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  1. Wow am starting my journey in Gibraltar and this database is incredible
  2. It's in fixture that's where you often find those option for foreign players in the league.... Wish I could give you step by step instruction but I don't remember the editor by heart...
  3. Yeah I seem like a good thing to have when you want to stick to certain region or country for transfer... For an AI club in the lower regions ensure regen gets first team football and develop
  4. That's disappointing to know... I really would be interested in doing that with my database
  5. Hi do you know how I would get a club to sign players from a specific region.. Like with Athletic bilbao
  6. Is there a way to make a club sign players from a specific region like with A. Bilbo in La Liga
  7. Use the editor select the club under reserve team and remove the team you don't want and it won't show up in the game...
  8. Any know how the sub league works.. Am curious always see it but never payed much attention to it...
  9. Anyone know how to get a team to only sign players from a selected region... Like with athletic bilbao in La Liga... Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  10. I would like to know as well. Tired of big team stealing players from the nation I edited for peanuts... N that club isnt compensated just get 12.5k when the player is worth 15mil
  11. Just go on YouTube type in fm editor and will find videos explaining everything
  12. Dude seem like you know alot about the fm editor
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