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  1. Absolutely won't be buying this next game. Match engine on the recent editions has been a mess. Unplayable until the March patch, genuinely poor thereafter. Pains me to say it, as I have a lot of respect for SI and the FM game as a whole. I've been a player of the series for nearly 20 years. I just feel like the ME is in a really bad place right now and it makes the game unenjoyable.
  2. Hi guys, Trying to use this pack but the backgrounds are too bright/full opacity. Anybody know how I can fix this? Thanks!
  3. I'm seeing just a ridiculous amount of long range shots scored/conceded. 6 league games into my latest season, and I've conceded at least 1 long range shot in 5 of those games. This just feels like FM19 all over again.
  4. I'm currently in February on my save, and my centre back is one of the top scorers in the league with 13 goals - including 2 hat tricks. Whether it's scoring or conceding, all I ever see are headers from set pieces.
  5. Just played game number 2 - a 3-0 win and all three goals were set pieces (2 corners and a penalty).
  6. Thought I'd try the new match engine. First game - 17 mins in a corner is scored. 4 goals in the game and 3 of them directly come from set pieces.
  7. I played some of the public beta when it first became available. Got tired of conceding/scoring multiple set pieces in every single game. Take some time off from FM. Come back and concede from a corner within 20 mins of my first game back. Rinse. Repeat.
  8. Fairly small sample size so far as I haven't had a chance to play a tonne of games. First impressions: - There's a lot less balls over the top leading to one on ones. Great stuff. - Everything else feels the same as before. Way too many goals from set pieces, ugly goals, penalties awarded and missed one on ones (there's less of them but I've still missed every single one on one so far).
  9. Goal variety (or lack thereof) is really the thing that stands out in this ME. I've just played 3 games: 4 penalties scored, 3 headed goals from corners and one hoof over the top which was actually converted one on one. The matches are just so boring and unrewarding.
  10. I think I'm done with this year's version because of the match engine. FM will naturally keep me entertained and the game itself is very good (ME excluded), as always, but the match engine has just got too frustrating to carry on with. I've played 14 seasons on this version and I've moved around multiple teams, trying to play different styles of football and adapting to the various squads I've built, but no matter what do I come to the same conclusion: every single match feels exactly the same and it's absolutely killing the experience. I love Football Manager and can easily sink hundreds
  11. Just a request for an option when holidaying - for my holiday to end when there's a vacancy at specific clubs (maybe a tick box list to select clubs/leagues?). Would make being unemployed much more streamlined. I know there's an option to apply to certain levels of teams, but it's a little unclear which teams are actually included in these brackets. For example, I want to only apply for 4.5+ star teams, so I select what seems to be the highest option, and the game applies for positions at 3 star teams.
  12. Was the fabled Diablo tactic from this version? Or was that CM 03/04?
  13. They've already said (earlier in this thread) it'll likely be in the new year.
  14. This game felt like a pretty good representation of where we're at right now. I'm Stuttgart and this was a big game against Bayern who've dominated the league for years. We were the better team and I missed about 5 one on ones (par for the course I know)... before conceding this in the last minute to lose 1-0. Not really trying to pile on. I know things are being worked on... just hoping someone finds some amusement in this. bayern 2.webm
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