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  1. I would suggest that by the amount of off field problems over the last few years, and certainly at the moment, the support at the club has been tremendous considering the dross on the field and the circus off it . The attendances havent been too bad thou so not sure why you think its been horrendous, when bolton were a premier league team, the average crowd was around 21-22k, i thinks its prob around 13-15k this season. Oh and if you want to get a good idea of Bolton's support, especially away support, go and have a watch of Thogdens videos on you tube, and you can get a sense of the support dispite the awfulness on the pitch.
  2. Lets you get buy different scout packages, if you go to scouting centre and i think its top left where you can look at the packages available for senior and youth packages and purchase the ones you want. Im assuming with AC Milan, you can probably afford the top 'world' packaged for both senior and youth players.
  3. i think he may have the no hidden attributes (or whatever its called ) box ticked which you select when you are starting a new save.
  4. Probably the difference in opinion between Scouts opinion and Coach opinion, still has the same attributes so can play as a CD, wouldnt worry about the colour hes still a good CD
  5. 1/ Could be that one of the board demands is to keep DOF if there is no option to terminate contract, also check your staff responsibilities to see if its you or the chairman that renews the DOF contract. You could offer the job to someone new and when they accept, it should ask if you want to replace the current DOF, usually there is a cost involved but if hes out of contract then i wouldnt think there would be. 2/ If hes under a certain age (think 24), then compensation is due to the scottish club for developing the player, even if his contract has expired, if hes still at the club then they will be entitled to the compensation
  6. There is a database you can download from the steam workshop for female staff - worth having a look there.
  7. i dont think it does, i think its a reputation issue, i think the super huge clubs seem to want someone that's won the champions league as i had same issues getting a job dispite 2 europa league wins , league cup and champions league semi final with burnley.
  8. Is it a brexit issue as he may now be required to get a WP depending on the type of brexit you get? (i'm assuming your Rangers manager and its been past 2019) Normally you get a message in your inbox to apply for a Work Permit and it maybe the case that on the 30th June when the original loan ends and new one begins it may ask you to apply then?
  9. deaks500


    Hi, i haven't trawled through all the threads so i apologies profusley if these have come up before but here are some suggestions or wish list for the game, mainly for more immersion and realism - -Training sessions for international teams -More stories from the media and fans about why x player should be in the x international squad - Similarly more harsh media stories if you are failing at the expectations at international teams - Pre international tournement training camps -More of a back story for your career as a footballer before management, maybe managers can select the teams they played for and apprearances and position played in - Your own agent who can put feelers out to see if any clubs without a manager or that has an insecure position would be interested in hiring you, also getting the option for the agent to handle your own contract negotiations. - When you apply for a job, info about other managers in the running - Clubs with bad finance not being able to pay players monthly wage or pay late - A filter in the staff search screen to filter gender , for some reason, i always try to have my whole medical team female. - An option in the camera angle during games to have a dug out view in 1st person - 1st person manager view possibly for press conferences and team talks maybe (i realise that that is a long way off graphically but its a wish list eh)lol - An atmosphere in the stadium rating - the more intense the game , higher the rating , then maybe an option for a club looking to hire you would be to raise the atmosphere in the stadium for example. - Clearer and more examples of refs making bad decisions in the ME, making it obvious that the ref is poor so then ...... - More options to hammer a referee in the press conferences and all the concequences that go with that. - More variety in the trophy presentation graphics - More of a big deal when you win a competition - sorry i don't have any examples to give - i suppose more of a fuss in your inbox from the wider football community and even fans and board. - Fan interaction in the form of a fans forum you could attend, works same as press conferences but maybe less diplomatic when things are going wrong and more hyperbolic when you are doing well. If any of these get considered that cool, if not then that's still great thank you for taking time to read these musings i hope they were'nt repetitive and keep up the excellent work
  10. On a journeyman save, i always want to have a couple of sackings on the CV for realism, as others have said after a couple of seasons at a club, its really hard to be sacked for performances, so ill try to kick off with the board by making board request demands , leaking to the press , applying for loads of jobs and declaring interest in loads of jobs too and eventually they demand a meeting, i turn it down or tell them the fans will revolt if they sack me and they fire me off. Then subsequently slag the club of in the press after.
  11. How many months are you into the season? I think that they start to show up from what i can remember from September onwards as i dont seem to get them monthly between May and September
  12. superstition for me , i also click through the scouting report for the next opposition and don't read any of it as i think the game will know if i haven't - all very ridiculous on my part
  13. Im pretty sure its deducted from the club balance rather than the wage budget as the bonuses will vary from month to month
  14. Excellent work - this should be the go to thread for anytime one of those moaning threads about how the game is screwing them over is started.
  15. I was thinking the same thing last night, i cant remember a cup draw in FM19 that ive drawn a lower league team in, its either same or higher division clubs. I swear the cup draw is linked to the cup bonuses you select at the start of the season - low bonus its Untied away for you, high bonuses then Accrington Stanley at home!!!
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