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  1. I just had to do the same. Started a save with a 33 year old striker, declining physicals, first team status, highest wages at the club, looked like he should do well but just couldn't hit the back of the net. Couldn't sell him or loan him because of his wage demands. Had a offer where I contribute 30%. Now I can play a young kid with potential and free up the wage budget.
  2. Just kicked off a new long term save then, only decent youth prospects are 3 x AMC and 2 x Strikers. Unfortunately I don't play with a AMC. Will need a new HoYD with preference to 4-1-4-1DM. I always seem to get amazing AMC regens attribute wise.
  3. Wow good luck! I've just started my Lancaster City save in the Northern Premier League and have a media prediction of 20th and board expectation to Bravely Fight Relegation. Conference North with the squad, attendance and facilities will be a fun challenge indeed
  4. True, there is nothing better than a youth player becoming a future captain or club legend. I still dabble in the transfer market but now only use scouts or for staff the job centre. Oh wow Cambodia, that's an exciting adventure. I used DanBHTFC's Level 22 database for FM17 and was it amazing. You are lucky you have a club in Level 11, a nice level to start from. Funny enough I've been following a few clubs Twitter accounts, checked out YouTube, google mapping.. just a shame the grounds in FM19 don't resemble anything like 'The Giant Axe'. I tried FC United on FM17 after watching a
  5. That's the good thing about playing further down in the tiers, you can give the good potential kids games and a chance to establish as a 1st choice player. Quite often I find they can even be an impact player off the bench. Ahh that's awesome. I've only been simulating a few seasons to test the databases, so maybe I am skipping the chairman invitation (I hope!). Yeah the mid week games and cups frequency are killer. I have an issue where I don't like selecting players with low condition, so I tend to rotate a lot but noticed most people and the AI will try play best side every single game
  6. Great save you have going here. Interesting to see how Ronnie Wilson develops, tall, strong, good on both feet for 16yr old and decent personality to boot. Shame the laptop died but new machine sounds good. I've spent the last 3 days setting up my save, TheFMEditor Level 10 database, 3D Kits, 10gb facepack, better match balls, can't believe how much more immerse it is (never bothered before). How did you get your U18 side playing in a legit competition? Also was you Manager's initial starting salary way too high?
  7. Think my all nighter will be tomorrow night. Just in the process of downloading logo's, kit's, facepack and the Level 10 database. Have next week off work. So will start up my first save of FM19 and invest in a nice bottle of scotch.
  8. Scum saving always ends up in regret and emptiness. First you will delete your save, next you will uninstall FM19.
  9. Just noticed TheFMEditor announced on his twitter a few hours ago, he has released a brand new Transfer Window Update as of Thursday 10 January 2019. Might be your best bet if you want to start a career shortly.
  10. Yeah I've been following some YouTube creators and their non-league below Conference North/South sides appear to be deadly outside of the box (although maybe these games are on Key Highlights.. and don't show all the poor/missed attempts? I might have to try watching on Comprehensive/Full Game)
  11. You could add auto-sacking feature for save scumming, rage quitting and re-loading of Youth Intakes
  12. With a side predicted to finish at/near the bottom, in debt and awful facilities/small attendances (for it's level) is always good fun too.
  13. I'm finding b2b promotions aren't always a good thing in FM19. A few years of stability and slowly moving up the divisions, can almost be a blessing in disguise if the side/facilities aren't ready for step up. 3rd year in my simulated save, FC United are still in Conference North (went from 18th -> 12th -> 5th).. however with decent attendance of 2,500 (for that level) and cups runs, they now have over 2 million in the bank and a huge wage budget compared to other clubs at that level. Catch is the board are now demanding a minimum expectation of Promotion by Winning the League in th
  14. Thanks for the feedback. I've been watching YouTube videos and holding back.. but have a week off work so might dive into Level 8 or 9 save. After a few months and final patch is released, a final save from the very bottom. ps. what's the deal with U23 and U18 leagues in FM19? I last played FM17 and even the lowest sides were in dedicated competitions, however in FM19 seems Conference and below need to arrange friendlies all year long.
  15. Have any of you guys started your FM19 LLM save yet? I've downloaded and setup Logos (to Lvl 10), SS Kits and 3D Kits (to Lvl 9), latest Transfers/Loans as of 1 Jan. Tested a few years of simulating and reviewing leagues.
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