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  1. No, you are not the only one. Same problem I faced also weeks ago. Seems to be problem with the MacOS. I try for a while the public beta with the latest Mojave version and the game running better.
  2. Any news about the release date of 19.3.5 version?
  3. Ok then. I will download it ASAP and I will post again what happened.
  4. Yes, i know that and also i don't want to download the Beta version as i play an online game with a friend and this guy is not able to download the public beta as he bought the game without this feauture.
  5. Hello everybody. Since last week I returned to my MacBook Pro and I faced problem with lag on the game. The lag is coming everywhere. I saw that you are working on a minor update. When you are planning to release it.
  6. Ok FM 17&18 I don’t have this problem. First time now on FM19 appears to me.
  7. Same problem here. I play an online game with my friend and when we facing each other suddenly after a red card or a substitute the game doesn’t respond until one of us leave the save.
  8. I have the same problem on an online game with my friend. We run an online game and when it’s time to play against him the game stuck almost all the times on about 60 minutes of the game. We are now on 2020 and we facing many times this fact. I repeat that the game stuck only on our game.
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