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  1. I had to pay him max salary 8.9mln PLN so it would be like 2mln pounds++ and 90mln PLN for signing the contract ~~21mln pounds to keep him and something like 2,5mln pounds for the agent For player who have: loyalty and professionalism 17 &17 and sporting behavior 16 and is playing as key player in my team from the start while when I simulate and let him go he was going to City for less than 1mln pounds contract and less than 9 mln signing fee...so what is wrong with that.... Meanwhile I wanted to buy Gomez, Arnold from Liverpool and he wanted to join my club and Liverpool was making a promise to them that the next fee will be accepted but their morale didn't move at all since like 2 seasons I am trying to offer again and again huge amount like 2x or more their value and they want to join, they are promised that offer will be accepted and morale doesn't drop but for me it is dropping like to tragic... My club is with highest reputation now and the league too...
  2. So how many CUP's there is ? and with good or weak opponents?
  3. I am wondering how it is playing with foreground sugar daddy with so small club after few seasons Is 4 mln Euro much more than the rest of the teams have in the league ?
  4. Is there a way to check to be sure if it is worth it to buy 16GB( 2x8gb) ram so the game would be faster? I mean if now it is taking all of it or if it would allow to use more?
  5. In 2028 and with Arsenal one of the top teams don't you have so good players that you can be more offensive?
  6. What about clubs like Lausanne, Leiria or Larne with foreground sugar daddy? Anyone tried to get them to the highest level and try to win CL? I wonder how it works, will they with increased reputation give more and more money ? Can they leave like after 10-15 seasons because they are too old or something?
  7. So the best regens didn't want to join your club? What about keeping the best players were you able do do that or you had the choice to sell them or let them leave for free because they didn't want to negotiate? So you can't make them that big like Barcelona, Real, Chelsea, Juventus etc?
  8. I wonder if on yours saves Barcelona is buying a lot of Central Defenders too ?
  9. But all of the are so far away from the keeper and last defender
  10. But in game is it set to make some controversy decisions too in some % ? In this situation Paradizo scored a goal with a head and referee said it was offside there was no replay of game showing offside lines etc after that and the goal was scored right way and I had a lot situations where the lines are just somewhere else shown not like the last players etc
  11. Well I am playing with Valencia too and I am in 2023 and from what I saw the highest reputation of the club the higher value of players. After you win CL or like after quarter finals the value increase a little and then when you win increase a little too and then in new season decrease in like August.... Now If I will take player with low value and I will be playing him in first team his value increase quite fast so I can sell "weak" player for good money it will cost me the slot in the team... But I can't reach value higher than like 70-72mln of any player and in England even if it is weaker league right now and with club with weaker reputation they still are worth more I am wondering why;/ I had players like Mina with 3 stars worth almost 70 mln and I had better players(higher stats) 5 stars on the same position worth the same... So probably success + game time+rep of the club = current value
  12. Mee to physical + passing, crossing sometimes
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