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  1. Woah that sucks. Good luck in the playoffs, are you going to make sure you finish 3rd or just not top 2?
  2. Scarborough Athletic 2020/21 Table l Sqaud l Transfers Very good season which culmanated with promotion to the Vanarama National League. After being top of the league through the beginning of January, Stockport went on this crazy run of reasults where they only dropped 10 points in the new year. We finished in 2nd place on 86 points, with 2nd best attack and 3rd best defense. In the playoff we first faced off against Spennymoor dispatching easily. Then in the final we played 3rd place Darlington in victory that went to extra-time. The cup run was what the board expected of
  3. Scarborough Athletic So I decided to join in on the challenge, as I like LLM and usually don't play with the attributes hidden. As you can see there is my manager man, all nice and crap. I am going to impose some transfer rules for when we reach the football league. 1) No more than 6 signings in a season. This number does not change, no matter the number of sales. 2) No more than 3 foreign (any player outside the UK) signings in a season. 3) Foreign signings must be 20 y/o or older. 2019/20 Table l Squad l Transfers Had an inconsistent start to the
  4. End of Season Ok end of the year with four straight wins, three in the league and one in Europa League. Then the draw to CSKA Moscow and terrible loss to Everton. Better matches versus Man City, where Duda got injured for the rest of the season, and a big second half at Sporting. We confirm Champions League after the match with Man City, so we played a few u18s against Newcastle and rotated for the second leg against Sporting to go to the final. Good way to send the home support off for the summer with a 2-0 win against West Ham.
  5. Yes but we've had to rotate more than ever and are starting to grind some matches out now. First off I want to apologize for the lack of updates lately. My grandmother passed recently and was finishing my final class for my bachelors degree, so FM was the last thing on my mind. February & March So so in the league with wins against Leicester, Arsenal, and Crystal Palace (after going down to 10 men early), a bad draw at home to Southampton, and some heart breaking losses to Chelsea, Man Utd, and Tottenham. Beat Brighton to win our second straight EFL Cup trophy,
  6. Fantastic season, great save so far, hopefully you can get the national team full of Saint Andreu players at some point.
  7. Forgive me if you have already shown them, but can you give us the results of World Cups and other big international competitions? Thanks.
  8. Transfers Out Two outs in the January, with Rump going to Crystal Palace for $6.5m after he complained about a lack of playing time. Marcos Vinicius leaves for Aston Villa for $1.6m plus add-ons, suffered an injury last season and never recovered. Few youngster also left on loan this month. December & January Fantastic two months going undefeated in the league and the only loss being to West Ham in the FA Cup. Lots of rotation over this period and the boys step up to the challenge. With the additions in January, I feel that we are the deepest we've ever been. Thr
  9. Yes, yes we are, you'll see later This update will be dealing with transfers, awards, and the like. The December and January period is filled with matches and took a couple of days away from the game. Awards Mario Dill wins the Kopa Trophy for the best young player in the world. Eridson Cande won both CAF Young Player of the Year, African Footballer of the Year, and was named to the African XI of the Year. Transfers We brought in 7 players in the January, all young players of which only two are registered for the Premier League.
  10. October & November An okay October that started off with an uninspired draw against Ajax, followed by a 1-0 win versus Bournemouth off a stunning Volkovic free kick. Then came an incredible comeback against Totenham, down 2-0 after 24 minutes and some tactical changes, we managed to pull two back for the draw. Fustrated with Man Utd reasult as we were the better team on the night and Crawford was a foot away from the goal line with a tap in, only for the defender to tackle it away. A perfect November was started with a late comeback against Southampton and beating ten-men Arsena
  11. They're a tough group to crack and with us being in Europa League its going to be hard but we'll give it a try. August & September Great start to the season with only one loss so far. Won an incredible back and forth match against Liverpool, combined with a superb match by Dill versus Stoke we were flying. Then Dill got shin splints in that match that will keep him out for two months, so now we're missing two starters with Valkovic picking up an injury before the start of the season. Fustrating matches against Ipswich and Chelsea, a game in which Chelsea scored on their fir
  12. According to the game they tied for the lowest point total and have most losses in league history. Transfers Only player to leave for money is Nathan Willams, a goalkeeper, for $750k. Most of the players brought in are backups and young players. Preseason Good enough preseason, we beat Barcelona if that means anything. Preseason Prediction We're not predicted to be relagated for once.
  13. April & May Almost perfect April with the draw to Liverpool being the only belimish combined with wins over Arsenal, Southampton, and Blackburn, where Mario Dill scored four goals. May saw two defeats to Watford and Man City to end the year. League Table We finsh the year in 5th place tied on points with Brighton, who had an incredible defense and won a ton of 1-0 matches, on 69 points. Tottenham won the league again followed by Arsenal and the two Manchester clubs. Liverpool finish in 12th after a terrible season and Blackburn can only gain 10 points. End o
  14. Ya Blackburn are terrible, and Liverpool are just old I mean Alisson is still in goal for them. February and March Good two months with an almost perfect month in February with wins against Newcastle, Bournemouth, and Chelsea, and a draw versus West Ham. Lost to Brighton in the FA Cup with highly rotated squad due to fixture congestion. March saw two wins and two draws. League Table 59 points from 32 matches this campaign, we already have a new high in points and goals scored. Youth Intake Ok intake with Kyle Pemberton being the only standout, wh
  15. EFL Cup Final After a back and forth final, where Dill, Monteiro, and Cande came off due to injuries, a 91st minute winner from Crawford sends us to Europe for the first time ever.
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