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  1. Can you please this? The above post from me is with the attached tactic. 4231KnapTweakedbyPar1s.fmf
  2. Till now I’m not facing any problem with the partition and it’s very easy to do it. I’m not a tech freak. For now I’m happy because I can play my favorite game.
  3. I play the game on MacBook Pro early 2015 with Catalina and I have had many problems with the performance. Finally I install on a partition the Mojave and the performance now is normal like FM19 and previous versions. I think the problem with the performance is the macOS Catalina.
  4. Can you tell me which version of macOS you are running? I'm asking cause on Catalina I had many problems with the game such as freezing, sticking etc and I install on a partition the Mojave and the game running smoothly.
  5. My team is Olympiakos from Greece and on my second season I went to Europa League semi final. Feel free to check the tactic and suggest what ever change you want. I.e. on my third season I’m planning to change the WB’s from Attack to support. FYI the tactic is already uploaded also in this site. FM20WULFKnap4231Tweaked.fmf
  6. I will upload it on the thread “tactics from around the world”. Is this ok?
  7. Few minutes ago I upload on discord a tweaked version of knap’s 4231. Can you please run a test? FM20WULFKnap4231Tweaked.fmf
  8. Which 4231 formation you use? I use 4231 with PF and I change the mentality to positive and It seems to be working good.
  9. Hey mate. I just drop the DL by 2 notch, and the LOE by one and the mentality from attacking to positive or balance depending the next game. My team is not good as I manage Olympiakos FC from Greece but with these tweaks I get a draw away on Man Utd which is very very good result. The tactic is 4231 formation with PF.
  10. The one with PF. The tweaks till now is dropping the DL and LOE.
  11. I think you are wrong. I use now knap’s 4231 formation with minor tweak and it works ok.
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