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  1. Captain_al

    The fountain of youth!

    So at 50 year old tulio is hanging up his boots (I couldnt convince him otherwise) He got in the division team of the year. He finished 2nd top goalscorer in the league His final match was the Hong Kong FA cup final where he scored a 30yard wonder strike to help us lift the cup! In terms of squad dynamics i believe he was integral to my teams success. He and his strike partner (Jaimes mckee) had poor stats but worked incredibly well together. Mentally he was a hugely positive influence of my squad. For me stuff like this is what FM is really about! He is now added to my list of FM heroes. what a legend.
  2. Captain_al

    The fountain of youth!

    Another one to try is Tyson Nunez I signed them both Tulio 49 and Nunez 46 gave my strike force the combined age of 95!
  3. Have you paid a fee for any of your transfers yet?
  4. Captain_al

    The fountain of youth!

    My oldest starting XI had a combined age of 421 years! I'd like to see how your Old Boys compare! Will keep an eye on your thread :-)
  5. 49 years 325 days old. still bags a hat trick in a competitive match! Hope its ok to post thread but this has to be pretty unusual since most players focus on wonder kids and regens. Anyone else signed veteran players with success? If you are remotely interested I'd love any submissions to be made in my challenge post for anyone who may have missed it. I've created a leaderboard for any note worthy stats from veteran players. Shameless plug:
  6. What databases do you use? I gather you've found them stable enough? I'd love to do something like this but usually just stick to official dB. Terrified I'd get years in and something weird would happen to annoy me or glitch out
  7. Captain_al

    16-1 To the Land of "Soccer"

    fair enough, so the nominated players dont actually have any control over it? sounds odd
  8. Captain_al

    16-1 To the Land of "Soccer"

    whats the deal with this? do you all play online?
  9. Captain_al

    Who's yer grandaddy!?

    So I've added some suggested 'goals' in the post above to give you all some ideas to get you on the leaderboards! Hopefully now I've added a bit more structure we can generate some interest, as imo its a very interesting and flexible challenge which can fit within any save. I'll start the ball rolling with my OLDEST PLAYER OF THE MATCH
  10. Captain_al

    [Suggestion] Ball Sounds

    agreed. i turn volume off. current sounds are dreadful and add nothing. that said for me its a very minor part of the game so id happily keep as is, if it meant resources were focused on improving other aspects of the game
  11. what relevance is loading the MLS? is this so you get more nortth/south american regens?
  12. Captain_al

    Who's yer grandaddy!?

    reserved for notable players and achievements. Oldest Goalkeeper Oldest Defender @Captain_al Wong Wai Tak 48 years old Oldest Midfielder Oldest Forward Oldest Goalscorer Oldest Player to score a hat-trick! @Captain_al Tulio 49 years 325 days Oldest Player of the Match award @Captain_al Tulio, 49 years old [screenshot] Oldest Starting XI (combined age) @Captain_al first XI = 421 years Longest consecutive in-game career Oldest International Player Oldest Loanee (in or out) Highest Transfer Fee Paid (30+) Highest Transfer Fee Paid (35+) Highest Transfer Fee Paid (40+)
  13. Playing a journeyman career, currently managing Eastern in Hong Kong, and I came across a striker. 13 goals in 14 games for Brazil and 391 career goals! Whats the name of the newgen wonderkid you are asking? Well look no further than TULIO the most prolific Brazil striker you've possibly never heard of!! I'm sure he's much more of a household name for any south american supporters but im an avid football fan and admit I hadn't heard of him. THE CATCH? He is a spritely 49 years old Inspired by Kazuyoshi Miura (the 51 year old japanese striker who just signed a new pro contract in real life) I signed him with the goal of surpassing this and making him the oldest active pro player. The Challenge To have the oldest outfield player possible and have him as active and successful as possible within your squad. Goalkeepers are allowed but it is less impressive but lets see what you can do. In the spirit of the game, players like Miura and Tulio with international careers at a good level and continuous playing careers are encouraged but not essential. I'd love to see someone take a current aging pro and help prolong their career. Non-paying roles are allowed as long as they are still registered as a player. You could of course sign someone like Tuakana Marukane ( a 50 year old cook islands striker) to give you a head start but he is seriously terrible and at 50 would only be starting his pro career. Maybe you are going for the long haul and want to take a 16 year old newgen everywhere with you as part of his 30year + career. You can choose whatever approach you prefer. The beauty of this is it can be a little 'side quest' within any save at all! RULES Very few rules required. I want this to be as flexible as possible. Obviously a lot of luck is required but i think managing their game time and contracts can have some influence long term. The only stipulation is it must be with official databases only (this is because even something as simple as making leagues active by custom means can create weird anomalies in game. The japan league update randomly spawned 50+ newgens after a few seasons for example) Of course no in-game editor allowed or enabled. Any graphics or loading of players to create game world is fine. player naming is obviously allowed. There is no way "to win" purely fielding the oldest guy isn't just what its about. Having a winger playing into their 40s is interesting. maybe a 60 year old keeper? or a 50 year old striker who is still finding the net. Its for a bit of fun and i want to see who can help players in the twilight of their careers flourish!
  14. Wait, WHAT!? how was your keeper even bombing down the wing? what instructions could you possibly give to make that happen? I guess this was shortly after a freekick? I just assumed after taking kick he would be legging it back to goal