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  1. That still doesn't sit well with me. For example I played Fulham at home. £7k fee and £12k income...plus £50k in gate receipts and match day income yet I only made £5,500 after 'other' had taken nearly £80k.... Something isn't right.
  2. Usually I make between £10k-£20k a month if I can get my U23's and U18's playing friendlies against bigger clubs. Not to mention squeezing friendlies in pre-season and during the season.
  3. I’m struggling with finances on this save. ‘Other’ is killing me. Only two weeks in and £26k has gone on ‘other’ Anyone had the same trouble? Or know how to stop it?
  4. Nope, there are rules in place to stop this. The same in Spain. That is why the link ‘parent clubs’ was created
  5. It is a bloody mess. In the season I ran, Hayes & Yeading moved leagues without being relegated or promoted...Went from Div 1 Central to Div 1 South East. It may well happen like that in real life, I don't know.
  6. I have ran the season and they were promoted to the correct league however there were no playoffs
  7. Will do. Thank you. I appreciate how much time you have put in. Who you starting with?
  8. But then this is the Southern leagues where Staines and Walton Casuals are. It makes no sense...Did they get to choose which league they went into? I've decided to run a save and give my team a load of money and see what league they get promoted to. I can't be doing my third save in that league and end up in the wrong league again! Although I do now know exactly what players and staff to buy! Got some great players to recommended if anyone wants them!
  9. I don't know exactly Either the Southern league south div 1 or Isthmian Div 1 south central. I suspect most of the divisions are incorrect. I'm playing as Abbey Rangers and they had no regional divisions set at all, probs why they ended up north somewhere
  10. Thanks for checking Which is incorrect. Any ideas how to change it? I've looked at three different databases and been promoted into three different leagues. Looking at the data editor myself it bloody complicated!
  11. Any chance you could see what league the teams promoted from the Combined Counties Premier went to. In my previous save, I won the league and went into Northern Premier Division One East. Should have been in the Isthmain South Central Division. Ta
  12. I download a database a few weeks back but annoyingly when I won promotion it put me in a northern league which was really frustrating - ruined the game for me. Yours was very good last year so fingers crossed again!!
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