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  1. As you can see, got lucky enough to have a regen that could walk straight into the DLP role so I'm not super focused on developing Tonali this save. I think this tactic works though - for me at least. The key seems to be the super midfield trio and my 2 bombarding wingbacks (especially Tierney, pretty much a must-buy). I got rid of Matic and Herrera pretty early on, unfortunately they just aren't good enough. My must-buys now are: Milinkovic-Savic, Tierney, de Ligt, Tonali, and Mbappe once I have enough money.
  2. This is my 4-1-4-1. And no, my striker isn't scoring much. 13/11/21; Martinez 8 in 18; was 16 in 31 the season before. My midfield scores heaps though: Pogba is 12 in 13 atm and 5 assists; Milinkovic 5 in 18, 3 assists; Perez (DLP) 2 in 15; 4 assists Mbappe 8 in 16, 3 assists; Martial 6 in 7, 1 assist; Rashford 9 in 14, 2 assist; My defenders are scoring as well: de Ligt 7 in 19 for eg; and Tierney has 2 in 19 but 14 assists.
  3. you just get fined $$ that's all. I find that usually it corrects itself after a while.
  4. at the bottom of the reply box where it says drag files here to attach, or choose files.
  5. no, I have a DB update downloaded though, for that save; but I've since stopped playing that save because it got too boring (and I also changed computers). bear in mind, he was playing VERY regularly behind a mid 2 of pogba and milinkovic which helped him reach his full potential early imo. I believe once you have a mid 2 pairing of Pogba and Milinkovic-Savic, you're pretty much set (as long as your other players aren't too crappy).
  6. I have Pogba as Mezzala and he scores and assists heaps; also a 4-1-4-1 formation.
  7. Tonali at 24 in a previous save. Helps that I have Pogba and Milinkovic-Savic in front of him in a triangle CM. In my current new save, I have a 20 year old regen in the DLP role; still Pogba and Milinkovic-Savic in front of him though.
  8. Yeah I did, he wasn't better than Tonali though (imo) so I sold him, and did not buy him in a subsequent save.
  9. Me, I use a modified tiki taka 4-1-4-1. 2 attacking wingbacks, 2 in center mid, 2 IF, 1 AF Steamrolling pretty much everything.
  10. not I because tbh, I buy Mbappe for the right wing.
  11. PrtSc key, and option to save pops up too. not sure what app is installed that enables this.
  12. started a new save - and this happens midway through season 1.
  13. posted - I'm still tweaking it though as I'm not fully pleased with it. my striker isn't scoring as many goals as I would like - most of my goals come from my midfielders.
  14. actually, it's been relatively easy with managing United once you get some players in (or keep the original, if that's what you like). I use a vertical tiki-taka 4-1-4-1 formation and rarely lose.
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