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  1. I know that they said they had changed the way the match ratings work so maybe thats effected it, but yeah under 9 rating for scoring 4 goals seems a bit low, maybe he had a shocker for the rest of the game and if he hadnt scored any, would have been sub 5 for the match rating?
  2. On the topic is the game too easy, well i dont have enough play time to give a definative answer, but from my experience from this year thus far. I started unemployed and 6 months in got a job at Linfield, the best team in N. Ireland , now i found that i got offered that job too easy as i had no coaching badges and sunday league rep. but ok yeah fancy winning a few pots to boost reputation. 1st season (well half season), won the league and cup at a canter, but i did expect that as im the best team in the country. However, after signing even better players that i started with for the 2nd season
  3. Yes it is great to watch, love a goal from a long throw. Hope nobody thinks its a bug as i want that to stay the same
  4. This is made clear before hand that its a beta and to report any bugs you find, you can either participate or not, but its not a suprising revelation that the beta is pretty much a mass testing exercise
  5. Might need a few more details pal, do you mean when you click save, the saving bar (or whatever you call it) doesnt come up ? Or are you missing the save button completly? Do you have any screenshots of the issue?
  6. I can understand all the issues everyone is having with the UI, but i believe that given time and a few tens of hours, people will get used to it, think cos its changed dramatically and we've all come off the back of playing 100's-1000's hours over the years with the match day UI set up with our exact preferences, its very jarring to all of a sudden have it all change and not have access to the same info. Guess it proves that this year's FM is not just a data update that some folk like to accuse it of.
  7. Yeah it Kicks in once the season started (well it did for me), so not sure if that's intentional or a bug
  8. I had this issue, looked for ages, found it in bottom left corner - not sure if thats intended but thats where i found it
  9. If you don't want to pay full price, then don't buy it and download a transfer update if that's all you think it is! The game isn't out yet so no one can say weather the new features are worth it or not , but as someones mentioned, there will be a demo so play that then decide if you think full retail is worth it!! Si arn't a huge company like Activision or EA, they need the revenue to keep operating and producing the games year in and year out, i see the cost of the game as almost like a yearly subscription which i think most players get absolute value for money for £30-£40 per year!!
  10. make sure your adaptability rating is as high as you can get it when setting up ur manager stats
  11. As i see it in relation to covid being in FM21, as far as im concerned, the divergence between the real world and FM world begins the minute you click the continue button on the 1st day of the save, so on that click, it can be assumed in the FM alternate timeline, that covid was irradicated and all governments allowed fans back into stadiums and life instantly returned to pre covid normality As someone said previously, i play to escape into an alternative FM universe and having Covid related shinannigans to worry about in my own made up FM universe would suck.
  12. if you right click above the column you want to add a line next to and select add separator , then select if you wish to add it left or right of that column that should do the trick.
  13. What about adding a new manager and taking them over , then retire your current manager. Means you wont have your manager history available but you can then manage Feyenoord in your current save
  14. id like FM21 to pretend the pandemic never happened and just carry on as normal as if the 20/21 season is starting as normal. Then at least will have the FM world to dive into to forget about the outside world
  15. Check the players contract screen, its in there if they have one if he's been fully scouted. Also it shows up as minimum asking price on the scouting screen
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