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  1. Thank you! loved how team played and 66% percent posession was great. Also, I think amavi could be better as wing back - support, why did you selected him as wb- d?
  2. I changed it to narrow. Yes, you're right. I re-played the the match and won 3-0 with the new tactic. I draw 1-1 with the old one but I know one match is not enough.
  3. thank you very much for your feedback. really appriciated. I was probably mistaken when I said I want to dominate possession, I want a high tempo passing football with pleasing football. I changed b2b to carrilero, dlp-d to dm-d, removed pass into space. Also, changed defensive width to standard. I was having success with my other tactics when I defend narrower so I thought that might be useful in this tactic too. Lastly, changed mentality to balanced. I'll see how it works. What I want to achive is to see my team plays a pleasing football, similar to vertical tiki taka. Thanks again.
  4. Hello first of all, I want a tactic that dominates the possession, creates CCC's and also defensively consistent. Influenced by Sarri's Napoli side. However, I concede lots of goals, even when defensive line is standard. I'm open to your suggestions.
  5. Çok teşekkür ediyorum, deneyip size geri döneceğim.
  6. Hello, first of all this is my first post so if anything is missing I'm sorry for that. I'm playing Football Manager games for 10 years and I played it in my native language Turkish. However, this year's translation is very bad and I change it to English and it is definetly more authentic. My porblem is that I used to see players attributions in profiles with Turkish alphabetical order and I'm having trouble with English alphabetical order. Is there anyway to edit English folder to translate only the player attribution names to Turkish and see the attributions in Turkish alphabetical order?
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