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  1. Ok I will try tomorrow since I didn't have too much time today and I have a transfer window and wanted to sell some players "new way" by offering them to the countries that I choose - didn't saw that option since they told me on forum here where it is;P I made a quick simulation while I was doing food for tomorrow, here are the results from Barcelona game down : But I thought you said CDs - stopper, so I put them that way, I will try tomorrow with defend
  2. Ok that was the answer I wanted to get Thanks
  3. No I meant like you have the same player call him John and you will put him as CM with like dribble more, shot more, more risky passes and if you put him with different role that has that some of this option set and you can't change them and the rest u will set manually so its like : John at CM have same options 100% the same (that you set - dribble more, more risky passes shot more) like in another role (that was set by the game and the rest u set manually) but it's different role just with the same setting will he play the same ?
  4. If you have a player with some role and he have things set (on green) that u can't change them for example like mezzala, but you will take player that have not set any and you will set it the same but he will be in different role, but at the end with same settings (PI) how will he play ? 100% the same because PI are the same or different because the name of his role is different ?
  5. LukasZ_VCF

    Income from sponsors

    In game there was already set that I will move to a new stadium in 2021 and I did and I got this Stadium 20mln / year money that is on a screen..is it like for the name or something and will happen only once because the stadium is new or it can be extended ? Is there a way to get more sponsors offers like for playing away matches with different weird country clubs or buying players from not well known nation ?
  6. LukasZ_VCF

    club owner

    Yes I know but it's just pop out in my mind while I was reading it and didn't want to create new topic I was accumulated money before and he didn't gave me anything...and now I changed my press conf. options to like more negative ones about chairman and about only signing young players and not spending more money and he gave me so much, I wonder if it was about this options that make him to do that or if he will give it anyway... because through 3 seasons I had to earn money that adds to transfer budget from selling players
  7. so how much CA can improving weak foot take ?
  8. LukasZ_VCF

    Some observations

    I will check later when I get home but I am sure I have max numbers of traits of players that are not in the same mentoring group
  9. LukasZ_VCF

    club owner

    About owners I play Valencia and owner is not investing money into the club, he wants me to sign young players and train them, and I always were choosing option that we agree on everything and its good that someone so ambitious is in charge, but lately I was choosing something like that I am not sure if he cares about a club etc and in other I choose that we will have at some point start to spend more money on players and now in 1st of December he gave me all the money and a little bit more even than that on transfer budget Might it be the effect of this options that I started to choose ?
  10. LukasZ_VCF

    How to sell players

    I know thanks I will try this evening when I get home to offer than to clubs that I will choose I wonder if someone will pick up an interest
  11. LukasZ_VCF

    How to sell players

    Yea but sometimes it's better to have less money than to have more but pays salary for like 3 years left etc I always calculate how much I will have pay until the end of the contract and if it's worth it
  12. LukasZ_VCF

    Some observations

    Yea it's too much they are so random and so many of them after 4 seasons like max.number that they can get... I have players full of them ;/ I was setting the mentoring groups like goalkeepers, central defenders, side defenders, defensive midf., central mid, attacking midf. wingers, strikers and even like centr. midf. 2 if I put there players like 1 with high determination or with good personality to teach players with worst. I though it would be the only way it would be transferred except of training it manually, but it seems they can just get it random from other players
  13. LukasZ_VCF

    How to sell players

    So on that screenshot you were able to offer player to club that is not even interested because there is like 0 bids made and 0 clubs interested