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  1. It was a shame, we could never find a second goal scorer behind Wilson. I didn't notice that Villa had been relegated til you said so. Transfers First are the outs and the only big name is Jose Gata. He had kicked up about wanting to leave during the season and he was played out of the squad so for $625k it was time to say goodbye. Matt Blake, Kallum Butt, and Aleksandar Nikolic leave on free transfer, they never played and had no future so why keep them. Besides that a bunch of youth players are out on loan. Only two players come in with the addition of Lee Farrell and Giovanni Amadori. Farrell comes in for $230k, a cheaper and better option than Gata and someone that can help grow the squad in the next few years. Amadori was brought in on a free and will rotate with Classon at Lb, unfortunately he got injured before the start of the year and missed the first few matches. League Preview Of course the media thinks that we will finish bottom again, thankfully predictions do not always become reality. August & September We fixed the goals problem from last season, at the end of September we have a league high 29 while only conceeding 9. I've noticed that either we blitz oppenents from the start (Bury, Notts Forest, and QPR) or it takes us a little bit of time to get going. The Hull match had to be the most impressive, just from the fact that we went down 0-1 and were creating very little to making a few subs and turning it around in the space of 2 minutes threw Deco. Mark Wilson yet again leading the line with 7 goals but with contributions from Campanelli, Chibueze, Wilmot and Deco. The only losses to Charlton in the EFL Cup and Sheff Utd (frustrating match as we edged the stats but could not finish our chances). League Table After two months we sit top of the table, 4 points ahead of Derby and this might be, hopefully, the year we get promoted. The tactic has flipped the script from last season and we'll see if it continues. Tactic I've been watching Second Yellow Card's series on youtube and really liked his tactic so I thought we would give a try. Started using it towards the end of last season with mixed results but as the squad got more used to it the boys have really taken to the system and performing really well so far. 2026 World Cup Thought y'all might like to see who to bet on in 2026. Suprised to see Serbia make it all the way to the final but ultimately lossed out to Italy.
  2. End of Season One win to finish the season, should have beaten Norwich (late equalizer) and Sunderland (went up 1-0 but Phillips switched off on all 3 of their goals), drew to Burnley to end a very average year. League Table Finished the year in 14th place, which is respectable but the lack of goals really killed us. Squad Stats Only one player with double digit goals this season in Mark Wilson who scored 22 goals in all competitions, a real breakout year for the American. Gard and Zubcic, with Feeney every once in awhile, formed a great partnership in the center of the defense. Paul Vaughan saw his role increase again this year making 34 appearences (31 starts) and is hopefully the first in a wave of youth products to come. Couldn't choose between Blaney and Silva in goal, their about the same ability wise and have nearly similar goals against averages.
  3. February & March I don't get this squad, we can beat Chelsea and Derby, draw against Huddersfield and Stoke, but lose to Sheff Utd and Luton. Don't know how we managed the Chelsea result given they fielded a full strength squad for the match. Besides that match, we've been average and are offically out of the promotion chase, which sucks because we have we have one of the better defenses in the league but can not score enough goals. League Table After two months we are still in 12th place but are 11 points from the last playoff spot and 12 points from the final relagation spot. I would have taken midtable before the season, but having started the season as well as we did its kinda disappointing. Youth Intake By far the best youth intake we've had so far, with five guys that could be anywhere from decent Premier League to good Championship players if they can meet their potential. Matt Peake is a central midfielder who has good dribbling, first touch, passing, and technique, has decent mentals but needs to improve his physicals and hopefully he can grow taller. Josh Dover is a left back with pretty technical and mental ability for a 16 year old, with good physicals and at 6'1" he could be a good defender for a long time. Joel Ball is a right back who also has good technical and mental ability for his age and solid phyical ability but need to grow a few inches to be effictive in the air. Sam Barnes is a right winger who is fairly fast and agile who needs to improve alot in the techinical and mental aspect of his game but is in good standing for a 15 year old. Jason Hart is a striker who I'll look to make into a left sided inside forward, he got good finishing, technique, and heading, with some fair mental ability and room to grow on the physical side of the game. Andy Hooper is a center mid who is the biggest project out of the bunch and is probably not going to make it but you never know.
  4. We did but kinda threw it away. December & January Ya thats not good. No wins in December and only one in January, the defence has just gone out the window the past two months. 18 goals conceeded over this time period which is not good enough for any club. Advanced to the fifth round of the FA Cup with fairly easy draws, next up is Chelsea. League Table We've fallen all the way to 12th place in the league, hopefully our form can improve to atleast make our position comfortable. Transfers Kian Spence left for Notts for $135K, he wasn't playing and was one of the highest earners so he had to go. Garnett and Mbaye go out on loan to get playing time. Deco and Nathan Williams join the squad, Deco comes in for $300K and could be a steal if he pans out. Williams joins on a free, needed a 3rd keeper in case the impossible happens.
  5. October & November Very average two months that started with three straight draw that involved a 2-2, 2-2, and a 3-3. These were followed by two losses then two wins and then two draws. We rounded out the period with a loss and a win. These past two months have been very weird because at times we look like a team that scores for fun but can't defend, then a team can neither score nor defend, and then a team that can defend but not score. Basically we been average and hopefully it doesn't cost us in the end. League Table We now sit in sixth place, only six points above 12th but six points from 1st. We need to improve defensively to continue this challenge for promotion.
  6. Transfers We'll start with the outs. Harry Burgoyne was the first to go, we couldn't pass up $500k and Blaney needs more playing time. Harry Brockbank leaves for $210k, money we couldn't pass up and to clear the way for Zubcic. Guillermo Aguayo had his release clause meet by Charlton and would not negotiate a new contract. Aaron Ekumah was not going to play so why keep him on the books. Miguel Angel Chan leaves after one year because he no longer wanted to stay after the offers came in, but I would $5.5m for 4 or 5 goals last year is good return. Silva comes in from Portugal to split time with Blaney. Classon will start at left back, hopefully he grows because he was the best one I could find. Goncalves is coming in to replace Aguayo. Campenelli will start out on the left wing. Chibueze comes in on loan and will start on the right wing. The key to all of these transfer is that they were all on frees. August & September A good start to the season, changed back to the tactic that was used at the start of the story for the Hull match and have produced some really good results. The EFL Cup with Aston Villa sucked because we were two goals up and then had fm crap out the defence. League Table After the first two months we are in fifth place with match in hand. In a real good with an actual chance at promotion but there is a long way to go. Facilities This is how the facilities look right now, the data analysis and youth facilities are being improved as we speak. I haven't gotten the ability to improve training facilities for about the last six months so hopefully that changes soon.
  7. Thanks, the end of the season was atrocious. Thanks, it was a real grind because we had the worst team in the league by a long distance.
  8. End of the Season Well thats ugly, confirmed safety after the Walsall match and got the chance to play some youngsters in the last three matches but to get two points in the last seven games is not good enough. If we were futher down in the table at the beginning of April we would have definitely gone down. League Table Finished the season in 18th place, could have been in about 10th if the results were there but I'll take it in the first season. I kept playing after this point and forgot to get the screenshot of the squad stats but they weren't that great but if ya'll would like to know some stats I'll try my best to get them. The aim next year is to finish around 10th but there is alot of interest in players and not much money so it might be a grind but we'll try our best!!
  9. Thanks the turnaround in results really helped because about every week or so I was kept getting the message to hold a team meeting. I'll take mid table for this season and next aswell. I think we can win the Prem in four to six seasons in it if we're able to keep players for more than two years. I never really thought about a motto, the club doesn't have one so if someone can think of one. Febuary & March Only two wins from nine which is not ideal but with four draws atleast we're gaining points. Out of the FA Cup to Milwall which is disappointing because I thought we could get past them fairly easily. League Table After 39 matches Ashton sits in 14th place, eleven points above relagation, and in a safe mid-table position. Given that most of the are young league one players with lots of potential, this is an overachievement if I say so. Transfers Now I know what your going to say why another striker and centerback but there is a reason. First 6ft 6in Bojan Radojkovic is a moutain of an 18 year old, who comes in on a free with a small contract has really no risk involved. Youssouph Mbaye was brought in because I couldn't help myself. I know I have a problem. Youth Intake Good youth intake most will be League One players but there are a few with some potential to impact the team in the future. Brad McIntyre might be the best of the bunch, a centerback that can play all across the back. Has a few things he needs to work with but has attributes in all the right places.
  10. December & January Mixed bag of results the past two months, the highlight being the 2-0 victory against Everton in the FA Cup. In the league we went 3-3-3 which is about as average as you can get. The best part about the last two months was that no one left which is great because there were teams wanting a few of our guys. League Table Those results leaves us in 14th in the Championship.
  11. Oh that's where they were, hold on let me pick them up. October & November October was brutal, only the one victory but eleven goals concedeed. Something needed to change so went into the tactics and decided to go a little more defensive. I moved the AMC in the 4-2-3-1 to a DMC defensive midfielder on defend and change the DMC in the 4-1-2-1-2 narrow diamond from a deeplying playmaker to a defensive midfielder on defend. Well lets just say that it worked because we got four straight clean sheets and won four of the five matches played. Including the last update you can tell when Mirko Zubcic played in defense because we've given up 18 goals in the four matches he's played. 5-1 against Cardiff, 5-1 against Middlesbrough, 4-1 against Aston Villa and 4-1 against Reading, I'm surpised that the boy hasn't wanted to go back to Croatia. Brought in Luka Stjepanovic on a free, has good potential and need a third right back in the squad in case Phillips or Thomas-Griggs got hurt or leaves. League Table The last two months has left in 13th with a negative goal difference and the fifth worst defense. On a good note we can score goals which show that our strickers can hang with the jump in level. On a different note, Pitbull (Mr. Worldwide himself) has given up on the music industry and took a punt on being a footballer. Hope it works out for him but he should probably stick to music.
  12. August & September Good start to the season with three wins and two draws in the first five matches but then reality hit. Three losses and two draws in five league matches, the defence has just fallen apart at times and the we are not finishing our chances. League Table We sit in 18th and are five points ahead of relegation, but we have the worst defense in the league and something has to change.
  13. Thanks, its gonna be tough given that we have lowest total salary by a long distance. Transfers First the outs, McGregor goes out on loan because he wasn't going to play much this season. Henrique leaves for $2 million to Hearts, he wanted to leave and for that price I couldn't say no also go 40% of the next sale. Before we get into the ins, apparently I forgot that I got the best Brexit and can have 17 foreign players. Nikolic was agreed to before last season ended, decent amount of pontential but won't see much of the field. Gard is in on loan from Arsenal and now my best central defender. Gonzalez in on loan from Notts Forest, needed a new left back and there is a future fee for $1.3 million. Fletcher is on loan from Blackburn for DM depth. Aguayo was poached from the US, now my best AM will rotate will McLaughlin. Gata was brought in for $550,000 from Portugal, needed a ballwinner and he's the best and cheapest option. Wilson and Miguel Angel Chan are from the US and will provide depth for the striker role, according to my YOTM Chan can be a Premier League player. Zubcic, Croatian from the US, and Shrimpton-Benham are backups. League Prediction Time to shock the world, or atleast England. Not the biggest morale booster but we'll try to stay up. Hopefully good tactics and our strength up front will do the job for us this season.
  14. End of Season Not the best end of season with two wins and three losses. The Port Vale and Plymouth losses hurt because they had nothing to play for. Given how tight the playoff race is so are these reasults good enough. League Table Managed it on goal difference after finishing tied on points with Rotherham and Northampton. We're up against Oxford who have been very good this year and spilt the two meetings this season. Playoffs Just managed a draw in the first leg with the Cahill goal in the 94th minute. After being down at the half, we came out guns ablaze in the second with three goals. With this win we go to Wembly to face off against Sheffield Wednesday. Very boring match after the early goal with lots of fouls that broke up the rhythm of the game. With this we are promoted to the Championship where we'll probably be relegated. Squad Stats The defence will have to be improved for next season if we want any chance of staying up. Got 55 goals from Wilmot, Henrique, and Swan which was the main reason that we got promoted.
  15. Thanks young players progressing is the main reason for the season going so well. February & March Okay reasults the loss to West Ham hurt as we were in the match. Little bit of an injury crisis and players on international duty in March made selecting the sqaud hard. Getting goals from a wide variety of players which is a good thing to see. We also made it the EFL Trophy final against Peterbrough who we beat handly the month before can we do it again. Yes we can, totally dominated the match. Peterbrough are not having a good season so this was expected but it's always nice to win a trophy. League Table In fourth with Hull having a game in hand on us. Two points off automatic promotion hopefully we can get there and not have to go through the playoffs. Youth Intake Okay youth intake Gascoigne is the best player of the bunch (he doesn't show up because I moved him to the senoir squad before I took the screenshot). Jake Smith could be a good centerback but by that time we might be past his level.
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