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  1. Yes, I have updated the game to 19.2.3 patch. And I have also wrote to AMD but they don't answer me. As I wrote, in FM 18 it also is written that my graphics card is 6320. But this version is running quite good (I can rebuilt the database in editor, create the game, and play it without any crash).
  2. Bad news, but it doesn't work. It was, that some day I can play FM about 2-3 game weeks and I didn't have crash, and another day I had crash during first saving (in settings I choose saving after every game day. In game I have 6320 graphics card (but the same is in FM18). When i run GPU-Z it show that 7400 card is working when I play FM19. As I wrote it started when you make 19.2 patch, and before it (also in beta version) the game was good. Of course I set graphics card options for the maximum quality.
  3. Thank you for help. When i load the game it run good without crash. I have only crash when i try to create new game ( crash dump oraz blue screen) i Play about 2 game week, without crash. And i think that it was crash with game with morę than one manager.
  4. Here you are DxDiag.txt FM 2019 v19.2.2.1184534 (2019.01.29 20.18.11).dmp
  5. Yes, I have crash dump or blue screen during saving game.
  6. Yes, I tried it. When I reinstalled windows I didn't install Avast, and it also didn't help. Next I go back to Avast. Now I play FM18, and it run good (without error). I can play, and edit database (without error). I repeat that issue started with patch 19.2. It is very strange for me. Thank you for your help.
  7. Here you are.FM 2019 v19.2.1.1177438 (2019.01.21 21.41.19).dmp
  8. No it didn't help, i have this crash. I will go back to FM 18
  9. I uninstall driver and i changed it for catalyst. And it work. I saved last game, and i also created new game, and saved it without crash. On monday i will tell you, if it work. But thank you for help.
  10. Yes, last time, after reinstalling system, i used this program to update driver and i installed Crimson. But previous time, when this issue started, i changed drivers from catalyst to Crimson i do it manual, without this program. This problem began when i have catalyst software and it continue when i changed it to Crimson ( it was before i reinstalled system). But i try to do it without this program.
  11. On these blue screens i had bccode 116 and i have read that this may be problem without coooling my gpu. But i have cleaned my computer 2 weeks ago and i have changed thermal paste in laptop. Or it may be problem without software, but i changed driver for GPU and it not help. But i can try. But i haven't such error when i tried Play FM 18.you can work on these stability of game.
  12. No, it wasn't help on this problem. I have 2 blue screen. I didn't have this program before this crash. And i download it to update my driver.
  13. It is a problem that these cards have the same software, and i can't install only 7400 card. I reinstall my windows, but it not help. I will return to FM 18. Yesterday i tried it, and it worked without issue.
  14. I tried it, but i didn't help. When i tried to disable 6320 card im manager of components, resolution in my laptop had changed to 1024*800 and i can't improve it. And FM in status of game IT didn't show 7400 card. I cannot find options to changed card in my bios.
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