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  1. The ability to manage U18/U23 teams. Then if your first team manager gets sacked you could get caretaker manager status. could be similar to B team where your first team manager takes some players from you at last minute notice but also some senior players come for game time
  2. Similar scenario, 2 years in top flight and no competitive league. But i did get invited to an italian U23 Tournament
  3. thank you, i have downloaded his game to have a bigger MLS structure.
  4. Thanks, on Mac and didn't realise it was a hidden folder.
  5. sorry, silly question. Which downloads are required? what do i do with them? where do i save them? Thanks,
  6. thanks i did read that before i started. but for some reason i have no money available to trade with.
  7. I had that too. if you go to your own manager profile, you can select start a course. That should then give you the choice (explains during the process your effectiveness is weakened) then speak to the board to approve.
  8. So i have just taken the job at Inter Miami. I don't start playing until next season so i have a full year or so to recruit. There are other MLS teams listing players I want. How do i offer cash for them? i have a budget of 15M still, but only have trade offers. I am then told have no general allocation left? Any help appreciated.
  9. How long do coaching courses take to complete?
  10. Thanks, i'm in to 2nd season. Hopefully get established as National league and turn pro then see what happens.
  11. I am manager at Semi-pro side Alfreton. my U18 only play friendlies, how do i get them entered in to a proper league?
  12. Silly question, how do I update my game? want to make sure latest issues are fixed.
  13. August: Ebbsfleet (A) The start of league action. I didn't get off to the best start losing away 3-1 to Ebbsfleet, not my strongest lineup. I was still trying to find the best tactic. It definitely wasn't this. Currently in 21st Aldershot (H) I managed to bounce straight back just 3 days later, with a 3-0 Home win over Aldershot. With a different formation, this time a 4-3-1-2. with 2 goals coming in the final 5 minutes to secure the win. Now in 10th Braintree (H) came 4 days later. Switching it up again, i went to a more standard 4-3-3. after 22 minutes i was 1-0 down to an OG and down to 10 men after my young RB saw a straight red for an elbow, fair to say he was cautioned. Goals in the 38th and 47th minute saw me come back to win 2-1. 2 wins took me 7th. Barrow (A) now managed by former player Ian Evatt. 4th game in and you guessed it a 4th formation. So many games forced me to evaluate each time the fitness and change things so often. 2-0 up after 26 minutes, by 34 minutes 2-2. I managed to go in to HT 3-2 up. the 2nd half, nothing a like seeing just the 1 goal as it finished 4-2. i didn't know but here i found my perfect strike partnership in Tom Denton (201cm) as my target man and Lee Shaw as a pressing forward. Now 4th. Salford (A) The National League new boys. Almost the same team started this as last time to try and get some stability. Was a scrappy game with 7 bookings, i can't help but feel robbed here. in my squad is Sam Muggleton (Son of my coach) he boasts 20 Long throws. in the final few minutes, he launched a long throw in to the box which young Joe Rowley got to the end of only to be ruled offside (isn't possible, a bug to be fixed) however, officials do make mistakes. Saw me drop to 9th. Barnet (H) An 8 goal thriller, not to be missed. After just 26 minutes we were tied at 2-2 but i had lot journeyman striker, Marc Antoine Fortune to injury. Which saw him out for nearly 3 months. a Gaol just on HT meant we went in 3-2 up and my team talk became easier. 3 more goals in the 2nd half meant we came out 5-3 winners. up to 7th Hartlepool (A) the final game of the month, a lot less action than the previous. With Fortune out and just a 2 day break i was forced to rest players and switch to a 4-2-3-1. 1-0 at 39 minutes all the way until deep in injury time were we fail to clear a corner and 1-1 at 90+6. Gutted. Back to 8th At the end of the month, we sit in a respectable position. Definitely areas to improve on. Now i had found my preferred formation of 4-2-4 Wing attack, i needed to find another first team winger. Zavon Hines and Kyel Reid are bound to pick up the odd injuries or get tired along the way. I have 2 young U18 prospects however they're not quite there yet. So i asked my board to seek an afilliate, they came back with Aston Villa. I managed to secure the loan signing of Jordan Cox, 20 year old suited to either wing. However i do have a goal scorer in Lee Shaw with 5 goals to his name. I have employed the Tactic of "look for set pieces' the height advantage of Tom Denton (201cm) Will Evans (188cm) and Laurence Maguire (181cm) a real threat as well as the long throws from Sam Muggleton at 20. These team so far lacks a real leader to turn games around.
  14. Pre Season: I always like to manage the first pre season get to know my team then after that i delegate to my assistant. I do always pick the line ups though. Queen of the south 1-1 D Crystal Palace U23 4-1 W Histon 3-1 W Merthy 1-0 W Sheffield FC 4-2 W Matlock 4-2 W Hereford 1-1 D With there being almost 0 funds available to sign players, this was a chance to try a few trialists and find my best academy players. i didn't manage to find any Trialists worth keeping so stuck with what i had. Promoting to Academy players, Charlie Wakefield(MC) and Ify Ofoegbu (DR) to the first team giving me more depth.
  15. I’m a chesterfield fan so always like to use them. Being non league now I’m using it as a chance to start as a Journeyman. Try 2/3 seasons and see what I can achieve with a very small budget and aging squad
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