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  1. Something wrong is with installing new faces and logos after last update i think. I added new faces and don`t see them. Reloaded skin, delete all inside cache folder (also that one in android\data). Old faces are ok but new one are missing. Here: https://fmmobile.net/2018/11/23/fm19-mobile-standard-faces-packs/ they said that is a bug in new verion: "Since the Reload Skin option is currently bugged, you will need to android/data/football.manager.games.fm19.mobile/files/installed/application_support/sports interactive/football manager 2019 mobile/normal/caches/fmhi_*SkinSize*_skin.skc (delete the .skc file then restart device). this is a SI problem hopefully it will be fixed in future patches." But i don`t have this file in a folder :-( I am sure that i have proper pack for mobile version of the game And new logos looks like this:
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