. I'm currently in the final season of my contract and I would love the option to go to the board to inform them that I will be leaving when my contract expires. This could obviously go one of two ways; amicably (i.e. Guardiola with Bayern Munich) or perhaps they'd take the news badly and opt to fire me on the spot. This could depend on your relationship with the board and level of success you've achieved with them. A knock on effect of this discussion could perhaps be that they'd be less (or more?) likely to sack you, knowing that you are leaving the club anyway. Maybe they'd even try to bribe you to stay by offering you a bigger transfer/wage budget, stadium, etc. Depending on your reputation and profile as a manager, the media would react and other clubs could potentially court you prior to the end of the season (once again, Guardiola with City). I've wanted this feature for a long time, as it would add some clarity to your position in the final year of a contract, when you aren't interested in staying with your club. Currently, you're something of a lame duck till the end of the year, turning down contracts and having no real communication with the board about what will be coming next.
  4. FM 19 in a nutshell (92nd minute). ice_video_20190107-000846.webm
  5. I'm curious - what tactic should I employ to stop players scoring 3 free kicks in one game against me?
  6. I've tried a load of different things. I've used half backs, anchor men. I've tried a higher line of engagement and pressing. I've tried attacking more, defending more. Lots of stuff which I've already forgotten. But one thing I want to say in regard to the 'it's your tactics' thing - think of tactically inept managers from real life. Do their teams concede 3 long range shots in a game? Do they conceded them almost every week without fail? Their teams can be carved up and humiliated, but it's not a case of 'bad tactics = long shots automatically conceded!'.
  7. This is my current season (league games) Wolves (A) - Drew 2-2 - 1 set piece conceded. West Ham (H) Lost 1-3 - 1 long range goal conceded. Burnley (A) Lost 2-3 - 2 long range goals conceded. 1 long ranged goal scored. Man Utd (H) Lost 2-3 - 1 set piece conceded. 1 long range goal scored. Arsenal (H) Lost 2-4 - 2 long range goals conceded. 1 set piece conceded. 1 long range goal scored. 1 set piece scored. Liverpool (A) Lost 0-4 - 3 long range goals conceded. What am I classing as 'long range'? Goals from outside the area that would be goal of the month candidates in any other version of FM. In regards to outside the area, I discounted times when it's obviously not a long range - i.e. if someone was clean through and scored a chip or something. Or if it was a well worked goal were there weren't any defenders around the goalscorer. That's 8 long range shots conceded it in 6 games. An average of 1.33 per game. This is only a small sample size but I'm almost certain I could go back through my previous season and the average number would be pretty similar. I'm not pretending to be amazing at this game, but the long range shots are clearly broken and ruining the experience of playing. You can have more possession, more shots, more clear cut chances, but you concede 2 long range shots out of nowhere and it's curtains.
  8. This game feels like the most shoddy version churned out in years. The match engine has never been the strong point of this game (far, far from it) but this one is the worst yet. Long range shots are a total joke. I won't accept the age old 'it's your tactics'. It shouldn't require tailoring your tactics to stop the computer scoring 3 long range shots in one game. Especially when they are just hit straight at your keeper. Playing with a relegation fodder side is hard enough under normal circumstances... but when you are literally conceding at least one goal per game from 25+ yards, it's just totally miserable. Losing 3-2... 2 of them are long range shots. The other goal is a corner, which leads me to my next point; Delegating training. This just doesn't work in this game because assistants refuse to do any sort of set piece match preparation. I hate setting up training (especially when the system is clunky as it is) so I always delegate to the assistant manager. But this isn't really an option this year, unless you're prepared to concede 1+ goal per game from set pieces. In previous versions it seemed to work because match preparation was separate. Not anymore! This game in a nutshell: lose every game 4-3. Two of the goals you concede will be from corners. The other two will be long range thunderbolts. You will be winning at 85 minutes before the computer scores 2 long range shots in the final 5 mins. Great fun. Also VAR is such a waste of time. Also also: will strikers ever be able to finish one on ones?
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