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  1. Hello, currently, we can tell a player we're going to rest him, but what about telling a player he will/will not play due to tactical reasons? I'm playing with Canadian side York9 and my team is doing well, but our CM Noah Verhoeven is underperforming (and unhappy with me as well). I have a reserve CM called Danial Rafisamii, he's young and played just 11 minutes in six matches so far. I would like to have the option to talk to him before the game to say "Hey, I'm going to start you next match. Please impress me and give your all". I think effects are pretty obvious. If I use that with my main striker, he'll be confused. But I think it would be a nice addition.
  2. Brazilian Serie B is a good place to start. Three brazilian giants in the second division (Botafogo, Cruzeiro and Vasco). All of them struggling at the moment IRL.
  3. Hello, I had this idea while playing, because I thought it would be useful. I'm playing with America in the Rio State Championship preliminary stage. In this scenario, I was winning Americano 1-0 and going to 12 points in four matches (there are only five matches in this stage). The second placed team, Sampaio Corrêa (with six points), suffered two quick goals in the second half and was losing 2-0 - so, if I held my victory and Sampaio still lose, I'd be qualified to the next stage. My idea is: IRL, supporters always have the information when a direct opponent score or concede in their game, and that info sometimes reach the players. I would like to see some text lines about that. In this situation, for example, it would say: "Nova Iguaçu scores twice against Sampaio Corrêa and America's crowd is celebrating!". If it's possible, it would be sensible to enable some option in team shouts to tell them (or not) about the goal (or something like that). It's simple, but I think it would add realism to the game and also enhance the experience. Edit: after posting, I just realized that there are 10 games in this stage, but the idea remains the same, as it can be used in many situations.
  4. Sturm Graz needed only one point in their last two games, but they managed to lose against Red Bull Salzburg and Austria Wien. Then I won the league with a late comeback (2-1) against Kapfenberger (who lifted the trophy in the last season). Total madness.
  5. Hello everyone! Is there a way to change manager wages in general? I'm playing with lower league brazilian teams who are paying something like 4,000 p/month when they should be paying 150 p/month. How do I change that?
  6. Azeri Cup - 1st round We have faced Azeri Premier League side Sabah and got knocked out after a 6-4 loss, but I'm pleased with how we played. They went to the first half winning 3-0, but Qasimov was on fire and scored a hat-trick to take us into extra time. However, they have employed a 4-3-3 formation who brought us a lot of problems combined with our poor fitness levels after 90 minutes of constant pressing, who costed us three more gols in 15 minutes. Suleymanov pulled one back eventually, but it wasn't enough. And again we have scored four, but they were good enough to score six. Congratulations to them, we are going to do better against the boys in our league, that's for sure.
  7. Pre-season My three first challenges were against lower league clubs. Someone will say that we have conceded three goals every match, but as long as we keep scoring more than four, I'm fine. In the first match, Samkir played with two strikers and scored twice in 20 minutes, so it was hard to correct. The other two matches were very easy, we had some big chances and should have scored more. I'm learning how to position players in the pitch. Heard a lot about this so called 'Carrilero', I'm using them because I want my central midfielders to be like knights in chess. If they are well positioned in the board, with just one move, one decision, they can help to defend or attack almost everywhere. Transfers So like I said, I don't have a clue about transfers, I'm letting Hesenov take care of this. And I must say he's completely garbage. Look, the man has brought two players for our U20 squad and zero strikers. Really. I'm playing with this dude called Bayramov upfront because there is no other option. By the way, here they are: Elçin Mustafayev and Adil Abbasov (I'm going to play him at the right wing if he starts singing Dancing Queen).
  8. Obviously it will need some adjustments all the way, but let's see if it works out (or if Sokolov will be a huge failure). By the way, I won't stick only with this formation, but the idea is to always have at least six players in the midfield. Thanks for commenting! I haven't set any goal, just try to develop and play with bigger clubs with this formation (or similar ones). Maybe reaching the hall of fame. I don't know how it was in FM19, but I'm allowed to sign 10 foreign players. Hope you enjoy the story! I'm also curious to see how this is going to work, thanks for commenting!
  9. Azerbaijan, home of Mamedyarov, the 8th best chess player in the world. There is also Radjabov, in 10th, and so many other great names. And now it's also my home. I'm going to the city of Tovuz, where the managerial seat of Turan awaits for me. The board wanted me to fight for a mid-table position, but the media sees us as the best club in the First League, the second division. So why shouldn't I believe that we can win the league? i don't have a clue about how transfers work, but the chairman said there's this guy called Iman Hesenov who's going to take care of contracts and players. Don't know if I should trust this man, but I'm going to do it anyway, that's my only option. They showed me the squad. I think it's great, hopefully we will develop the next Cristiano Ronaldo here. A lot of midfielders, maybe that's why they signed with me. I'm sure they saw my interview. I'm sure. By the way, I've been alerted that we need a striker. So Hesenov are going to bring me one, or he's fired. There are ten clubs in the division, we are going to play everyone three times and the best team is promoted. Football rules are very straightforward compared to chess, I should say. Ah, the worst one is relegated, but I'm not worried about that.
  10. "I like to play chess. Chess is more or less like football in some ways. You have a goal: to score in the opposite net. Or to deliver checkmate. But it's not that easy - you need to be alert to avoid counter-attacks. However, there is a way to get, at least, a little bit of superiority: control the center. It's easy: if you have enough pieces in the center of the board, it will be easier to fight your opponent. If you have enough players in the center of the pitch, you won't take the risk of seeing you Assistant Manager say "we're being seriously overrun in midfield". And you will be more capable to neutralize your opponent. So why would anyone employ tactics with three or four players in the midfield? Guardiola, Fergie, Klopp... they're all in the past. I heard football developed from 7 men in front to what we have today. What a bunch of dumb people." Meet Vassily Sokolov, a former Russian chess player who never made it at the highest level. "I'm a good chess player, but theory in the game is already developed by computers and all. I want more", he said. So he went to football. And he's going to manage in countries where chess is a passion - of course, football is way bigger, but those places are the best in terms of talent. And he wants to make a statement. Sokolov presented his ideas to the Russian specialized media in a powerpoint: "This, boys, this is how football should work. Look. Eight players in the midfield. Look how we are going to strangle them in defence. This is pure magic. Wait and see", he said. One reporter asked him what would he do if his team started to be pressed: "We sub off the striker and replace him with a centre back. There is enough depth in midfield to cope", Vassily answered. Vassily Sokolov still unemployed and searching for the first mad team to give him a chance. However, there is always a scared club looking to change their fortunes. From now on, he'll tell his story. Let's hope it will end well.
  11. Have you added Brazilian journalists? I can send you a DM if needed. Nice work btw
  12. I don't like to play in Spain, but with a new division available, I'm starting with Gernika Club in the Segunda División B Grupo II. I hope to make the city known not only for the Nazi bombings and for the Pablo Picasso famous painting. The first season is going to be super tough, we only have 12 players in the squad - and no goalkeepers at all! I'll be more than happy to survive in the league, despite our media prediction of 8th (of 18 teams). Squad | Staff (or lack of) | Finances | Manager Profile
  13. That's how it happens IRL also. My favourite team (Vasco da Gama) started the Brazilian league with four wins, two draws and one loss in the first seven games (14 points), fighting for the 1st place. Now look where we are after 16 games. Relegation zone. And guess why it happened: because our manager started with a good tactical setup, but teams quickly responded to that and he couldn't answer back. Also morale levels dropped so hard after a sequence of losses, so he got sacked. You draw one game, then you try to make things different and only make it worse. Then you draw again, then lose, lose, lose... and your squad morale goes downhill. You need to get back to basics and find what's happening. Usually, I get better results when I make small changes instead of tweaking everything (but this is more a personal experience).
  14. As a brazilian, I'm almost sure I'll give a go to Cruzeiro this year. One of the biggest clubs in the country (four league trophies, six cups and two continental wins), relegated to the Second Division for the first time, completely broke in financial terms (almost £137M in debts), starting with -6 points due to an unpaid transfer and currently in the relegation zone to the Third Division IRL, surely it will be a great challenge. They have some Serie A level players, though. Most of them are aging, but at least you can use them for something (selling or trying to get back to Serie A quickly).
  15. AO Trikala - 2022/23 Season Review Greek Superleague: 10th (Media prediction: 14th) - Don't ask me how we did it, but we did it! With a bunch of third tier-level players, Trikala managed to stay in the top flight of the Greek football! Our journey was difficult - we won in the third match against Atromitos (1-0), but then lost some points with late goals, against PAS Giannina (they turned 3-1 into 3-3 with 93' and 96' goals) and Olympiacos (late comeback after 87' and 89' goals). With nine games without a win, we dropped to the relegation zone, but after four wins in seven matches, our position improved and we even thought about fighting for a top six spot, but it wasn't possible and we finished 10th in the Regular Stage, seven points above the relegation zone. Our relegation group campaign was worse than I expected, our exhibitions were really poor and I started thinking that we would fight until the last day, but a lucky 1-0 win against Panetolikos was enough to secure Trikala in the Superleague next season. Match of the season: AO Trikala 2-1 Aris Thessaloniki, Superleague: well earned win against one of the best clubs in the country, surprising. Greek Cup: quick exit against Superleague Two side Panachaiki in the 5th round. We have fielded a rotated squad full of youngsters, and they dominated the match. Youth Intake: This is getting even better! However, this time I've opted to sign only eight players, as my U19s are already full. RB | Djordje Babic - The gods of Football Manager blessed me with this guy. He's good, he has a decent personality and most of all: his ambidestrous! I was desperately in need of full-backs for both sides and he'll be used a lot next season. AM | Pantelis Brousianos - I love his personality, and he's quite decent already. I'm planning to use him as a CM or even DM, but I haven't thought about that yet as I was too busy with our relegation battle (I can't use the new youth intake players in the end of the season). AM | Paraschos Maidanoglou - Such a curious player. He's tall and quick, certainly not what I expect of a attacking midfielder. Maybe I can use him as a winger or a support striker (like a DLF or F9). ST | Minas Gourlas - Your typical target man, but he needs to improve his finishing. I like him, though. ST | Thanasis Kapsalis - Another target man. He's currently better than Gourlas, maybe even better than our third choice Mitsogiannis, but his low determination is a concern. DM | Panagiotis Christodoulou - Not that excited about this player, he's a BWM (something that we already have a lot in our squads) but maybe he can develop? MR | Asterios Kinalis - Another ambidestrous player, and that means versatility, something we are in need. However, i see him as pure speed. DL | Andreas Saramantas - I wouldn't even sign him in normal conditions, but our reserve full backs were completely useless, even in Superleague Two. We are needing them. The other ones weren't signed. Key players: ST | Andreas Stamatis - Another season where Stamatis was our best player. He had the 3rd best average rating in the squad and netted eight goals in the league, becoming our topscorer. Really crucial. ST | Loukas Matoulas - Remember what I said last season when he came in our youth intake? "Seriously, I can't see why my HOYD only gave him 3,5* stars of potential. He's far from being a complete striker, but I really like his playing style and I hope he'll develop more than that". Well', he's now 3* of CA, 4,5* of PA and was REALLY important midseason, with five goals, most of them with great importance. He's our future number 9, hands down, and was chosen our player of the season by the fans. CB | Michalis Giannitsis - Our defence was the worse of the season with 65 goals conceded in 33 matches, but Giannitsis helped to avoid an even worse number, as the rest of our defenders are youngsters. - Other news: I've completed my National A course, and we played this season in AEL Arena, in Larisa, as our municipal stadium is too small. Our finances are deteriorating, we need to make some money as soon as possible. EDIT: Our board wants to build a new stadium in Trikala! Transfers (1) | Transfers (2) | Finances | Manager Profile Season Division Position Cup Notes 2020 SL2 2nd 4R Lost promotion in play-offs against Ast. Tripolis 2021 SL2 1st R16 Promoted and champions 2022 SL 10th 5R Survived relegation in our first season at 1st division
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