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  1. if you right click above the column you want to add a line next to and select add separator , then select if you wish to add it left or right of that column that should do the trick.
  2. What about adding a new manager and taking them over , then retire your current manager. Means you wont have your manager history available but you can then manage Feyenoord in your current save
  3. id like FM21 to pretend the pandemic never happened and just carry on as normal as if the 20/21 season is starting as normal. Then at least will have the FM world to dive into to forget about the outside world
  4. Check the players contract screen, its in there if they have one if he's been fully scouted. Also it shows up as minimum asking price on the scouting screen
  5. Im not 100% but pretty sure you need that code, and if the codes been activated, you cant activate it again, could be wrong but thats how i undersand it
  6. Im not suprised, your tactic is very attacking, if you go to the tactics forum - https://community.sigames.com/forum/19-tactics-training-strategies-discussion/ , you will get loads of good advice there.
  7. Love this kind of save and i always start unemployed and no badges. What kind of save are you aiming for? For example, are you wanting to do an RPG/journeyman style save where you go in level 1 in this instance, and aim to become the best in the world hopping from club to club to improve yourself? Or stick with current club and become all dominating with them? Some tips you could use - - Do your coaching badges as and when you can/allowed to, its dependent on club finances weather the board will let you so ask when you have a bit of money in the bank - Dont employ uncesesary staff, if you dont have an under 23 team, no need to have a u23 manager or coach - If you are club hopping, dont bother with youth at these low levels, intake will be poor and there not going to develop into anything worth selling - In fact , forget about selling players , non existant down at these levels, no ones got or paying any money for players - Loaning players is going to be your bread and butter at this level, try to get a senior affiliate club to loan them from at no cost - Transfer fees are non existant at this level , frees & loans are your primary source of player recruitment - Take players out of contract on a trial (2-3 weeks) before you sign them, in fact offering trials is a quicker and better way to scout players than actually scouting them , saves you money. - Some players at this level don't require a weekly wage but maybe and appreance/ goal bonus, these bonuses are taken into account in your wage budget so dont ignore them and over spend on the bonuses. - i find that players with good physicals are more useful than technicals at this level. - Get yourself a big target man and route one football (thats a preference btw but i had sucess in wales with a 442 route one) - In wales specifically , TNS are dominant and its hard to catch them competitivly, but if you get into Europe (euro 2 competition) then there is money to be had there so prehaps make that a target initially rather than get disheartened with trying to compete with TNS from the start. There are probably more and better educated people with better advice but these are a few things to consider when starting this way, i hope you enjoy it and stick with the save, its very rewarding when you see your manager profile and reputation grow.
  8. Ive noticed that the fixture list tab is now behaving itself and not reverting back to showing the next match and not the 1st friendly , and the cup competitions are now highlighted as they werent previously , its the little differences i guess.
  9. Ive never had a son in game ever, good job really as i hate kids lol Had my 1st player come out as gay recently , in the Polish league as well
  10. Im pretty sure you can do, check in the match responsibilitys sceen, pretty sure you can deleage to ass man
  11. Don't you know You've gone too far now Just to go And try to throw it all away Thought I heard you say You love them That your love was gonna be here to stay They've only just begun To know you All I can say is Won't you stay just one more half season
  12. Got to stay (unless you get offered a job before the end of the season) and finish the season even if it means relegation. The only things i've found with having a relegation on your record is that you get asked about it at job interviews which you just pick the 'we were expected to go down' option. You got to go through the lows to appriciate the highs when your winning champions leagues later down the line.
  13. i went with a basic 442 route one with big target man with Bala, left before i could win the league but every year got closer to TNS, it is a great challange to try to bring them down, good luck i hope you do it
  14. Think it just pops up in your news items at the end of the season but cant be viewed anywhere else, might be wrong though
  15. Without knowing what your club expectations were for last season or this, it could be that other teams are treating you as more of a threat this season and adapting tactics accordingly to be more compact ?
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