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  1. Hi Freddie, I play at 2560x1080 with 100% UI. The skin is standard Football Manager by SI. I use custom facepack, logo and kitspack but I use them every year and didn't have any problems before. btw. is there a way to disable touch screen input when I try to edit some players stats ? I tested couple of things and it looks like this is the issue with saving changes to player/club profile. I can change those things but they disappear after I close the pop up window. Also I had new issue, I tried to change player PA to 139 but it changed to 200 and now I cannot change it. Edit 12.12.2018 Ok it looks like with 19.2.0 update things are fixed. But I will test it more. Also I managed to turn off touch screen input (it was steam controller override - strange that it was just for this game not all of them).
  2. Basicly as Title says. In-game editor is not working, mostly I cannot change players attributes. Also club finance change is not working partially. I can change transfer budget but not remaining wage budget. I'v tried multiple saves, clubs and players it's the same for all of them.
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