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  1. deaks500

    Cold winters

    I think like in real life, cant legislate for illness i guess, just luck and lemsips (maybe one for the feature requests lol) But if you do find a way of reducing people being ill and missing work over winter, please let me know as i work with a few people irl that drop like flies the minute its cold lol
  2. In that scenario where one of my players on a non contract gets offers from else where , and i want to keep him, ill offer him a new non contract on same or slightly higher terms and 9/10 he stays, unless of course the offering club is bigger and offers more money. This does lead to a frustrating game of cat and mouse though as you end up offering multiple new non contracts through the year to stave of other clubs so i do agree that having the option to persuade him to stay without having a new contract offer would be better. At the same time however, i do nick other clubs players on non contract so works both ways i guess
  3. i would imagine as SI is a British company based in London that the native version is English - however that's an assumption so others that may know better can confirm.
  4. Could be that it was already agreed that the Galatasary manager would take over , bit like Pep with City a couple of years ago when at Munich as i know that when you apply for other jobs generally after January, the board ask if you want to take over now or end of season, so might have had him lined up already !
  5. deaks500

    Poor partnerships

    Partnerships develop between full backs and wingers, the two or three centre backs, the 2 or 3 central midfielders and the DM's and 2 strikers if you play with 2 up top. It can also develop between a ACM and striker , so any formation will eventually produce partnerships so long as the players play regularly together. So your team could potentially look like this -
  6. With the staff contracts , the DOF generally offers contracts a month or so before their contracts are due to expire, so don't panic yet With the Youth intake, do you mean haven't been offered pro contracts or not offered them youth contracts and they are in green in the under 18's squad? Normally when the youth intake play their trail game against the under 18's , a box asking if you want to sign recommended players appear , if the HOYD is in charge , i think it gives you the option of rejecting offering them youth contracts - i could be wrong though.
  7. deaks500

    Poor partnerships

    Playing time is how they will develop a better partnership, the yellow line indicates that there is a partnership developing and if you keep playing them together, it will improve and turn green.
  8. deaks500

    Individual Scouts Report

    If you go to scouting centre, and go to filter button which is next to the preferences button. Under filter you will find the advanced settings options, and on there you can select which kind of scout reports you want to go into your inbox.
  9. deaks500


    Were you trying to sell Messi at the same time?
  10. deaks500

    Scouting Assignments?

    Go to scouting centre - Assignments, make sure your taking charge of the scouting assignments and add new assignment with the scouting conditions such as nation, competition and regions . Make sure your scouting package covers what your looking for as there's no point scouting Asia if your scouting package only allows current nation or league . Try to have scouts with the knowledge of the area your wanting to scout and that should hopefully give you a decent return of players
  11. Gives you more accurate data when scouting teams and producing the analysis report from your games, wether you think thats worth it if you use these is up to you. The only thing i employ a data analysis for is so the match review option is unlocked in training. Im sure that someone will be able to give you more detail as to what improving the facilities will do. Could just be a role play thing!
  12. Do you know what would be really cool , Football Manager in VR (well for the matches anyway ) You could be your manager man on the bench with a 360 degree view of the stadium and players - i know its years and years before anything like that could even be implemented but i do think that that will be part of the natural evolution on FM
  13. deaks500

    Your managerial "role model" ?

    Big Sam for me, responsible for me seeing some of the best times and best players ever to grace a Bolton shirt. Youri Djorkaeff , Jay Jay Okocha, Fernando Hierro ,Ivan Campo, Stelios Giannakopoulos, and Kevin Davies - 2 jaunts in Europe and brought in the sports science and stats used in American Football. Planned with meticulous detail to get the extra 1% from each player. Used to bloody the noses of the big boys regularly and wind the likes of Wenger up. The long ball tag came from when Bolton beat Newcastle 2-1 at the Reebok and Souness moaned about it post match and the tag stuck with him, unfairly. Hes seen as a short term option for struggling teams and hes played up to that in last few years but earned a few quid doing it. Will never be seen as glamorous but i do believe that if you put him in charge of a big club like a Manchester Untied or Real Madrid - he would win them a few trophies
  14. Haha would love an option of doing a Fergie and going to the club/party and drag a player out by his ear like he did to Lee Sharpe and Giggs . One for the feature requests
  15. For me i always wanted to pull of a good old 442 with big man/little man up top, am not the most tactically astute but this years versions with the presets help loads - love scouting for 6ft 5 strikers to ping balls up too - i like to play what the kids call anti-football with a big strong team kicking lumps out the opposition.