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  1. So just to provide some feedback on developments with this - I had been praising good performance in training already, and form after matches when prompted by my Assistant manager when I was seeing the above problem. Based on the advice above I did the following: I praised the 2 leaders in my squad, identified based on the Dynamics Hierarchy, for their conduct (I made a note against the player of when I did this so I can refer back to this and ensure I do not over do it). I also praised the conduct of the players in the squad with the top avg form for their conduct. After a match, I also pick anyone who had a top form rating for the last match (typically when this is showing in a Green highlight) and praise them for this after the game. Already the managerial support is showing as Average so its moving in the right direction! and I am showing as having strong relationships with several Players! Thanks all for the guidance with this!! Hopefully it means I get to keep my job :0)
  2. Ah!.... maybe that is the issue. I have praised a fair few players for their performances and training etc. Though considering that all the players excluding 2 are listed in the Other group for the Hierarchy - the other two are influential players - I guess this is not a team that is easy to influence. I've also realized a lot of them do not like the training they are getting as its lacking specific sessions or is too much in other areas (strength for this squad). Ok... I will have to try and praise the 2 influential players and see if this has a positive impact!!! Thanks for the reply!
  3. Ok can anyone shed some light on this as its starting to drive me a little insane! I started a new game as an American Born Coach, I started unemployed and managed to get the job of Barcelona B Coach after their previous coach had basically been sacked leaving them to 19th place and from 19th I've won 15, lost 7 drawn zero - scored 30 for and 18 against jumping all the way up to 5th. The conditions of my contract were - battle bravely against relegation which so far I have done. From the Dynamics side of things my Manager is advising that: Dressing Room Atmosphere is Very Good Match Cohesion is Good But Managerial Support is Very Poor. 90% of my team talks have most players reacting well to them, I've praised players when they do well in training (one i over praised so I stopped doing that with him!). Nothing I do seems to improve managerial support and the reasons given are: Failing to impress a number of players with your performance as manager (I have a win % of 68% + 12 goal difference) Failing to positively influence a number of players Why do I have such a poor rate for Managerial support? Is it just down to my lack of Rep? (10%) I do have an adaptability of 4 so I assume that works against me? Though I am fluent in Spanish now! I cannot see any way to influence this? Surely winning helps? Anyone have any guidance, docs they can point me to etc!?!?!
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