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  1. True! My fav coach landed a mid-season appointment as Level 10 Manager and took them to promotion. Was hoping to play them in a Cup sometime in the future or get the club as an affiliate.
  2. I end up going other direction and try give 2/3 year contract, as it hurts too much when I put them through 2-3 courses.. only to get poached for $1-2k compensation 😂 Had a wonderful HOYD on paper, Professional personality, Pref 4-4-2, Working with Youth, Judging Potential, still got awful intakes. My Youth Training, Recruitment, Academy all poor. Unfortunately doubt will be able to improve facilities without a Cup run. 200 attendance only enough to break even. Half of the fun & satisfaction of a LLM save.
  3. Just started doing this myself. No longer using the Staff Search and retaining my staff over the years. Rather than constantly upgrading each year. Finished my FM21 save and was nice to see Assistant Manager, HOYD and 2 coaches leave at same time. Most of them were a bit younger and did a number of courses over the save. Those courses do cost a fortune as a lower league club. Had a few poached to become Level 10 Managers too.
  4. Haha just holiday for a year until they are playable in Conference North. Looking at my One-Save options for FM22, not bad Home Kit and decent sized Stadium Capacity. Low # of Season Ticket Holders and Attendance looks a fun challenge though
  5. Great summary there. FM21 been my favourite of recent editions. Installed a few of the older versions of FM last night - the ME and ability to play more realistically vastly improved. Agree with the Player Match Ratings unfortunately. My CM (Ball Winning - Def) watching him on Full Match is bossing the midfield, slide tackling & simple passes always gets 6.5-6.8 & a yellow card! Full Backs even worse.. usually 6.0 to 6.5 (fans keep complaining and telling me to drop them, I rotate them, I fine them, I upgrade to best FB's in Division but still struggle to reach 7.0) . Centre Backs, Wide Wingers and most advanced Forward of the two, constantly banging out the 7.0-8.0's.
  6. I'd even be happy if they officially added Tier 7 in England. Suddenly a lot more starting teams to choose from out of the box.
  7. Cheers for the feedback. Agree with it at least being realistic. In my first Level 11 season, managed to get a HOYD with Professional personality, Formation 4-4-2, Working with Youngsters, Judging Potential but Youth Intake were still terrible every year. Found it a bit too easy assembling a Conference Level Staff Backroom, so going forward will only use Advertisements. Just annoying to Terminate current staff to even advertise for an Assistant Manager. (Scouts, Physio's don't waiting mind as much). Yeah I got incredibly lucky with my FM20 save, think he had either Perfectionist/Professional personality to boot. Unfortunately after I left the new Manager played a narrow 4-3-3 and he barely played another game.
  8. Hats off to your guys in Premier League & Championship divisions! Huge effort and dedication. Must be tough going with the reputation lag and low attendances, but incredibly satisfying at the same time. I had a crack with two FM21 saves North Ferriby (Level 10) and Wakefield AFC (Level 11), but just couldn't find the same passion as my FC United save in FM20. I got lucky in that save with a potential League 1 winger in my first intake, who later became captain and single handily took the team to League 2. Have you had any decent youth intakes over the years?
  9. A little bit late to the party, but having played most of FM21 can agree within the Lower League Tiers. Had a Wakefield AFC save starting Level 11 and North Ferriby Level 10. Back to back promotions up until Regional Div and I normally get sacked pretty quick in Conference North/South saves when I go the newly promoted sides! My youth intake quality and staff recruitment (for our level) felt a bit overpowered until hitting around Level 7/8 when things felt like it evened up a bit. Got knocked out the Playoff Final in Penalties after being 2-0 up at 80th min, which was actually brilliant after two successful but rather boring seasons. Also because of the two successful seasons it gave too much of a leg up in terms of board, bank balance and being favoured personnel. Also often the Level 10/11 Teams would be just as dangerous in the Cup competitions. So thinking for FM22, might either go Dafuge Challenge or Level 8 max. I'm just hoping they fix the Staff Advertisements part.
  10. I saw there was a recent post in General Discussion about Lower League this year and Zealand made a YouTube video today, with players (particularly Ambitious, Professional personalities etc.) a lot less willing to join clubs going through divisions and looking where a club has come from. My first save with North Ferriby went straight from Level 10 -> Level 7.. but then couldn't re-sign any of my highly rated young players. 4 of them suddenly had Agents and refused contracts citing that same reason. Club and I were favoured as well, morale high, good league position, but had no luck. Trying a new save with Level 11 Wakefield AFC, having to use unwanted older 30-35 year olds a lot more than usual + U18 for squad depth. Only issue is finding physical attributes dropping off a cliff mid-season.
  11. 3D Extended Highlights - Sideline View. FA Cup matches will go Full Match - Sideline View
  12. I might have to get onboard this challenge as well. Played two seasons with North Ferriby but losing a bit of interest because their reputation and crowds far exceeds the level they start at (even with attribute masking on, restricting new signing via scouts & staff via job centre). These Level 11 club looks like I'll mostly get the sack and lucky to have bank balance in the positive.
  13. Unrealistic as they would never give me the job in real life 😊 Have been FCUtd in FM20 & FM19. Last year had a great save, a little speedy winger that single handedly took us up to top of Conference Nat. I tend to get bored once I get to L1/L2. So keen to start a bit lower this save.
  14. @lionel messi have just made a small contribution. Cheers for the database! Just starting a save in Level 10 with North Ferriby, other club was considering was Bury AFC (couldn't really find a club in Level 11). Last year went FC United, but found their large attendances and only one division from Conference North a bit unrealistic.
  15. Thanks for the heads up and making it even better. I'm only first game into the season and normally do 1-2 saves per version. So might download latest file and fire up a new save today.
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