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  1. That's a great news, @Euzio! Please post your steps.
  2. I had the same problem after patching to v19.2 and later. My 100-goal striker no longer scores. Same old tactics are not working. The team becomes vulnerable even when playing against lower division teams...
  3. Anyone can get facepack working on FM Touch 2019? I spent a lot of time but still can't...
  4. Thanks @Adam Bell I can see the missed kicks in Euro Cup shootout though, probably the problem is related to stadium, jersey or ball (just my guess). However, the last kick will always give you a black screen, no matter it is a goal or a miss.
  5. I set Highlights=Key under Preferences and play matches
  6. Screen will either black out or skip to next round for every missed penalty in cup game. You can see all successful penalty kicks in full match or after-match highlight replays, but not for missed ones. This only happens after upgrading to v19.2.0 Device: Samsung Tab S2 8"
  7. I think you cannot see the 3D match highlights in Results in Touch. I play full match with Highlights Only.
  8. @Alex Pitt The reserve team problem has gone after I changed a new Head Physio. Head Physio won't affect the reserve team directly, but I guess a shuffle of backroom staff can activate the 19.2.0 reserve team bug fix somehow.
  9. Thanks @Alex Pitt, just updated from v19.1.5 to v19.2.0. Unfortunately, I still have to manage Reserve Team on my own... I have Assistant Manager, DoF, Head of Youth Development and Chief Scout. This problem started to happen when I hired new AM, DoF and YD and sacked the previous ones in mutant consent before new season.
  10. Yes, I played FMT19 4 seasons on S2 8" and it is just fine. I turned on all England divisions only.
  11. I usually tell them no contract at all, or perform to win a contract. They might hand in transfer request if they were not happy with your answer though.
  12. I am using Tab S2 and I have played 4 seasons very smoothly. Try to turn off background apps, particularly the antivirus app.
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