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  1. Team Talks- Have 'Positive' 'Neutral' and 'Negative' options to prevent the use of ambigious comments (particularly "Want you to play like this every match). ie, Positive- Brilliant Performance Good Perfromance Well Done Sensational etc. Neutral- Satisfied with performance (please, please, please include this) Sympathise Result was OK etc. Negative- Angry Embarassment Performance was a disgrace Disappointed etc. Have International Clearences prevent a player from playing. Happens occasionally in RL, ie, Player A can't play for Club Z due to having not recieved International Clearance (eg If they are signed on a matchday) Next Team Scout Report Injured Players- What injury they have, ie Player A (Hamstring), B (Calf), C (Knee) or why they are unavailble Player D (Suspension), E (Cup-tied) etc. Possibly have the teams last 5 results in the league and a points total from the last 5 games Team A 2-0 Opp Opp- 4-1 A A 2-2 Opp A 0-1 Opp Opp 1-2 A 7/15 Points in the previous 5 League Games. (Possibly have) Climbed/Dropped X number of places in last 5 games. Fairly vague, but you get the point.
  2. Nothing big, just a minor thing. A player being inelegible (sp?) due to having no International Clearnace. For example, you sign a player on Match-Day and they can't play because they haven't received international clearance. Happens in real-life quite often.
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