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  1. You can save your game with different names like 1st season end, 2nd season end etc to be able to check the games from the start of your save I think the game is keeping last months only that you can play again the replay and that's it...
  2. I am in 2024 at my save with Valencia and I still use Origi now as a bench player /2nd first eleven and when he plays he score a lot even with not that great stats. Why did u sold him so fast? I sell everyone at like 30-32 and still get a lot of money
  3. I have now 2x4gb 2400mghz, CL 17 Hynix I think... I could buy Kingston HyperX 2x8gb 2400mghz CL 14 But PC and laptop components are not the same so maybe that's why and PC also can use graphic card rams?
  4. How much RAM memory is using your computer when you are simulating FM 19 ? I have 8gb and it says that notebook is using 6,1GB and 1,9 is free something like that... I wonder if someone have more RAM and FM is using more or is it max that it can use ...
  5. how the value of your players looks like now? is it increasing?
  6. I am in 2024 right now so maybe it changed a lot after winter update because on my save he is way worse
  7. So basically in country like that your best players value will not go much higher? 3mln pounds for player like that is like nothing... ;/ Are top clubs trying to buy them ? or because they are not well known and they don't scout you often they don't see them ?
  8. Until you will be building great team to try to win something and they will steal your player in January just for the rest of the season with quarter finals etc ;D
  9. Have you tried to get Origi for free? There is so many players with contract ending every season it is good to take them and even if they will not play that good to sell them and make profit
  10. Ok I am at home right now and I checked how is it in 2024 but I started the game in November so it might be different after winter update of attributes etc Milan Skriniar from Inter he is playing at Real Madrid on my save now
  11. Yes but from what I see in this manager (didn't play others since like 2012) when you have more attacking tactic you have much better results and when you are trying to defend or you have more defending tactic you get a lot of draws etc. I wonder is there on forum really good tactic which is more like focused on solid defense first?
  12. OK I thought you want one of them to be offensive and the other one more defensive and the LB would be better in offensive job than RB. So you want to have more power on the right wing with winger and RB, mezzala going on that wing and IF going to the middle ? but what about LB wouln't it be good to make him more offensive to go to the space of "IF" when he will go to the middle ? Because there will be like no attack using left wing ?
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