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  1. If it's not possible maybe a 3 in the back formation could work
  2. Wow thank you very much! I believe playing wide and moving the ball from one side of the wing to the other through short quick passes is best. But gawd I've been away so for long I dont remember much and looks like a lot has been added since fm12
  3. Hello! I'm a returning player from FM 2012. I've been playing PES since it's Winning Eleven series and throughout the years I have developed a formation and tactics that fit my playing style. It's a tactic I came up with, which was heavily influenced by Guardiola. The tactic I use is a in-between of Guardiola's MAN City tactics & Thiago Motta's 2-7-2 tactics. Please help me recreate this tactic please as I am out of touch since FM12 My formation at first glance: A normal 4-3-3 system, however... On the ball: Team plays high possession and high up the pitch same as Guardiola
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