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  1. Currently in Vanerama League South, works wonders, just make sure you have quick central defenders, the full backs push up and move into the middle when you are near the edge of the opponent's box and long ball counter-attacks can burn you. Also, find a good set piece guy, makes all the difference in the lower leagues. Striker/AMC isn't a big deal, quick DCs, good dribbling ML/MR and a good set-piece man. Should be enough to get through the lower league, especially non-league.
  2. Battlemaster is more beautiful to watch as well, better build-up play, but also looking for that through ball! Love it, currently in non-league football and working a gem, beat premiership opponents in the 3rd round of the FA Cup and just lost 2-0 to a full strength Man Utd side in the 4th Round, very impressed.
  3. Should always do individual training, you need the players to improve on things related to your tactics, rather than the ast. manager laying them out willy-nilly.
  4. Ah thank you! Thought I was going mad, the layout of the tactic messed with my OCD anyway
  5. Can't see the inside forwards tactic under the OP. Am I being blind?
  6. Hard to say, I did find certain players play better, even if their stats are worse. Not sure if I'm miss reading a stat or hidden stats or traits but I have an AMC who shouldn't make my squad but is fantastic in the role. Just don't be afraid of trying lesser quality players, also I seem to do better with a striker playing left midfield as most of the action goes down the right side.
  7. Are you training as described and remove harder tackling when someone is booked etc? Following the ideal attributes? I've been playing less valued players, just because their tactic related stats are better. Haven't had trouble at the back, just have lots of shots on goal but not many goals but that's the AI rather than the tactic!
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