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    Hey. :) I live in Berlin/Germany and really love football 24/7, since i was a little child.
    I`ve played football@kindergarten, then for Schoolteam (won the School-Cup Drumbo Cup in Germany), BSC Rehberge, BAK07 and Hertha BSC (had to stop when i reached the B-Youth).

    I play Football Manager-Games since ~`98, Bundesliga Manager & Co. Was a real Anstossfreak (Ascaron, Gerald Köhler), even the EA Fifa "Manager" and now only the SI Games Football Manager. It`s my passion for this great sport and all about it, which takes alot of time but also gives alot of fun.

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    Football, Sweden, Politics, History, Zombies etc.

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    Hertha BSC, Liverpool

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    Hertha BSC

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  1. hmpf...i`m not getting warm with the newest tactics Cerber and Fury. @the winterpause i training it and the first 4-5 matches i couldn`t win. Even vs lower teams. Unbeaten the first half of the season and within the first 6 matches, second half of the season, 2 losses already. So i will stay with the great Raptor4 tactic and wait for a fresh 2 Striker-Tactic. I will try this tactic for a longer period. Screen coming soon.
  2. Nice brah! I will camp here and spam f5 to refresh ;-D...
  3. So...1st Half of the Season finished. Unbeaten so far! Used only Raptor V4 tactic with Hertha BSC (1. Season), very good results, a few unlucky draws vs Freiburg, Gladbach. Super 1-1 vs Bayern and 3-2 vs Dortmund. Best Defence and 3rd best Offense so far. My 2 Strikers 1st and 3rd place, 17 Matches, 14/10 Goals, which is awesome. Looking forward for the 2nd Half of the Season.
  4. So, i`ve played about 15-20 matches with Bloodlust/Executioner Combo and it wasn`t satisfying for me. Still okay but actually i will test Raptor V4 which was awesome for me before. Screens etc. will come after the first half of the season.
  5. Like TFF wrote...i would 100% recommend you the Public Beta-ME. Just test it and you will see, it`s soo much better. Finally i have time to start a new save, after 2-3 weeks without FM. I wish everybody fun to watch the Super Bowl + a nice start into the week. Greetings.
  6. Wow..playing the Beta-ME atm and i`m blown away by it. Such a great new feeling. HUGE respect to the team to get the MatchEngine THIS good imo. The creation auf chances...the passes, the combinations...even new awesome animations or atleast more of them. I`ve seen kinda new crosses, from places like never before. Flying headers to clear the ball out of the penaltyarea. Different, more realistic behaviour from the players..especially goalkeepers/defenders. There were headerpasses to the own keeper. Complete new, fresh chances to get a goal or even new ways to archieve a goal. I mean..my Striker scored a goal, which was superb. Like a direct-dropkick Goal out of the penaltyarea into the left topcorner....damn son. You made some random german guy, right before the weekend, very happy@SI-Games Team. Sounds nerdy, but come one...it`s the FM2020, right?!? Thanks alot. Pls take this Beta-ME as base and you will have good FMs in the future, too. I wish you all a nice weekend and pls Liverpool wins, ty. *hehe* Bye
  7. Ohhh...i have good memories for the last CONQUEROR (FM19) tactic. Just finished my Dota2-Nightsession, perfect time for FM20. Ty@TFF and have a pretty nice weekend@all. @ kelvin0131 (PUBLIC - BETA - FM20) DESTROYER V1 by TFF.fmf
  8. Thanks for the Tip bro. I`ve never used that. btw your Assymetric Targetman-Tactic was great. But TFF is...you know...TFF ^^ Your passion for the Football Manager is awesome. Ty for helping others, like me. ♥ #nohomo Have a nice evening@all. My 2nd Season so far, so good.
  9. Okay...after this awesome 2nd season-start and very unlucky 0:1 loss (11 CCC, 18-3 shots on target) with Hertha BSC in the Bundesliga... ez 5:0 win@Bundesliga and 2nd match@Champions League, 4:0 vs Monaco. Awesome. I wanna play FM2020 but have to cook and Liverpool is playing soon. A nice evening for all of you and a great start into the coming week.
  10. Started my 2nd season (used Zeus before) and it was a great beginning. Won the german Supercup in penalties vs Bayern. 5:0 german cup, 3:0, 3:0, 6:0 Bundesliga, 2:0 CL, 3:1 Bundesliga... ..then....0:1 vs Köln@Bundesliga.. 11 (!) 1on1, CCC....18 shots in target, Köln 0 CCC, 3 shots in target...GG Ty Match Engine. Whatever...awesome start with Raptor V1.
  11. Pls, can we go back to the Topic, pls? I know you don`t want to create drama, but maybe someone get triggered and also we have to talk only about the tactic only pls. ♥ @Totalfootballfan Don`t feel under pressure to create 24/7, bro. The ME is kinda broken atm and you tactics works alot above average. Still Top5 tactic with Raptor, Zeus. So...take your time, enjoy life and the coming weekend. If there is time and/or the ME get patched, it is your chance to make us random internet-guys/girls (..) happy with your tactics. Cheers and pls, don`t take this as an personal attack. Just let us talk about the tactic only, pls. Greetings from Berlin/Germany.
  12. Raptor V1 is tested on FM Base, but is average@best. His best is Zeus1. TFF (FM20) ZEUS V1 by TFF... 4-4-2 1.44 42% 18% 40% 1.64 1.73 16 But yeah, you`re right. On FM Arena, Raptor ist the best on the latest Patch if the test is correct. Greetings. I will try a longer Raptor V1 Testsave now. All of you, a nice weekend bros. HF watching, playing Football and/or FM2020.
  13. Uff! I absolutely loved the FM2020 and have almost 200 hours of playtime so far. When i left my home before christmas and had 1 day free for playing@dec 30th, i wondered what happened. If i was dreaming or it`s my fault because of the ME. So i tried different tactics, watched the matchstats and 3D Gameplay...it was clearly different from before, when i left for X-mas. Finally i read the forums and damn....worst case scenario for me. I know the team is working in the background and there is an Infopost from Neil on top...but i hate to wait to play the FM. The FM2020 i 100% loved. The Match Engines 1-3 Patches before were one of the best i`ve played. And this is now one of the worst ME. I really, really hope we get a ME Patch soon. Even when i know we have to display patience and it`s still early into the year. sh*t happens i guess. Happy New Year@all and except that...the FM2020 is awesome! Ty SI-Games. ♥
  14. OMG....I wasn`t@home the last 10+ days and didn`t played alot FM before... ..so i`ve tested the new tactic, wondered what is wrong. Just wanted to finish my 1st season with Hertha BSC, Bundesliga...the last 4-5 matches + german cup. Switched back to Zeus, because i didn`t got a good feeling for Raptor. And...DAMN!...read the forum, the ME bugs...i wasn`t dreaming...the 1on1, the through passes etc. It`s a real knockdown and i struggled to success for the last season matches. Happy draw vs Bayern, who are fighting for the league title, too. 0-3 loss vs Frankfurt, away and a lucky Cup-Final win vs Leipzig. But it didn`t felt right somehow..there was always a "luck"-feeling in these matches. I mean...the results before the last patch were too high and too easy to get. No discuss. But with these ME Bugs atm, it`s a step backwards for the FM, i believe. The ME needs to get balanced. Not as easy as before and that bugged/crazy as now. Whatever...now the party time starts and i hope for a ME Patch, asap. Happy New Year@all
  15. So, i`ve played about 15-20 Matches with my Hertha BSC Squad (1st season) for testing and i have to say, for me, my team, Zeus V5 is way more better than Raptor V1. I got so much good Chances per Match with Raptor, but there was a lack of Defence and my Strikers (who score alot with your Zeus Tactic) weren`t that effective. So in the end, as a middleclass, top10-Team (Hertha BSC) i got decent results but Zeus is better. Maybe i will test Raptor in another Save, but atm i believe this tactic fits more for a Top5+ Team. I will post Screenshots before i leave my home@the end of the season. Greetings.
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