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  1. 10 hours!!! Not even usually got to the 1st pre season friendly by then lol Its up to folk what they spend their money on and what they deem to be value, but jesus there ain't half some hyperbolic drama queens on here today! Ive no issues with the ME so im happy with the game, not to say its perfect and improvements cant be made. Im sorry to read that some people are having issues and arn't enjoying it but saying things like the game is shockingly bad or Si dont care is as hyperbolic nonsense as someone saying Wow best game ever or ME is perfect its your tactics , as usual the truth is somewhere in the middle. The ME will always need work, but its not unplayable and tbh at most people have paid what £40 for the game, if they only play it for 10-20 hours its still decent value. Constructive critisism is always interesting to read but this over the top flouncing comes across a bit entitled.
  2. TBF if i was a professional player in league 2 and some guy that had who's only played for the dog and duck came in telling how to play football id not be best pleased
  3. The club are in it , but not in any league, you can play a friendly with them though Im not sure if they are programmed to eventually get promoted to the national north a few season in though, hope they are
  4. It absolutley does happen, its happened twice in a season for me with a welsh 2nd division club with poor players playing a basic route one, i tweeked some tactics, pushed a higher line and went more intense pressing and i've come back from 2 goals down a couple of times, check out the bust the net video on team instructions on You Tube recently released and that helped me loads. Its not going to work 100% of the time though but you don't need 'pep guardiola cyber skills' whatever that means to pull it off.
  5. think its about 5-6 months - but that could be wrong though i dont know exactly. But i've learned to only ask if you have money in the bank as they always seem to reject it if you on a minus balance.
  6. For years ive only used Key highlights, but this year i've played on comprehensive and it massivley changes how i see the games and how i adapt. I get that on key highlights you will see 4-5 1v1 over and over again one after the other, where as on comprehensive , you get the same amount of 1v1 but it does'nt seem to be too much of an issue as they are spaced out in between other types of highlights
  7. Did you have them as view only or playable ?
  8. I've done it on occasions where - A - I feel the game has FM'd me (i am fully aware that it does'nt do that but the feels are real ) B- Got to a cup final and thought im not slogging through all those rounds just to lose in the final (looking at you Europa League) C- Game crashes so have to reply, will replay that match until i get the same result (unless i originally lost and then won second time- that i can live with lol) Its a slippery slope though as you do it once, then it becomes easier to justify the next time But the correct answer is that your game, your save - do whatever you want
  9. I used too, but when your average crowd is about 150 people and a dog, its quite immersion breaking for it to sound like a stadium of people. Maybe match sounds relative to the crowd would be good, you could just have the sound of the ball being kicked and some random shout like 'your ****' or someone from the side like giving you dog abuse all game for very small clubs ... mmm might pop to the feature request forum lol
  10. You are correct ultimatly it doesnt matter - but it kills some time during the day i guess with people that have the same passion
  11. But most games that go on these games of the year generally are played for about a month before people move on, single player ones anyway like a God Of War or RDR2 ect. There are games like FM which are played all year round by players, FIFA, COD and service type MMO games , maybe they should have their own catagory ?
  12. Bugs exist in pretty much most games now no matter what tech is used in their creation. The most expensive and high tech game engine will still have bugs in them as developers try to push the boundries of the tech. They have acknowledged that there are some issues in the ME (although i haven't had a problem with it, i accept that it will bother some players more than others) and they are going to fix it As for realistic, well i think that it is realistic as much as a video game can be, every year SI strive to make it even more so. FM20 is far more realistic then FM09, and i'm sure that FM30 will be far more realistic than FM20 . Until we are in VR version of FM where you are in a virtual dressing room, virtual dug out and speak directly to virtual team talks, everyone's idea of realism is gonna be different. So you cant really say that its not improved and got more realistic over the last 10 years but you are correct that people shouldnt get passion and hate mixed up and im pretty sure that everyone on here and that play FM and those that make it just want it to be the best game it can be
  13. But how do you know what potential it could of achieved ?
  14. You can change the penalty takers in the tactics screen under setpieces - and dont let Aubameyang near them lol
  15. It does seem to be the hipster thing in the FM community, bit like hating modern music as 'music was so much better in the 80's' (which is true to be fair) but feel the need to tell us how cool they are - all a bit attention seeking tbh
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