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  1. Does anybody know where I can get a latest update for the Japanese (J1) League that has Vissel Kobe, Sagan Tosu, e.t.c. It has to be a data update for the FM16 Pre-Game Editor
  2. I downloaded it from a different source of course, that’s why it does not turn up in Steam. 🙂
  3. I already bought FM18 from a different source but Steam cannot identify it. I cannot afford to pay another $35 to download it from Steam. I have tried the method of inserting the folder into the "Steam Apps" folder which is the method most people use but it still does not show up. Any help please...?
  4. So this means it only appears in the library if I have the Football Manager 2018 that has been downloaded from Steam?
  5. For all those that have been playing FM18 for a long time. I just downloaded FM18 and it's gameplay and everything are so amazing! But I have one problem, I've been trying to find the FM18 PRE GAME EDITOR for free because I'm currently out of work. I tried to get it from STEAM because that's the only method that seems to be turning up but when I go to Library > Tools. I cannot find anything related to FM. Anyway on how to download the PRE GAME EDITOR for FM18 will be appreciated. :-)
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