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  1. I would disagree with you man,the advice on these forums and any forums really are fantastic. Rashid and his Bust the Net series on YouTube has been an absolute godsend for me, as is Tea and Busquets. I feel your frustration I really do, but your setting yourself up for a fall with the negativity. Don't focus on the limitations of FM, focus on the advantages and the sheet amount of tools you have at your disposal. Remember, advice is advice and it's meant to be taken as a guide for you to implement. I think your focusing too much on limitations rather than what is in front of you and it's impacting you're enjoyment but I honestly can't agree with you saying the advice is hollow because it really isn't when put into practice.
  2. I have played every version of FM even back in the Championship Manager days and I would say with the past 3 iterations of the game, I had the same mindset as you OP. I was so frustrated at the game from tactics to players to transfers. I found myself saving before every game and reloading when I didn't win. Looking back at that, where is the fun in that? I began to appreciate Football Manager by playing Dark Souls. Every game I played I would win with ease until I met Dark Souls and it gave me the beating of a lifetime. I refused to succumb to it. I adapted to the enrmies, learnt their strategies and every boss battle was a hard earned victory. It dawned on me one day "why am I not doing the same with Football Manager?" I went back to Football Manager this year and I haven't had this much enjoyment playing in years. My ego used to hate losing but now.. as much as I still hate it.. I have the tools at my disposal to find out WHY I've lost in order to correct those mistakes. Recently in my Man United Dave, we got beat by Tottenham 2-1 in our opening match. I looked at the match in detail noticing little small errors we were making and for our match against Arsenal, I slightly tweaked my set up and we beat them 4-2. Just persevere with it and take your time. With this year too I have found everything much more accommodating compared to previous versions.
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