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  1. whats the progress of the carribean leagues? Im looking to do one last big fm save and hoping to start in the smaller nations.
  2. I know it will have been asked before but does anyone have specific answers to the lowest ranked divisions/playable clubs in FM19? Unedited database (im a purist) Not looking for vague answers like Belarus/Northern Ireland leagues etc. Looking to see the mostly low ranked starting point possible. Regional div sweden and Northern Irish div 2 must be contenders. There is a few amateur clubs in the lowest Denmark league. Can anyone confirm?
  3. The answer for me is quite simple. More leagues! Since the Gibraltar patch it has been a long time since any new divisions were added. Especially for lower league managers like me it has got a bit stale. A few African/Oceania league would be welcome or lower divisions in Europe. Faroe islands would be an easy one to add as their is lots of accurate info and its relatively small. Would help boost the real life journeyman experience for those of us who like to start at the bottom.
  4. Opted for general discussion forum as not specific feedback. I've heard other say this game is too easy this year and ive been a strong defender of it. Proposing they start lower league etc. But heres my current situation. Latest save (Journeyman start, no badges as usual) I got my first job in Hong Kong (eastern fc) which was a bit lucky as they are one of hong kongs better teams, so as an unknown manager it was a shock but not entirely outwith the realms of possibility. I've won the hong kong league 3 times now. Taking my manager rep to 2 stars. I've also been managing cook islands national team on the side but so far only friendlies. GERMANY just approached me for the job! Great, you might say but for a purist like me it feels like the entire save is now broken. No way would one of the biggest teams in the world take a chance on a nobody like me. Now I dont feel like if I move to other clubs I've earned it. The game is already considering me a top manager apparently? Not very realistic given the stature of teams/leagues ive managed in so far. ITS ON A STANDARD UNEDITED GAME WITH SEVERAL LEAGUES LOADED. Anyone else had similar? Would you just decline interview and continue your journeyman game?
  5. So at 50 year old tulio is hanging up his boots (I couldnt convince him otherwise) He got in the division team of the year. He finished 2nd top goalscorer in the league His final match was the Hong Kong FA cup final where he scored a 30yard wonder strike to help us lift the cup! In terms of squad dynamics i believe he was integral to my teams success. He and his strike partner (Jaimes mckee) had poor stats but worked incredibly well together. Mentally he was a hugely positive influence of my squad. For me stuff like this is what FM is really about! He is now added to my list of FM heroes. what a legend.
  6. Just had a claim for oldest international. I bought 46yr old Honduran Tyson Nunez, which along side Tulio gave my strike force a combined age of 95 years! much to my surprise Nunez got called up for Honduras playing 90mins in a Gold Cup match!
  7. Another one to try is Tyson Nunez I signed them both Tulio 49 and Nunez 46 gave my strike force the combined age of 95!
  8. My oldest starting XI had a combined age of 421 years! I'd like to see how your Old Boys compare! Will keep an eye on your thread :-)
  9. 49 years 325 days old. still bags a hat trick in a competitive match! Hope its ok to post thread but this has to be pretty unusual since most players focus on wonder kids and regens. Anyone else signed veteran players with success? If you are remotely interested I'd love any submissions to be made in my challenge post for anyone who may have missed it. I've created a leaderboard for any note worthy stats from veteran players. Shameless plug:
  10. What databases do you use? I gather you've found them stable enough? I'd love to do something like this but usually just stick to official dB. Terrified I'd get years in and something weird would happen to annoy me or glitch out
  11. fair enough, so the nominated players dont actually have any control over it? sounds odd
  12. whats the deal with this? do you all play online?
  13. So I've added some suggested 'goals' in the post above to give you all some ideas to get you on the leaderboards! Hopefully now I've added a bit more structure we can generate some interest, as imo its a very interesting and flexible challenge which can fit within any save. I'll start the ball rolling with my OLDEST PLAYER OF THE MATCH
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