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  1. As a brazilian, I'm almost sure I'll give a go to Cruzeiro this year. One of the biggest clubs in the country (four league trophies, six cups and two continental wins), relegated to the Second Division for the first time, completely broke in financial terms (almost £137M in debts), starting with -6 points due to an unpaid transfer and currently in the relegation zone to the Third Division IRL, surely it will be a great challenge. They have some Serie A level players, though. Most of them are aging, but at least you can use them for something (selling or trying to get back to Serie A quickly
  2. AO Trikala - 2022/23 Season Review Greek Superleague: 10th (Media prediction: 14th) - Don't ask me how we did it, but we did it! With a bunch of third tier-level players, Trikala managed to stay in the top flight of the Greek football! Our journey was difficult - we won in the third match against Atromitos (1-0), but then lost some points with late goals, against PAS Giannina (they turned 3-1 into 3-3 with 93' and 96' goals) and Olympiacos (late comeback after 87' and 89' goals). With nine games without a win, we dropped to the relegation zone, but after four wins in seven matches, our po
  3. How frustrating can be a match? My team is clearly the worst of the league, we were holding them and doing our job perfectly, but they found two goals in stoppage time. What a kick in the teeth. We are playing better than I expected, but this is extremely disappointing.
  4. I'm back after some problems with my computer's power supply. And with some big news! AO Trikala - 2021/22 Season Review Greek Superleague Two: 1st (Media prediction: 10th) - An absolutely insane season! We were again tipped to fight against relegation, and our journey started in a poor way. With two wins, two draws and three losses in seven games, I thought we would fight for mid-table places, but our fortunes changed after a 3-1 win against Veroia. After that, our striker Andreas Stamatis started to score a lot, including a poker in a 4-1 win away against Panachaiki. We domina
  5. AO Trikala - 2020/21 Season Review Greek Superleague Two: 2nd (Media prediction: 10th) - That was a great season! However, unfortunately, we didn't managed to get promoted. Our journey in the Superleague Two started with an incredible run of 18 games unbeaten, with 13 wins and five draws with our 4-2-3-1 tactic. But our form went downhill in the second half of the season, but we have finished the regular stage (22 games) in 1st, with goal difference separating us and PAS Giannina, both with 46 points. In the Championship Group, composed of the six best clubs in the league, we h
  6. Additional commentary: PAS Giannina is a strong team, but I just lost the match 8-1. The worst loss I had this season was a 2-0 defeat at home against Levadeiakos, so I'm guessing that this comment had a bad influence in the match? There were four mistakes leading to goals, although I consider that six goals were originated from players' mistakes. Really strange. My other three matches against them this season: PAS Giannina 0-1 AO Trikala AO Trikala 3-1 PAS Giannina AO Trikala 1-2 PAS Giannina
  7. Context: ok, so I'm in the last round of the Greek Superleague Two Champions Group. The team I manage (Trikala) is in 2nd place and is facing league leaders (and already champions) PAS Giannina. In this league, champions get promotion and 2nd goes to an playoff against 11th from the Greek Superleague. In theory, I need a draw to clinch the playoff spot, but I had one win and three draws against 3rd placed club Apollon Smyrnis, and our goal difference is way distant (26 vs 4 in my favour). That said, I went to our pre-match team talk and this option "Unsupported team talk comment" appeared
  8. AO Trikala - Greek Superleague Two So I've decided to start again after being sacked by FC Bavois, this time with Trikala Football Club, or simply AO Trikala. The club is located in the city of Trikala and plays at the Municipal Stadium of Trikala (14,000 capacity, 4,000 seated). Founded in 1963, the club played for the last time in the first division in 1999/00. After getting promoted, they will play in Greek Superleague Two next season. Trikala has lifted five trophies in their history: Greek Superleague Two (1): 1998/99. Football League [3rd tier] (1): 2014/15.
  9. I got sacked. My squad was absolutely terrible, this is probably the worst club I've ever managed (in comparison with the other teams in the division). Andelko Savic, our best player, was a Elite-level player for Swiss Third Tier - even he couldn't match Challenge League level, so imagine the rest of them. We had a decent first half of the season and managed to go to the mid-season break in 9th, one point above Kriens. However, our second part was awful and we failed to win in 12 games, with six draws and six losses. We actually had the 6th best defence in the league, but our attack
  10. FC Bavois - Intro Trying to start this again. FC Bavois is a club from Bavois, Switzerland. They play their matches at Terrain Communal, also known as Stade des Peupliers (1,000 all-seater capacity). Founded in 1941, Bavois have never won a competition and usually played between 4th and 5th Swiss tiers, before getting promotion to 3rd division in 2015. They managed to get promotion to the Challenge League (2nd tier) this season for the first time, after finishing 8th in 2018/19. Our squad is really weak compared to the league standard, so our goal is mainly try to be competitive and
  11. Sad news: unfortunately, the power went out for like 15 seconds in my house, but that was enough to corrupt my save file as I had just saved the game. Just to make you aware: I was knocked out of both Brazilian Cup and Copa Libertadores. Against Corinthians in Brazilian Cup, I lost 2-0 away, and Cerro Porteño beat us on penalties - they won 1-0 at home and lost 1-0 away. Just after the Cerro Porteño match, I've saved and then the power went out, so I lost my save. Thank you for reading, maybe I'll start another thread here in the next days.
  12. Yeah, I'm using my default 4-2-3-1 away (or in matches played at Curuzu). I don't know why pitch dimensions changed, but I felt that 3-3-3-1 tactic was necessary because if we can't create too wide spaces, at least we are not giving them to the opposition.
  13. Oh no! Things are going from bad to worse! Now Valdívia is injured for 8-9 months after a horror tackle from Rodriguinho in a training session. We'll need to find a quick replacement as our only option is Exequiel Zeballos (on loan). New formation, Série A disaster and Brazilian Cup Our Série A run is becoming really complicated this year. We tried to tweak tactics, but it didn't worked and we only managed to win one game in five matches, against newly promoted side Figueirense. We were completely dominated against Atlético Mineiro, Corinthians and Fluminense, and now we a
  14. Cacau sold He was already unhappy and wanting to move to a bigger centre, so I promised I would sell him if a club activated his release clause. That's exactly what Burnley did. He'll be missed at the club, such a great player, but let's see if some youngsters can step up. This season is going to be tough.
  15. Club affiliation After years of denied request, I've finally got our first affiliated club, and that was a great choice. We are now linked to Botafogo from Paraíba, a club that is currently in Série D, but are favourites to clinch promotion. We have a good relation with them: in 2023, I've loaned our defensive midfielder Higor to them and he developed well - in that year, Botafogo almost got promotion to Série B. Their facilities are really good for Série D level, and I'll surely loan a lot of players to them. Brazilian Cup That was tense! After a 1-1 draw at Curuzu, we he
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