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  1. Hello! I really admire the Football Manager series since I am able to play video games and the thing I like most is the big amount of realism in the series. But the last years I recognized something strange and annoying. It is about the average amount of goals that is scored by the AI. Has anyone else noticed this phenomenon? Let's see what I mean. In my game for example (season 3), Belgian champions Club Brugge scored 52 goals in 30 matches (1,73 per match), while the number 2 RC Genk scored 36 en number 3 35 goals. This is roughly one goal per match. When I take a look at the real life Belgian competition I see three teams (#4 Anderlecht, #5 Sint Truiden en #8 KAA Gent) that score roughly two goals per match en two teams (#1 Club Brugge and #2 RC Genk) with rougly 2,5 goals per match. A huge difference! In a lot of other different competitions you see this happen in game. I don't like the fact that top teams in real life (Juventus, PSV, Ajax, Bayern Muenchen, Zenit) score a lot, and I really mean a lot of goals every year in real life, but in FM 19 and in other games they hardly can get 1,5 to 2,0 goals per match. while in real life the percentage of scored goals is more like 1,9 to 3,0. One part stands out: sides like Barcelona, Real Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain come usually close to realistic average amount of goals per match. My questions to you guys are: do you notice this as well in all of your games and does it annoy you and could Sports Interactive adjust to this situation, for example in their next patch? Because FM stands for realism and always has provided in my opinion, but the thing I pointed out above is an important example of non-realistic gameplay compared with the real life football world.
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