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  1. Yeah, this tactic looks even better than Knap's Sicillian. Will give it try for one season. Big thanks to creator of this tactic! I really appreciate his work.
  2. Ok, will spend all transfer budget on assistant manager :)) gorod na Buuuugom
  3. It was great time May be the reason is that i play most of games on holiday? May be exist some tactics, that work in holiday mode.
  4. Knap, hello once again. I ve tried tactics that you recommended. It was bad ( took places from 13 to 16 in russian premier division. May be i do something wrong? May be i should tick any options? For example shouts or so on. Im really confused. I want to play like in fm 16, when with your tactic i got Champions League with belarusian club in five season. I really don't know what to do. I want to play, but... this game crush my heart I really don't understand, what to do. May be i should do trainings? Yeah, i undestand that my team Fakel Voronezh is the worst in the league. May be it isn't possible at all to get place over seven in league? May be the reason is that i play most of season in holiday mode? May be i must use any holiday tactics? Knap, what is the best tactic on holiday? Many thank to you, Knap!
  5. Knap, hi. I'm your fan since 2016 fm. Can i ask you? I've tried all your tactics this year. The problem is that first season my team performs great, then - very bad. I got to high division, and it was very bad. Can i ask you about tactics for very underdog? I play in russian division. Maybe you can say us, your fans, what is the best tactic in Mr L testing league? I very wait Mr L testing. Thanks a lot!
  6. Knap, I really appreciate your work. You've done a great job. All FMs i played with yout tactics. But now I have a problem. I haven't found a tactic, that will work with underdog team. Now I'm playing for FC Tyumen from Russian Second League, and at first I had result. But then, when I moved to the next division, I just lose to everyone. May be you can give me an advice - which tactic will work with very underdog team? Thank you!
  7. Knap, hello! What is the best tested tactic at the moment? You made a great job, but your fans need some more information.
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