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  1. I don't see what's the problem having two offensive guys in the CM in a 4-3-3? Especially when you are a top-5 team and opponents start to just sit back then even that is often not enough to get enough pressure on and you bore yourself to 0-0s with two Highlights the entire game on extended if you don't sacrifice your DM for an AM and go for 4-2-3-1 or something similar. You don't need a holding DM and a DLP in front of him when playing against a Championship team as a good PL club.
  2. Leverkusen played 3-6-1 in attack last season after all their wingers were injured, but against the ball it's simple 4-2-3-1 mostly.
  3. lol that's a totally different concept than using one of the FBs as the third CB. Also the HB after years is still a mess and leaves spaces open for counter attacks where there shouldn't be any.
  4. So whatever I'll put it as an attachment. The roles and instructions are kinda random at this point, just what I thought what fit the role the player had in the RBL system. But shouldn't be too bad in general. The big question is if this can work with 3 CB and then no defensive player on that side. I added instructions close down more and mark tighter so he's more aggressive towards the wing player coming down his side, not staying in the line as rigid as a CB would be. But can this work? No idea. The scheme with the ball looks like I'd want it, but in defense it could be hard.
  5. I tried to replicate the tactic that tactial-genius Julian Nagelsmann used in the league match against Frankfurt a few weeks ago using LB Halstenberg as a third CB when recycling possession but playing a normal 4 at the back after losing it, Here I illustrated how it looked with a squad formation creator. First pic is with the ball the second against it. So in my longterm save after leaving Fenerbahce after three years going to ManCity in 2028 I want to try replicate it. Obviously people always say the shape you see on the FM screen should be your defensive formation. So
  6. In the start post it's stated "Domestic Cups from 10 separate nations required (where top level teams can enter)" So when I win the League Cup it counts too?
  7. I feel like some guys here use the ingame editor to secretly boost their reputation and stuff. When starting with no badges and no reputation you normally don't get jobs at all and this guys are at Dortmund after 5 seasons or even start at good Chinese teams.
  8. I can't believe this urge even exists with grown men. I had this when I was 10 and played EA FM09. Played the CL Final Hamburg vs Barca 100 times I think.
  9. The most successful tactics for Underdogs in real life against big favorites is aggressive pressing and quick transitions after winning the ball. Look at Hasenhüttl Ingolstadt 15/16 and Nagelsmann when he played with Hoffenheim against Bayern. So it's good that finally some teams try to do that against you in this game. Underdogs that just sit deep next to never get any points in real life.
  10. For example the Gegenpress one has pressing and tempo maxed out. If somebody would ask for help here and post such a tactic here people most certainly would jump at him and ask how you'd expect to be successful with that. So why do the presets give people the feeling that this is totally fine?
  11. RB Leipzig atm play 4-4-2 with two ultra defensive CMs and play great dominant football when needed, so it's not correct anymore to say you can't play possession in a 4-4-2 shape. In FM it's hard to do though, but mainly the problem is defensively due to the non-existent defending of Strikers so when I want 4-2-2-2 against the ball I play with the second striker in the AM strata.
  12. I'm about to win the Manager of the year but then the no sacking unlockable gets unlocked. Is there any way to deactivate these?
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