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  1. Don't know if this is already in the game, but this idea occurred after I started to play with Cork City. There's a player in my squad called Shane Daly-Butz who is 21yo. He plays at AMR and AML positions. Due to his technique, pace and flair, I see him as a decent AMC player in the future. The problem is: he's too old for the U19s and he's not good enough for the senior squad. Also, my tactics won't fit him (4141 DM Wide). I tried to loan him and say that I want him to play at AMC position, but this isn't avaliable. It would also be unrealistic because if I'm a manager of another club and try to get a player on loan, I wouldn't like to use him in a position that the player isn't efficient. But I don't think that would be too unrealistic if we are talking about partnerships in which players are loaned. They are generally made in a bigger-to-small club basis and allow some proximity, so I could say to them: "Ok, I want to loan Daly-Butz to you, but I want you to use him as an AMC. Can you fit him in your tactics?". I mean, the purpose of this kind of partnership is to help in the development of players, so this would be an extra.
  2. GBK KOKKOLA Youth Only Challenge - First Update Hello, guys! I've tried this challenge on past FMs, but couldn't complete it. Now I have a new account (lost my e-mail and my password) and I'm starting again in FM19. I was tempted to start in Romania, but there were five promotions and all of them of "II Clubs". So I decided to go to Finland instead and manage the newly-promoted side GBK Kokkola. Gamlakarleby Bollklubb Kokkola is a club from Kokkola and was founded in 1924. They play their games at Keskuskenttä, which has the capacity to accommodate 3,000 people (1,200 seated). The biggest glory in the club history is winning the Ykkonen (second division, where we are now) in 1975. Kokkola also won the Kakkonen (third division) in 1994 and 2006. Manager Profile | Squad | Media Prediction | Facilities Considering the limitations of the challenge, we have a decent squad to build. There are some youngsters that I can try to develop during the first season, such as Jaakko Alasuutari, Jimi Hackspik, Lasse Känsälä and Okko Airiola. We also have average junior training and youth recruitment - surely a good basis. Our key player this first season will be Miika Hohental, an inside forward who is rated 4* by our assistant manager. Also, I need to say that at the moment I just have the assistant manager at my staff backroom, so I'll need to bring more members quickly. That said, let's hope for a safe mid-table finish in the season.
  3. This is far from bizarre for me, but I was playing with Botafogo (Brazil) and had a striker with ukranian second nationality. I laughed so hard because he was white and blonde and his nickname was Makelélé . So I've changed his nickname to Ucrânia (literally Ukraine in portuguese). Ended up signing him because he was a good prospect.
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