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  1. @AnotherNico Yeah, it was my problem too. And suddenly it worked. Maybe have a little patience. I've been trying it since yesterday. You will certainly not get a concrete answer. It seems to be an internet transmission error and it probably has nothing to do with the editor directly.
  2. Many thanks. In FM20 I was bothered by the constant rain in Germany. Germany is not Old England after all.
  3. @majesticeternity, too bad. You would be the expert for this detail in FM. Your picture shows what it should look like. Question: Is it possible to insert images for the black silouettes? At the moment I see that. - I would like to see faces.
  4. Fantastic - finally life at the press conference. Question: Maybe a player (before a game and its presentation) can also be present, if that would be possible? -
  5. @Freddie Sandsi am now online all day long! The in-game editor is not shown in the game as a pencil, although I tried everything imaginable several times in the meantime and changed everything in Steam and the FM settings. It just does not work in the FM21! Why not with me? - As written I had no problems in FM20. - Please help! The editor is installed in Steam and for testing I have opened "Downloads" in FM Start page:
  6. FM21 runs perfectly. But the in-game editor makes with me the same problem!!! ---> Control at Downloads: "Connection failed and Error: 1000" I bought it via Steam yesterday, this DLC is installed, available in the library and the pencil is not displayed ingame. I play online. The in-game editor worked perfectly in FM19 and FM20 immediately! I hope there will soon be a satisfactory answer. Edit: Now I have tried several other possibilities like Steam restarting etc. - Unfortunately nothing helps.
  7. Guys, when will you realize that FM is first a MANAGER simulator with a small part of a 3D game!
  8. The features in FM are becoming more and more realistic - COOL! I would like to have some more little things (probably not in the FM21 anymore) like - Presentation of top players with jerseys to members of the press. A still image would be sufficient for this. - acoustic noises like for example a.) murmuring (restlessness) before the press meeting while preparing. b.) the mutual cheering of the players after coach's speech in the dressing room before the start of the game. The FM is so intense and without the noise in the 3D game very silent.
  9. I am one of the FM players who has learned to wait (here: until early access) and the last teaser shows great new features to me. I have loved FM for years! But why doesn't an SI employee make an official statement about the last teaser to relax the users, who of course have their concerns when seeing these 3D images for the FM2? Many comments would be obsolete here. I hear here several times that the developers do indeed consult the opinions here in the forum, but why do they leave the loyal buyers and players standing in the rain like that. - Unintelligible to me or are many critic
  10. Hast Du schon eine Antwort bekommen? Ein Vorschlag von mir; vielleicht funktioniert dieser: Klicke (markiere) einmal ALLE Spieler LINKS unterhalb derer, die im aktuellen Kader stehen, an. Danach klicke zur Sortierung auf "Position".
  11. Ich bin ein "wahrer" Realistik-Player und mich stören die schwarzen Silouetten-Bilder. Gern würde ich für diese anonymen Spieler/Personal Bilder einfügen.
  12. Unberechtigte Kritik am Trainer bei dem derzeitigen BL-Tabellenstand? Und an der Tabellenführung in Gruppe G/CL nach zwei Spielen kann es doch auch nicht liegen. Das kann dann doch nur ein Bug sein, oder?
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