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  1. I was thinking the same with getting the WBs to push more in an attacking duty but was hesitant to give up space in the back if we get caught on the counter. You've made good points in seeing that my midfield might not catch up to the long balls that I want to play. Will try a few changes and see which ones will be effective for my side. Thanks! You were on point when you said I was struggling to counter because my side just kicked the ball to the opposition and just let them recycle the possession. lol Could a change with my WMs into an attack duty maybe turning them into inverted wingers be also an option? Or is it more defensively sound to change the CM on attack as you suggested?
  2. I'm managing Everton on a FM17 save (have not upgraded my machine to play FM18 and 19) at the moment and I've set up my side as this: P(a) DLF(s) BBM(s) AP(a) BBM(s) DM(d) WB(s) CD(d) CD(d) WBS(s) Im going with Flexible-Standard with More Pressing and More Direct as TI's. I put may AP(a) in the CM position so he can fulfill defensive duties whilst being my creative outlet, something that I think would be hard if I placed him in the AM position. Im interested in your thoughts on possible weaknesses espescially on my midfield set-up. To add, I was also experimenting with a counter-attacking strategy in the form of: DLF(a) WM(s) RPM(s) WM(s) DM(d) DM(s) FB(s) CD(d) CD(d) FB(s) Well this isn't your typical 4-2-3-1 set up as ive put the wingers and attacking midfielder to the m r/l strata and cm strata respectively. I'm using Structured-Counter with Be More Disciplined TI on this strategy. The couple of games I've used it I've been solid defensively but I can't seem to counter-attack efficiently as goals were coming in from long shots or set pieces. I've put the DLF(a) as a AF(a) or P(a) to make him my primary goalscorer but it seemed like he was just too isolated at the top. I was also thinking of maybe putting the RPM(s) to a CM(a) to offer another option up top when we can set up a counter or change the DM(s) to RGA(s) to add another body running in the middle. Maybe put my wingers on an attack duty? Obviously, I'm having a hard time coming up with a definite solution so if you guys can give your two cents it will be much appreciated. Sorry if this is a long post and thanking you guys in advance! Cheers!
  3. It's been weird but initially I was looking up to Pep Guardiola as a manager but I've shifted in favor of Jose Mourinho. Maybe I've gotten old (lol) or maybe because recently I've been studying about defensive and counter-attacking systems and gained huge respect for the amount of preparation and tactical insight a side needs just to "park the bus".
  4. Hello guys! I've been lurking on and off at the forums for a while now and just decided to register since I'm starting to play FM more "seriously". Hoping people here are open to answering questions from newbies like me. Thanks!
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