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  1. Vega09

    FM19: Olympique Lyonnais

    Ive started a new game with Lyon and going well so far. I'm playing a 4-2-3-1 as in the screenshot. I may play around with 4-3-3 and see how Fekir gets on in the AP-A role In terms of backups there doesn't seem to be a natural backup for Tousart within the squad, apart from Ferri who I will look to sell. Caqueret looks more suited to be a DLP with his physical stats. Or have you been able to retrain him as a BWM? Scouting around most of the DM's I have seen are also best suited as a DLP, do you have any recommendations?
  2. Vega09

    FM19: Olympique Lyonnais

    The squad looks really good, loads of good young players, I'm quite tempted to give them a go soon! Any recommendations for CB's as that appears the weak link in the squad? And do you think it would be possible to get someone like Pavard to move to the club?
  3. You're very welcome! It's been very informative for me and given me a much clearer idea of what to look out for to achieve my style of play. Unfortunately due to work I am struggling to spend much time with the game but hopefully in the next few days I can dedicate some proper time to it!
  4. Hi, Im not sure whether this is a bug or not, but it does seem very un-life like to me and an overreaction. I was advised to speak with Rafinha as he wanted to leave the club. I did speak with him, offered him a new contract as a staff member which he didn't want. So then as I don't plan on keeping him beyond this season anyway responded as you can see in the screenshot... and his response to this.
  5. Sorry I haven't replied sooner Thanks again for the feedback, I do want a team that is possession focused but not possession for the sake of possession. There needs to be an end result. I haven't had much opportunity in the last day or so to play the game so I need to give it a go and see what happens and if the space behind the midfield is getting exploited I will make some tweaks.
  6. Thanks for the feedback and advice. I think it is helping and hopefully I am now seeing how things link together. I have decided that i would like to build around Rodriguez, he is one of my favourite players. So this is the setup which i will try out for a little bit. I have moved AP(S) to the right wing so it should be better for Rodriguez, he is left footed and his right foot is just reasonable. AML is an IF(S), this will mainly be Coman and Ribery playing here, both right footers providing passing options when they cut in and support the DLF. The midfield is slightly different as I have changed the Mez(S) to a CM(A). I have him on the side of the AP(S) so hopefully they wont get in each others way and will provide a passing option. I imagine as I have a DLF(A) upfront that maybe he wont be running past the opposition defence, instead providing a late runner into the box, maybe? The DR is a FB(A) to provide a wide passing option for the AP, the DL is a WB(S) to provide some width there when the IF cuts in. I have selected Counter Attack, dropped the LOE and upped the tempo. Have I done anything stupid?
  7. Thanks, I now see the reasoning for changing the role to a support role. It makes sense not to have 2-3 players in the same space getting in each others way, In a way I think I am trying to shoehorn James Rodriguez into my team and struggling to see which position works best for him. Also I do like the idea of a playmaker in the final third trying through balls and having the licence to do something creative which was my thinking around the Treq., possibly AP(S) would be a better fit though if it doesn't have such an attacking mentality and allows more time for other players to get forward.
  8. Thanks for the responses and advice It looks like I need to have a think about whether I want so many roles that focus running behind opponents, I'm thinking that it probably isn't what i am looking for. I want a bit of pace and penetration but not everyone running forward madly so more roles in support may be better. Why would you not have a Mez(A) in a possession style formation? Would switching to Mez(S) help or is maybe moving to a different role entirely such as CM(S) a better fit? The reson for choosing it was to get one of the midfield 3 moving forwards and getting into the box. I hadn't thought about the implications of what happens when I change the AMR role to IF(A) or RMD, I will have a look at that. I assume at the bare minimum I need to change the FB(A) to a support role when that happens. Also I was playing with the idea of a Trequarista for the AML role, but I am not sure it fits in with the rest of the approach either.
  9. Hi, I'm new to FM and so I've started a game with Bayern Munich to get to grips with it. I am currently finding that with my current formation & player roles that I'm not creating as many chances as I would like, and I'm struggling to break down defences which have a lot of men behind the ball resulting in a lot of long shots. Can anyone give me some advice or things to look for to help with this? My current formation is 4-3-3, I am fairly happy with the defence and midfield setup but I think the issue lies with the front 3 and making sure they get enough support. Lewandowski is currently injured so Muller is playing as the DLF(A). When Robben comes on the AMR role changes to IF(A) and if Muller were to be playing there the role would change to Raumdeuter. The AML position stays as AP(A) whether it is Rodriguez or Ribery playing there, I think both their attributes suit the role. I have considered playing 4-2-3-1 but I would really like to get Thiago, Goretzka and one of Tolisso or Sanches on the pitch. Thanks in advance for any help