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  1. Can you show me where DM Attributes are in the OP? Also in filters there are some positions which include Determination and in the OP where it writes the High Importance/Moderate Attributes there isnt the Determination. How this is correct?
  2. Hi @Totalfootballfan Which are the high importance attributes for DM in Cerber V4? Also can you check one more time all positions in the OP if it is correct with your filters? Because there are attributes that dont match exactly. It's so important. Thank you
  3. So this year there isnt any tactic to break the machine? Is that possible?
  4. Sorry my friend but you dont understand what im trying to tell you or my english is bad. Anyway thank you for your help.
  5. Yes I can understand what you are trying to tell me but in some positions in filters there are more or less attributes which in OP Attributes there are or not.
  6. Hi my friend! I know that his filters include every tactic but I'm asking about Attributes in OP. Thank you!
  7. Hi @Totalfootballfan! Are these attributes fits 100% to Cerber V4? Because your filters include or exclude some attributes. Also there arent attributes for WB (R/L) and DM. Also High Importance Attributes must be at least 15 and more and for Moderate Importance Attributes 10 and more? Thank you
  8. Thats why i told to @Totalfootballfan to make Genie Scout ratings file. It will be easy then to find excactly the best players in each position and i will ask you again to make it please!!
  9. Hi @Totalfootballfan, Can you please make a rating file for Genie Scout for your tactics please? It will be a huge help to find the best players!!
  10. For Cerber V2 MR/L have to trained in Inverted Winger (Support)? Because they have Winger role in the tactic. @Totalfootballfan Thank you!
  11. Executioner V2 doesnt provide a beautiful game and also i lose with my best eleven some easy games. I made my team the best in the game in my savegame and im in the first place of world reputation by far. @Totalfootballfan will you update it again?? I dont want to play with a defensive tactic. With Cerber V1 i smash everyone like 6-0, 5-0, 7-0.
  12. Individual training for AMC in Executioner V2? Advanced Playmaker ( Attack ) ??
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