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  1. My guess for this would be that it affects training and youth development? But other than that I would have no clue.
  2. Did they fix the problem where created players with medium hair length selected would show up as bald when playing a game?
  3. Hey guys, I loaded up the new editor to start making the rosters my own, and there are a lot of changes it seems this year. So I was thinking that as people figure out what some of these new features are, that they could post it in this forum. To me this editor does not preliminarily appear to be a clone of the FM 20 pregame editor. Also if this is a dumb idea feel free to delete this post. This forum I think is the right place for something like this. Edit: The new features (at least at the time when I checked) did not have their description under them when I hovered
  4. For the FM 21 pregame editor, does anyone know what peak potential ability does? And how it is different from the potential ability range? (Sorry if this is the wrong place for this question)
  5. My personal idea is pretty similar to a bunch of other ideas. I do think there should be some sort of Generational Player tag, which would allow player attributes to exceed the maximum by x amount, which would help there to be some players who can actually reach 170+ points without having to fiddle with the team tactics. This would be indicative of there being another player like Gretzky or Lemieux. I also think making it so these players would only give performance ratings of 9.0+ which would once again guarantee certain scoring levels by these players.
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