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  1. Hi Singapore actually doesn’t allow Dual Nationality. It’s currently allowed. Also, Singapore’s languages are English, Malay, Chinese (Simplified) and Tamil not just English as it is at the moment.
  2. Am not sure if this is under a database or league issue however would like to bring up that: Singapore actually has National Service that lasts 2 years for all males that is not reflected in-game at the moment. Males are usually called up before turning 21 years of age.
  3. I’ve just re-run the game without my edited nation rules and the format is back to normal. I must’ve mistakenly edited something. Thank you for the reply nevertheless. The work you do is much appreciated
  4. For some reason the Asian Champions League final changes format every season. In 2018 it’s a one-match final. 2019 it’s two legs and now I’m in 2020 it’s back to one match It’s supposed to be two legged finals throughout. Even this year Kashima Antlers won it in two legs.
  5. Qatar took part in and failed to qualify for the 2022 World Cup... which is hosted in Qatar. And they’re listed as qualified already
  6. Thank you for the reply I will try and see if this is the same for me
  7. I don’t know if anyone else has this issue but in Asia my league reputations never update no matter what happens. I decided to use the editor to change the league reputation and it’s still listed as 36th and the qualification places still remain the same. Is this part of the game or is something broken on mine? I’ve done this over 10 times, turned off all my editor rules and it’s still broken. The club reputations still update however it’s just the leagues remain the same which makes it impossible to create long saves in this game cause there’s no progress
  8. Hi there are a lot of issues with Asia that I’ve found. Mostly about teams competing in the Confederation Cup that shouldn’t be there. There are a lot of examples in different saves that I ran through for 2-3 years. This pic shows Urawa in the Confederation Cup when they shouldn’t even be allowed to compete cause Japan doesn’t get slots in the tournament. What more is that they’re grouped in South Asia even though they’re East Asian... This one shows Bunyodkor in the ASEAN Zone even though they’re from Central Asian Uzbekistan. There are more I’ve seen such as South Asia Indian teams competing in the West Asia zone. And it seems to be random with every save game the game just puts a few teams wherever it feels like. Additionally games in the Asian Champions League are taking place on weird days like Friday and Sunday even though in real life it’s always midweek
  9. I tried using the editor to increase the league rep and qualification places still remain the same and the league is still considered 36th by the game so it’s hard coded into the game. But why??? Really really kills immersion. The CLUB reps for Asia still update though
  10. Idk if this has been brought up but the competition format in-game for the Asian Confederation Cup is quite messed up. I’ve seen teams that shouldn’t qualify for it like Japanese teams play in it even though the ‘qualification places’ on the Asia page doesn’t list Japanese teams as having spots for it. Teams are also being put in the wrong section of the tournament like the South Asian section has Western Asian teams. Also the Asian Champions League in-game has games that take place on Friday and Sunday. Which as far as I know doesn’t happen irl. I also posted in another thread how in my game Asian league reputations don’t update at all (team rep does tho) and Asian qualification places don’t change at all either. Even when I use the editor to increase the league rep the qualification places allocated remains the same and the game seems hard coded to keep the positions constant which means no progression at all no matter what you do. Have the whole FIFA top 100 players in your league and it’s still 36th in Asia. Really makes it impossible to do any save with Asian leagues in it. Which is most of what I play this game for, creating long saves with Asian teams. Sorry for the long read. It’s so disappointing having all the immersion ruined for Asia which is THE favorite thing I have in FM games. I get that the new qualification system for Asia is complicated but I’d rather have the old format in-game rather than have a whole section be broken.
  11. Hello, I just bought the game and decided to create a save file with an edited version of the Singaporean League. I’ve played through 2 seasons but I realize the league reputations for Asia aren’t changing at all and qualification places don’t change. It’s changing for the other regions just not Asia. Is this happening for anyone else? It’s going to become unplayable for me if this is the case as I spend most of my time doing long saves in Asia on FM
  12. Hello, I would like to know if it’s possible to create an online game between different platforms on FM Touch. Like for example My friend is playing on an iPad. Will I be able to play an online game with him from my PC?
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