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  1. @ardat Parisienne Walkways All cups, Parisienne Walkways Skew, TeaForOne, BlackEcho.
  2. @ardat you have pm. Έχεις προσωπικό μήνυμα.
  3. @juvito2k & @SavetroN both of you please try the ParisienneWalkways AllCups.
  4. For how long did you use the ParisienneWalkways? I have played with the same tactic for long time with Bolton, Arsenal, Chelsea, Barcelona, Dortmund, Porto, PSG, Olympiakos with great success. During my play with Olympiakos on online game with two friends of mine, I lift the CL in the second season. All my opponents always says that my team plays very nice football and the goals are coming from everywhere. Striker, wingers, shadow striker gets always two digits numbers of assist and goals. You can't get those numbers form corners or free kicks only, for sure. The possession average is more than 50% but less than 60% so I believe its good enough for someone is looking on.
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