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  1. Set to start this Challenge with Salisbury FC. Hope I stick to this save long term
  2. Ok, this has been really hard than I thought. Got relegated at the end of the season with 2 games left and hence sacked too. Has been so unlucky with many injuries both short term and long term ones impacting the tactics and team sheet. Will restart and post here which team I get.
  3. Can anyone confirm if the process is below? I need to have the two manager profiles - One for holidaying till Nov 6th. Then add manager and takeover the team in 19th position. Am I right?
  4. May look like a noob, but have to ask this. I have created the manager profile with the required details and holidayed to Nov 5th, Saved it incase needed for later use, then moved on to Nov 6th, and know the club in 19th position. Now I am confused of how to become their head coach? Can someone help to letting me know this please?
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