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  1. Have anyone played Lewandowski as AF I wonder how he will do ...
  2. Also, it looks really weird when you see that some player is "accomplished/natural" for AML/AMR positions but can't play at all at ML/MR, that doesn't make sense to me at all
  3. I think AML / AMR positions and ML / MR positions should be merged, that'll make FM looks more realistic
  4. I wonder at which side I should Eden Hazard, he can use both feet so it comes that it doesn't matter?
  5. RB Leipzig, the 1st season I used Gladiator and Conqueror set Perfection!
  6. My Sevilla side is unstoppable with Gladiator ! It's the best tactic I've tried in FM19 Thank you, TFF
  7. The updated tactics are unstoppable in 19.3 Thank you, TFF
  8. Hey TFF Will you update the filters for the the new versions ? Thanks
  9. The new tactics work great in 19.3! Thanks TFF!
  10. I'm really surprised that the issue still hasn't been fixed because I saw that people were reporting about it long time ago... Disappointing... 😪
  11. I use standard training for my GK and he does well
  12. Hi there I gave Battlemaster V2 a go with Everton and the result is amazing! Thank you
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