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  1. For Cerber V2 MR/L have to trained in Inverted Winger (Support)? Because they have Winger role in the tactic. @Totalfootballfan Thank you!
  2. Executioner V2 doesnt provide a beautiful game and also i lose with my best eleven some easy games. I made my team the best in the game in my savegame and im in the first place of world reputation by far. @Totalfootballfan will you update it again?? I dont want to play with a defensive tactic. With Cerber V1 i smash everyone like 6-0, 5-0, 7-0.
  3. Individual training for AMC in Executioner V2? Advanced Playmaker ( Attack ) ??
  4. which one is a little bit better ?? Phoenix V4 or Slayer V1?
  5. For top teams in EPL which is the better tactic? Punisher or Phoenix - Defence
  6. Hello @Totalfootballfan, Is it possible to make for us ratings for your tactics in Genie Scout?? It will be the best help/tip from you. The last thing you have to do for us is to click the left-click on our mouse to continue our savegames and you are done!!
  7. I know that my friend but I'm asking for the filters that TFF uses for the specific tactic to be more powerful with the right players.
  8. Hello @Totalfootballfan, Which are the best filter for DESTROYER V3 ??
  9. Hello @Totalfootballfan, For the strikers of the Destroyer V2's tactic, what is your recommendation for their preferred foot? Thank you for your tactics!!
  10. It's one of the best tactics for FM19 but against bigger teams i cant win and i conceded 3-5 goals. What i have to do?
  11. Haha!! I play FM from 2005 until now. I know excactly what i am doing in the game but V2 has defensive issues and that's why TFF resolved them.
  12. My friend i try it in 10 matches and nothing at all. I win against lower teams than mine with scores 4-0 etc but against bigger teams i lose. Why? Im playing it like it must be. I follow all the instructions from TFF and nothing!!
  13. Which is the best tactic until now with all the updated versions?? In 19.2 @Totalfootballfan
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