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  1. Yeah and that's what's annoying me the most, in rl they'll just try to hit the opponent over the top as often as possible, no long consolidation phases, epecially versus vastly superior teams.
  2. It's nice that you want to help this guy but first of all I don't think he knows that this is a forum about a videogame called Football Manager.
  3. Is there a limit of like 10 matches that they must have played so it shows? For example Xaver Schlager played 8 times in Bundesliga last season, but the title isn't shown in his biography/achievements. Is that done on purpose?
  4. I'd hope this should be a known issue, that the movement of the CBs is totally wrong when you play with a HB. I just wanted to raise awareness again, as it's really frustrating because this is the only possibility to let a DM drop between the CBs (maybe should be implemented as a PI for normal DMs). And this movement is like one of the most Basic things in real football in the consolidation phase and it's just not possible to replicate right now without having your CBs stand wide open and let tons of space for counter attacks. In this Thread you can see a direct comparison between a HB and a DM-D and the positions of the CBs. But I think this can be easily replicated by SI themselfes and I just hope you can fix this.
  5. I just lost 5-1 away to Mainz with my RB Leipzig team that comfortably won the league last year. Went 28 matches unbeaten, like 32 if you include the season before (in the league). Then lost 2 more games because we already sealed the title and I played prospects from my U19 and guys who didn't play all year. They played 4-2-3-1, I played with my fake 4-4-2 (1 CM in DM strata and one striker in AM strata). I'm a perfectionist in this regard and I hate it when managers in real life say "yes we played good but just didn't score so what can I and we do". So I tend to question my tactic instantly when I lose, because it basically has to be my fault. But in this game we had multiple big chances in the beginning, then conceded from a Penalty and a Free Kick. I went on higher mentality and after 3-0 switched to 5-3-2, got one goal back at 4-0 but conceded again. In the end we had definitely better chances and if the game had xGs I'd think it'd be like 2.3:2.5 or something. So what can I do in this case? When I get home I defo can show my tactic too, but it shouldn't be too bad after thos results and I normally do in-game tweaks a lot too. I rather want to know, how this is in FM. Do you have to accept that there are matches, where you have more chances and just don't score and opponents hit every shot (and I don't mean this people that show 30-2 shot screens with probably 25 headers from set pieces and longshots and wonder why they lose)? Or does this have to do with my tactic 100%? I'm really frustrated about this loss and basically question everything rn.
  6. Thanks for clarifying. So aren't there any really really big disadvantages of this? I felt like there are less upsets and less surprising league positions, for example the big 6 stayed completely intact the first 4 years of my safe.
  7. I noticed that the Detail level for every country other than the one I'm playing in is set to None. I just googled around but couldn't find a definitive answer. Does this really only mean that the Quick Result engine is used to sim these or is it really the case, that only reputation matters and no developments will take place in these leagues and countries?
  8. I'll try if I can find some Savegames from this timeframe.
  9. I think this movement is still wrong and problematic, so it's basically impossible to use this role, I think same things happen when you use a Libero in a back three when he drives forward. The half-back (31) goes forward a bit, like a DM should, to give support, and still the CBs stay wide open, as when the DM drops between them, giving tons of space to the opposing striker. I play a simple Dutch 4-3-3 here. That's how they stand when you play with a normal DM instead of a HB. I think that's really annoying, as there is no other possibility to get the DM between the CB Movement as it is typical in like 80% of possession football playing teams.
  10. Really? I played in a 4-3-3 and I obviously only use the WB strata when playing 5-3-2 or 5-2-3.
  11. I recently tried Frenkie De Jong as a Halfback, because I think seeing the DM drop between the CBs is one of the most beautiful motions on the football pitch. But longterm unfortunately it seems you can't play like this, as the movement of the Half Back still causes issues with the behaviour of the CBs. When he gets up the pitch the CBs stay wide like when he drops between them, so there's an enormous channel. Afaik this already occured in FM16 (?) and still it isn't fixed. It really makes me sad that you can't replicate this movement at all basically.
  12. @Experienced Defender @herne79 I basically used the roam from position and more closing down to get a split block for the top 5 players, also Cross Less Often for the Wing Backs. I didn't pay that much detail on attributes because I'm pretty sure that West Ham wasn't cherrypicked and my players should be better than theirs in general. I'll look into them now though. I used the Mezzala because it worked perfect for Haidara until now and I thought it would bring a little bit more penetration than a CM/A. Also besides Adams I don't really have a player that could play the Hybrid role of an IFB, maybe Schlager could do it attribute wise, which wouldn't be a bad option tbh, so that he still gets enough games, when I get Szoboloszai next season. The problem I just have is, that I don't know how to get more possession against these teams that just play on Defensive and pass the ball in their half. I compared the Wolfsburg game to one against Schalke or so which was really similar to their system, where I played with my Attacking and don't care 4-4-2 (or asymmetric 4-1-3-1-1 with Demme in DM strata and Wolf in AM strata) and in that match I had around 370 passes, against Wolfsburg 580. So you see the difference but still only 46% or something possession and losing instead of pretty easy win.
  13. So I'm sorry for being so aggressive, this just annoyed and frustrated me so much, seing the op dominate Arsenal with West Ham and my team that won Bundesliga and Cup 1st season, 1 point short of Bayern and losing to a De Bruyne screamer in the CL Final 2nd season loses against Wolfsburg. I'll post the set-up underneath, but I'm not really sure what's that wrong with it, having such abysmal results without even getting near the possession numbers of the OP.
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