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  1. Man, it has been a LONG time since I was around these parts, and this is still going strong! Think it was around 08 I got as far as the WC Quarter Finals. Was all 2D then back in my day! Picked up my first FM since 13 and San Marino is ofc the first place I'm heading. Wonder how far off match fitness I'll prove to be? Holidaying for a year to take them over officially in Serie C.
  2. Think it was 07 or 08 I got the domestic team to the top of the pyramid, never quite cracked things with the national team... well, world cup quarter finals and 7th in the world isnt BAD, really, is it? I was planning on just starting a San Marino game to mess about and get used to the game, and discovered this thread... hmm...
  3. This topic intrigues me... I havent really got properly into FM12 quite yet, but something I always like to try is having a go at San Marino, both the club and the country. They start from the smallest beginnings... but with some decent effort and guidance, they can definitely provide a pretty huge return...
  4. Match engine wise nothing much has changed, but I assume the changes to confidence have resulted in what seems like (admittedly with nowhere near enough done to be scientific) a fix to the "missing ludicrous amounts of clear cut chances' issue for me. I guess beforehand it must have been flailing wildly from game to game to result in some of the truly horrendous misses, now strikers seem a bit more realistic. Just a casual observation though.
  5. http://steamcommunity.com/id/arkangelus/screenshot/594706251616400199 Taken over as AS Cannes manager. Now to really get to grips with a new game!
  6. Every single year... Well, its tradition. I gave in. I bought the new FM. "Even if I dont play it as much, SI deserve my £30". And as usual, I'll be looking to rock up here way after everyone else is done. Woo! Well, about me... its an interesting story. Since the switch from CM to FM, every year I've given far, FAR too many of my hours to each iteration, and not entirely for the best of reasons. For most of my teenage and adult life my health has left me housebound with hundreds of empty blank hours to fill, an ideal scenario for devoting time to getting Badajoz, San Marino, SVM Mannheim, Merthyr Tydfil or Torpedo Moscow up the leagues. This time though, after a massive year of recovery and progress, I'm playing along from my own flat, in between part time jobs working with disabled youngsters and heading to the pub. I don't expect anyone will particularly remember me sporadically being around from that long to appreciate how big a change it is, but it still felt worth mentioning as I start things off - for 8 years, FM was occasionally quite literally the sole thing worth getting out of bed for. I look forward to it actually functioning as an addition to instead of the sole pillar of my life! Onto the pitch then... and I have unfinished business in France. I've run the gauntlet in England, Spain, Italy and Germany, but I've never quite cracked the very top of the French leagues - my personal favourite for their loose restrictions. And AS Cannes are available? I think I know where I'll be heading in a couple of hours once Steam has finished the download! Until then, I'll be combing through this thread and some of the tactics forum to see whats changed - hopefully I'm not too out of touch with all these newfangled controls and concepts! A rigid 4-5-1 and youth development/foreign market profile expansion awaits...
  7. Hello, i decided to peek back in here after a while away. I moved house and was without internet for a long time, but I started a new game and was doing fairly well at it as a vague timesink. I ran the holiday season for 2 years instead of 1, in France - firstly, it let me actually pick my real age instead of defaulting me to 30, and secondly, with the CFA it meant I could try and get someone who actually wasnt there at all instead of limited to the few towns I didnt really fancy that always came up. Saving it around January and letting it run again from there gave a huge variety of clubs coming up, eventually I went with RUFC Calais, who start below the CFA at the outset of the game. France has always been one of my favourite countries for the way its set up, and remains one of the last major European leagues I've never won in any iteration of FM. I've just squeaked up to Ligue 2 now and think I might let FM become a bit of a timesink again now that all the real-life hassle is more or less dealt with, and try get some proper updates fairly soon Its good to see that this thread continues to go strong!
  8. 2017 - Torpedo Moscow - Russian Premier Division - Final Position: 7th (squad) - (transfers) Another very positive season where our slimmed down squad really came together, and we never looked like getting sucked into things at the bottom of the table. I'm very pleased on the one hand to finish so high up, but on the other, coming so close to the European spots but falling just short hurts a bit, that really would have helped our reputation and to attract new players to the club. Extremely promising for next year though that only 6 points progress would see us in the Champions League! Zelao was probably our key signing this season, continuing our policy of bringing through youngsters in the flair positions and looking to experience in the centre. We've seemingly passed the point where we are only hoping to contain the big boys and sneak the closer games - there are undoubtedly now games every season where we really do expect to be winning and have to view points dropped there as missed oppertunities rather than the norm. Our good performances against the bigger teams is extremely promising as well - in such a tight league, taking points off of the likes of Rubin and CSKA really bunches up the top of the table, we just didn't quite amass enough to take full advantage. One of our biggest disappointments though remains our lack of ability to be competitive in the transfer market, and how other clubs are so easily able to bully us out of the way. Several teams who finished within only a few points of us have individual players earning more than our entire team, and infuriatingly Ural, who finished level on points, were able to casually toss around £2.5m to activate our star striker's release clause after we've spent the last few seasons nurturing him. It'll be a long time before we can realistically compete with the Zenits and CSKAs with their millions, but I'm definately looking to take on the likes of Ural and Saturn. The big battles going forward will just be to keep hold of our players. We've got our youngsters locked down, but their heads are very easily turned by fortunes elsewhere. I'm still trying to only put any money down on promising youngsters as an investment, but while we've lucked out with the likes of Zelao falling into our laps on a free, the mandated 5 Russians on the pitch at a time are the one area where we find it hardest to compete. It's easy enough to say that I could really do with a replacement right winger over the transfer window, but the odds of one up to the task becoming available for what we have to offer is slim. Still, every season that passes improves both our standing and financial state, and we're pretty consistently proving in the big games that we are not simply there to make up the numbers. With the way the seeding for the cup falls we've always got a shot at pushing to the quarter finals and beyond (so long as we don't get complacent), and only a minor points increase will see us get into Europe via the league, so that's what we'll be targetting for next year. Season | League | Position | Achievements -------------------------------------------------------------- 2011 | Russian First Division | 13th | Survival 2012 | Russian First Division | 8th | 2013 | Russian First Division | 5th | 2014 | Russian First Division | 2nd | Promotion 2015 | Russian Premier Division | 14th | Survival 2016 | Russian Premier Division | 11th | 2017 | Russian Premier Division | 7th |
  9. Oh come ON! 8 minutes of injury time?! And it was a free kick from 35+ yards as well... We drew 1-1 at Spartak as well after they equalised in the 93rd minute too... unbelievable. Having a fantastic season though, its quite something when i can complain about not winning at theirs instead of just not letting in 7!
  10. 2016 - Torpedo Moscow - Russian Premier Division - Final Position: 11th (squad) - (transfers) A solid enough season, we comfortably avoided getting sucked into a relegation battle and showed signs of real progress on and off the pitch, despite ending with the same number of points as last season. There were no 7-0 humiliations this time, and we gave our fans plenty to celebrate too - a 1-0 win over Dinamo Moscow early on was promising enough, but this result will live long in the memories of many fans! Off the pitch, we've moved into the black with the sale of Antar (even if without him our attack was blunted somewhat for the second half of the season), and our average attendance has risen from 7779 to 8366, including two full sell-outs for the CSKA and Spartak derbies. We've got a decent blend of youth and experience in the first team now - I was a bit reluctant to move Olivera up a level, but he insisted he wanted first team football, and did an adequate job. In goals, Rodrigo did a fine job, and possibly our star player of the season was the free transfer of Oscar Rubio from Dnipro. He may not look it, but he is one of the eastern European brigade, holding a Ukrainian passport and speaking sufficient Russian to fit in instantly. I'm hopeful that with young players in so many of the positions on the pitch, we'll continue to progress as a club as they grow. Club icon Cristiano has now joined our coaching staff as he enters his final playing year, and several other players are set to leave at the end of this season as we look to reduce our expenses. I'm hopeful of some money to spend this year following the sale of Antar and our improvement in finances, but wont be holding my breath. We need to get some decent quality out wide again, but for the first time we're looking quite solid and settled at the back. Oh, and just for the fun of it - this was surely the result of the year outwith our own club For some odd reason, they went down this year... I wonder why that was? Next season we'll be joined by Kuban and Anzhi, it remains to be seen how much of a fight they'll put up in this division. Season | League | Position | Achievements -------------------------------------------------------------- 2011 | Russian First Division | 13th | Survival 2012 | Russian First Division | 8th | 2013 | Russian First Division | 5th | 2014 | Russian First Division | 2nd | Promotion 2015 | Russian Premier Division | 14th | Survival 2016 | Russian Premier Division | 11th |
  11. 2014 - Torpedo Moscow - Russian Premier Division - Final Position: 14th (squad) - (transfers) A very solid season where we quite comfortably staved off the thread of relegation, and laid some solid foundations for establishing ourselves in this league longer term. We could have finished far higher - we were safe by about August and there weren't many points between us and the lower European spots, I was hopeful that a decent run might propel us up there. Unfortunately once the primary objective was secure, we lacked some of the fire that had done us so well in the early season and tailed off any sort of challenge. Generally, we performed very strongly against superior teams, but fell far short when faced with individual brilliance - we just couldn't keep the likes of Vagner Love or Aiden McGeady on any sort of leash, and they frequently ran riot. Our highlight was, among many creditable draws against extremely tough opponents, a smash and grab 1-0 win over eventual champions Rubin Kazan - our low point was a 7-0 humiliation to rivals Dinamo Moscow. I was amused that my match confidence stood at 4% for that - considering we have a turnout of around 10,000 for bigger games, does that really mean that 400 of our supporters were happy about the 7-0?! Additional cheer came from our cup run, as we're set to face Dinamo next season in the quarter finals, albeit after a relatively fortuitous path there. In the transfer market, we were given about £1m to spend when the wage budget was juggled accordingly - all the money we put down for players was intended as an investment for the future, all the first team strengthening we did was based on negotiations with unattached players, not clubs. First team reinforcements: Arthur Nigmatullin, a very shrewd aquisition from BATE Borisov. He's proved up to the task quietly, if unspectacularly. Marco Nicolini was something of a disappointment - picked up on a free after a scout reccomendation, he was never really intended to be more than a short term measure. I was most amused though after, when I was looking to bring in another youngster to replace him, I informed him that if his match performances didn't improve, he'd be transfer listed. This lit a fire under him, and his second half of the season's performances picked up significantly! I would be looking to let him go if we got any sort of offer, going forward. Milos Dimitrijevic proved absolutely key. The centre of midfield has proven to be the hardest area to improve upon on a budget, and he was exceptional this season. The main concern is his age, we need to find a replacement sooner rather than later and centre-mid is our weakest area in terms of prospects. Roman Adamov was our replacement for the venerable club icon Cristiano, although when faced with superior defences he didn't quite live up to expectations. Probably his most valuable contribution in the long term will be the mentoring he's set to provide our next generation of starlets, putting us in excellent stead in the striker position over the next few years. And now we come to Gokhan Yilmaz, our great hope. Amazingly picked up on a free transfer late in the summer, his potential is supposedly limitless, and we're looking for him to lead the line in the short and medium term future as he grows. He didn't quite have enough time to get into any sort of rhythm, but with an unbelievable rocketing free kick along with his general pace, he will be key to our fortunes next season as we look to rack up the points to stay in the division. Youth prospects: Mauricio Olivera, a very talented Argentine left-back. We've run into a minor issue early on however - he is keen to get first team football, so he has tentatively been allowed a short time to prove himself before we have to think about loans. I can only hope he hits the ground running, considering the talent he'll be responsible for keeping at bay there's a lot of pressure he's invited on himself very early on. Pedro Pablo Feijoo - with a name like that and a 'rock the baby' celebration at 18, he most definately knows how to get himself noticed. Realistically, his hopes for first team football are low in the short term, he'll be purely cover for the outstanding Antar for the next season and perhaps beyond, so long as the Sudanese wonder is prepared to stay with us. Finally, our great attacking hope going forward - Rodrigo Salinas. Hopes are sky-high for the kid, but he'll have to patiently wait behind Yilmaz and Adamov for his first season while bedding in and working hard on his game. Through use of trials and their birthdays falling favourably, all will count in the long term as club-homegrown, even if they are likely to be called up by their respective nations before obtaining a Russian passport for the domestic foreigner limit. Aims for next season are just to strengthen and hold our position in the league. I'm happy enough going forward, but could possibly use a more youthful winger on the left side to really complete our strikeforce. Midfielders are hard to come by, so we'll always be on the lookout, and we've already come to terms with two very experienced, solid centre backs who I hope might be able to keep some of the higher quality opponents at bay. A lot of the old First Division guard are nearing the end of their contracts - a lot will depend on how the year goes, getting relegated wouldn't be the end of the world but I'd rather be looking to move the club forward and keeping the squad as strong as possible while our youngsters come to fruition. The quarter final at home to Dinamo Moscow also is potentially winnable if we play to our best. Sadly we'll have to cut back on the spending on youth or experience since the club is still not generating enough money, but I'm happy with my squad and will continue to keep an eye on bargains for the future. In the bigger picture, Russian will move up a place in the European coefficients next year, gaining an extra Champions League spot - hopeful for my contunued growth, but will pump even more money into one of the bigger teams until I catch up! Season | League | Position | Achievements -------------------------------------------------------------- 2011 | Russian First Division | 13th | Survival 2012 | Russian First Division | 8th | 2013 | Russian First Division | 5th | 2014 | Russian First Division | 2nd | Promotion 2015 | Russian Premier Division | 14th | Survival
  12. I am unbelievably ****ed off - a 15 year old came through my youth academy, already rated 4 stars, left-footed right winger with potential off the charts with 15+ in all key stats. Then my net cut out, Steam crashed and took FM with it... and a fortnight hadn't passed yet so the autosave hadn't saved it yet. Next Messi at my club erased from existence. I'll attempt to update once things are working enough for me to use photobucket, but I've just got a nasty taste in my mouth from that. Gah.
  13. It is a bit restrictive - you can only have 3 non-Russian players on the pitch at once, and unlike the EU rules that doesn't include ex-Soviet states like Ukraine and Kazakhstan etc. It does make the transfer market awfully tight at the bottom stages - considering there's a premium on them, teams can ask for £50k for even average-poor players, which you just cant give at that level. A LOT relies on free transfers. Not only is it restricted to Russians though, but they have to be eligable for the national team - I'm slightly concerned, I have a promising player who was born in Moscow, but has an Armenian passport - surely if he can play at even a decent Premier Division level he'll get called up, and I won't be able to use him any more. The latest standout of my academy class is Ugandan... he'll be foreign before he's even in the first team! I finally got a little bit to spend now that I'm in the top league (well... I got £40k, but I also had £40k/week for wages so I moved it around), and I've spent all the money I have on youth. Got 3 players in on trial, then will join me when they turn 18, meaning they'll become home-grown a week before they turn 21. Ha! Outsmarted you, Mr Platini, with your restrictive quotas! The only first team strengthening I've done was 30+ year olds on free transfers, everyone already at a club would have cost £300k+ and wanted far, far too much weekly. For just now, it'll be sitting around near the bottom, trying to come third last and looking to make big profits or first teamers of my youngsters.
  14. 2014 - Torpedo Moscow - Russian First Division - Final Position: 2nd (squad) - (transfers) An extremely successful season where we successfully managed to maintain our form throughout and won promotion to the Russian Premier Division! The plan always had been to move from our tight and compact 4-1-3-2 to a more expansive 4-5-1/4-3-3 with wingers, so we were able to turn our existing small, centrally focused squad into a much more competitive one fighting over less positions, while supported by some wingers. As predicted, the arrival of Hafez Antar was the key, as his magnificent performaces out wide gave us a whole new dimension for our very strong existing team to break down smaller teams and turn the previous frustrating draws into comfortable wins. Three times this year we hit the minnows for 5-0s, and with our biggest loss being a close fought 2-0 we were always up there and in the mix. We could have potentially gone even further, but an injury crisis in August right after our close-fought cup loss to Spartak meant that we dropped a couple of points that saw us slip off the lead and into second, although we managed to hold off the challenges from below successfully. Key to our promotion was a late-season victory at Luch-Energia Vladivostok - with a relatively kind final 4 games a mere point on the border of Korea would have put us in a strong position, instead we stunned a lifeless team with a 1-0 victory to take all the momentum going forward and eased over the line with 5 consecutive wins. While I did feel that the spine of the team was sufficient as it was, when the oppertunity presented itself to us to pick up Alexandr Dimidko on a free transfer, I thought it was too good to turn down, which turned out being one of the key decisions of our year. An absolute colossus at the back, his biggest contribution was his unbelievable presence at set peices, racking up 8 goals from corners and free kicks where he just steamrolled the hapless opposing defenders out of the way, unlocking several stubborn defences that might have previously resisted us to deny us 2 points. Whether he will cope with life in the division above is unknown, but with only 2 teams going down and a historically very low points total required for survival, we certainly have a chance. Targets for the winter will simply be to keep an eye open for talent that would benefit the team. I have doubts over whether my goalkeeper and left winger are good enough to step up, and a general worry over whether our tactics of a strong, competitive midfield will hold up to what will be much more frequent pressure. However, everything at the club is looking in great shape, and with our increased stature I'm hopeful to continue to be able to build for the future at a higher level. Season | League | Position | Achievements -------------------------------------------------------------- 2011 | Russian First Division | 13th | Survival 2012 | Russian First Division | 8th | 2013 | Russian First Division | 5th | 2014 | Russian First Division | 2nd | Promotion!
  15. Awesome to finally take the title after building to it so long, congrats!
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