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    Hey. :) I live in Berlin/Germany and really love football 24/7, since i was a little child.
    I`ve played football@kindergarten, then for Schoolteam (won the School-Cup Drumbo Cup in Germany), BSC Rehberge, BAK07 and Hertha BSC (had to stop when i reached the B-Youth).

    I play Football Manager-Games since ~`98, Bundesliga Manager & Co. Was a real Anstossfreak (Ascaron, Gerald Köhler), even the EA Fifa "Manager" and now only the SI Games Football Manager. It`s my passion for this great sport and all about it, which takes alot of time but also gives alot of fun.

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    Football, Sweden, Politics, History, Zombies etc.

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    Hertha BSC, Liverpool

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    Hertha BSC

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  1. Yes, V4 is for middleclass-Teams, like Hertha, better than V3. I have the feeling my guys scoring more goals, which was a problem overall the last ~60-70 Matches with V3 as Hertha. Maybe it was my fault and too much randomness, but i just have this feeling V4 is the best tactic so far for the FM19. Thx m8 and i really looking positive into the FM-Future, thanks to your help
  2. Hey TFF. I`ve startet a completely new career save with Hertha BSC and it is looking really fine so far. I feel like this tactic is better for middleclass-teams like my Hertha than V3.
  3. So since i upgraded your tactic from V2 to V3 i had too many draws and problems to score, even when there are a huge amount of chances. 1-1 - low team 1-1 - Bayer Leverkusen 1-0 - low team 2-0 - Schalke 04 0-0 - low team 1-2 - low team 2-2 - B`Gladbach 2-0 - Bremen 1-4 - Bayern 4-1 - low team 2-2 - low team That are 5 draws in 11 matches, which maybe will cost me the 1st place@the end. With V2, there were more goals, more wins and the defense was the same or even better, when i look@the stats. 2-1 - low team 0-0 - Schalke 04 3-1 - low team 0-0 - B`Gladbach 1-0 - Bremen 0-0 - Bayern 2-1 - low team 2-0 - low team 2-1 - Dortmund 4-1 - low team 2-2 - Leipzig 1-0 - low team 3-2 - Hoffenheim 4-2 - lowteam 0-0 - Frankfurt 2-0 - lowteam So in 15 Matches (4 matches more as in V3) only 4 draws, even less goals against my team , and alot more goals for my team when i used V2. That costs alot of points in the 2nd part of the season. I will replay since i switched to V3 to see if my feelings are right. Greetings.
  4. I kind of struggle to score goals. 1-1, 1-1, 1-0, 2-0, 0-0 since i upgraded from V2 to V3. My players have quite nice stats for their roles (see@frontpage from TFF). The tactic ist ~100% learned and we got alot of chances (~15-20 average, 2-3 clear chances, many poststrikes per match)... I really don`t know but will look for the next 10-15 matches, if this is getting better. Sure, the defense and control overall is good. Only the goals are quite low or atleast i feel like it.
  5. Used V2 so far and got great results. I wasn`t@home this weekend, so i`ll try the V3 now. Great Job so far TFF. If you travel to Berlin/Germany, pls tell me m8. You`ve got a few drinks for free. Cheers
  6. First Match - away - vs 1st place Borussia Dortmund and a red card for my team, Min.47... I had to play defensive the last ~15 Minutes, but a great win. Looking for the next matches. Ty for far TFF.
  7. Hey Guys. I would absolutely love to see an Option, where my players are auto-selected before the 3D Match starts. Otherwise i have to click them one by one, every Match... Thx & have a nice day.
  8. You`re welcome. Thx for your Tactics TFF. (FM19) TFF - ASHBRINGER V14.fmf (FM19) TFF - DEMOLISHER V13.fmf
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