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    Hey. :) I live in Berlin/Germany and really love football 24/7, since i was a little child.
    I`ve played football@kindergarten, then for Schoolteam (won the School-Cup Drumbo Cup in Germany), BSC Rehberge, BAK07 and Hertha BSC (had to stop when i reached the B-Youth).

    I play Football Manager-Games since ~`98, Bundesliga Manager & Co. Was a real Anstossfreak (Ascaron, Gerald Köhler), even the EA Fifa "Manager" and now only the SI Games Football Manager. It`s my passion for this great sport and all about it, which takes alot of time but also gives alot of fun.

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    Football, Sweden, Politics, History, Zombies etc.

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    Hertha BSC, Liverpool

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  1. On my recent saves with Hertha (Start of the 2nd season. I started a new one because of Data-Updates), my left WB Plattenhardt is top@assists 12 matches, 11 assists, 1 goal. His Stats are Crosses-16, Passing-12, Decisions-14, Teamwork-15, Concentration-13. Idk if that helps. Maximum pitchsize. I believe it helps a little to make the tactic more effecient. Especially when your Left Midfielder are one of the most important position here and we have to come from the sides (LM, WBs).
  2. Whoa, puh!...I just finished my 2nd season with Hertha BSC and CerberV5. This tactic is a blast and gets better with every season. After 1st season 1st place@league and cupfinal won, this year was "ez" in the Bundesliga with 9 points difference to Bayern Munich (2nd). + my last topscorer K. Piatek scored 27x goals@Bundesliga. 83 goals in 34 matches is awesome. The first half of the season was like a dream. The second i kinda struggled because of injuries and idk, it was difficult to score + Champions Leagie, German Cup, National Teams was hard to manage my players. Overall still an superb league result ! This 2nd season i reached the Cup Final, too. But lost vs Bayern Munich@penalites. Atleast i got the equalizer Min87. And then the Champions League Final vs Man City...daaaaaaaaamn what a thrill! Both teams are equal, got chances to score. Start of the 2nd half my central midfielder and huge talent Arne Maier with a brutal foul..red card. shiiiiieeeeeeeeet* BUT.....62. Minute, penalty for my team and i have an awesome penaltyscorer wit Piatek, who scored 7 out of 9 penalites@Bundesliga. MISS! 79. Minute....my must-have-central-defender Torunarigha is injured. RIP I hope, since 40min 1 player less, to reach the overtime somehow. BÄM! 94. Minute GOAL from my left midfielder Dilrosun, 1:0, SHIIIIIIIIIIIIELD WAAAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAHAHAHAHAAALLLLLL!!!111 30sec later...WINRAR of tha Champignons League. Man...what a wild 2nd season. That`s why i love the Football Manager so much. + with THIS tactics from TFF ♥ it`s even more fun. Thanks alot, stay safe and i`m looking forward to the 3rd season.
  3. https://www.fmscout.com/a-heffem-skin-fm20.html
  4. Only after Pre-Season. That`s how it works for me. Also edit the weekly training with 1-2 extras, if needed. Mainstriker (Piatek) 34 matches - 28 goals, 3 assists Left midfieldwinger (Dilrosun) 20 (4) matches - 11 goals, 4 assists Right (sometimes left) midfieldwinger (Lukebakio) 26 (3) matches - 10 goals, 10 assists Right midfieldwinger/sometimes striker (Cunha) 9 (14) matches - 7 goals, 2 assists Others: Central midfield players (Maier, Ciano, Bardhi etc.) - 15 goals, 27 assists Central and Wing-Defenders: 16 goals, 26 assists 1st Season updated Cerber5 almost over. Fantastic season. Now Cup-Final vs RB Leipzig. No cheating (Loading, Editor etc.), only this updated tactic and the helping stuff (Morale, Training etc.). Thx TFF ♥ Now CL Final, Allez PSG!
  5. I really want to thank you for this awesome file. After i forgot to download 1.0, 1.1 and just thought 1.2 would be enough, i finally found out and got it to work now. Wow! Superb and for me a must have file. I hope you will find many community-people to donate for you. For me is a hard year, so i will try to donate next year, if you make a new file. thx alot and stay safe. ♥
  6. Hey I just started a new save and play with the CerberV5 tactic which uses the new Freekickstrat from TFF. (posted by a user here) Completely dominate the league (so far). 9 matches, 8 wins. 28 goals. Here a few standards for me, ty 2 own experience + community tipps from this thread/TFF: I use the mentioned Training "balanced" all the time RVs-RMs, LVs-LMs, .. usw. in the Mentoring-Groups (to get good player chemistry) from TFF mentioned individual Training (startpost) Touchline Shouts, Team Meeting (from TFF`s startpost) is the leftfooted also on ML and rightfooted as MR? Do the playerstats fit the tactic? etc. Analyse your players for this tactic. Setpiece-Takers correct? Don`t let your assistant manager do the Opposition Instructions. I mean this tactic is almost PLUGIN`N GO. So you have to check these few things and you will archieve a good or even very good/superb season. Also don`t forget what TFF wrote: It`s not that easy to create an OP-tactic like the last years. gl hf with Bordeaux, allez!
  7. Hey guys. Is this tactic usable for the FM20 Mobile? Because i`m in sweden here and can only play it on a tablet. QQ If so, what are the Sliders/Options in Mobile? I`m new to this type of FM. ^^ If anyone can help, it would be awesome. Otherwise, i`m looking forward, when i`m back in 5 weeks. Thanks to all and stay safe.
  8. Thx bro. I`m looking forward to this. Didn`t had the time to play that much for a few weeks but gonna start a fresh save soon. Thank you for your support all the time. Stay safe.
  9. Because there are positions not for Cerber in the filter, too. So if you pick only CerberV4 positions out of the filter, you will get the right attributes for every position for this tactic. If you would pick other positions, not for Cerber-tactic, you will get different roles for each positions and so are the attributes maybe not that important as in Cerber. So the attributes are different. So, just pick a Cerber position out of the filter and you`re fine. You can see the important attributes and can pick your best possible player. ♥ gl hf, say safe.
  10. I just checked the filters and there are attributes for DM and WBLs. https://gyazo.com/98bc1f36c68a248addcc19b0e36a352d https://gyazo.com/fe4b9c8388360df069f7f63e78951f22 Also the attributes (as you can see for the different positions) are visible at the filters. I think when you can see Robertson as WBL, you can see also his attributes and which are high. So the OP Text from TFF + the Filters will give you the answer of which attributes are called high, moderate etc. for each position.
  11. Hey. These filters include every tactic from TFF and their positions. So with Cerber you are searching for AMC as example, just choose AMC from the filters.
  12. Actually i`ve played until now (because free day ^^) and tested about 20 Matches (new save) with Conquerer V8) and it was okay, but nothing more. So i switched back to my Main-Save and got 15 wins in a row so far (not finished yet, but i have to go to sleep now xD...), which is my clubrecord for this save so far (2nd season Hertha BSC). Clearly Cerber V3 is the best TFF tactic in my opinion. Whatever, have a nice day@all.
  13. If someone wants to test it (which i will try), here is TFF`s original Conqueror V8 from FM2019. Thx for the Tip kavinsky, i will try it. (19-3) TFF - CONQUEROR V8.fmf
  14. Hello my friend. Just make the Trainingplans for every week/month on "BALANCED" and you`re fine. Also don`t forget the individual playertraining, which can be found on the mainpage, here. gl hf bro
  15. That`s mah homie! ;-D My 2nd season of coaching Hertha BSC, is just@halftime. Looking forward for the winter-pause to sell 2-3 players and maybe get 1-2 talents. Results are awesome so far. Reached 1st place@Champions League Group-Stage and playing vs Internazionale Milano now. Also 15 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss (vs Leverkusen) in 17 league matches, just super! Piatek, the last years topscorer, is again on a mission with 20 goals in 17 matches, even if he struggles a little in the last matches. Bayern lost 1-3 in Mainz, the last match before the winterpause, which is even better for the 2nd half of the season. 15 points advantage..damn. My team isn`t perfect but actually i like my CB with Stark, Torunarigha + Rekik/Löwen as Backup. Maybe i will sell Rekik the coming winterpause to get a young talented CB. Also my young Keeper Plizzari is maybe a little bit risky but i like it that way and so far he is doing pretty well. My left defensive WB with Mittelstädt and especially this L. Netz (9 Matches, 6 Assists..) as a huge talent is good for the future. My right defensive WB with Wolf and Klünter need more Quality, even when Wolf is okay for this tactic, i always have injury probs..even when i rotate alot. My CM is just awesome and also left side Wingers with Dilrosun and Lukebakio is nice. Maybe Lukebakio will go for good money...we will see. On the right Wings, there is some Quality with Cunha (who i maybe sell, because he has an injury problem), Alvararez and Zaracho. Idrissi will leave this winter. ZOM and ST are pretty good, young and talented. Even my backup Striker Redan has 6 (7) matches played and 7 goals. There are some nice talents like Arne Maier (CM, 21y), Alvarez (RW, 20y), Luca Netz (LWB, 17y), Augustin Rojas (OMZ, 21y) and many more, which will help me alot in the future. Actually i loved Pedrinho and Barco in the past. AND....Matheusinho (ZOM) is coming this winter !!! These 3 young players helped me alot in the past and i will try to get these 3 togehter again. Thanks TFF for this tactic. I know the FM2020 isn`t that easy to break with a tactic anymore. So even more thanks to you. I`m playing the FM for many years now and even played the EA Manager before and Anstoss 3 from Ascaron + another english football manager etc... ..and i`m playing others saves with own tactic, which is also very nice to enjoy. Still...this is more chilled to reach your goals faster and test things. So...as an experienced player and a fottball-fanatic irl, i thank you again and wish you and all the others on this board a very nice sunday and a great start into the week. Cheers & Ciao Amigos, Olé!
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