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  1. Some really excellent analysis of the offensive aspects of Pep’s City. The problem as I see it is that there is next to no analysis of the defensive aspects of their play and the tactic doesn’t resemble City defensively at all and sort of looks like a giant disorganised mess when the team doesn’t have the ball. Would be interested to see greater emphasis on improving this, with focus on realism, rather than just ticking all the most aggressive defensive options and hoping for the best. Keep up the good work - your analysis in the other areas of the tactic/philosophy has been wor
  2. @Cult of Football Manager This is a truly wonderful analysis and is exactly my type of football - the dream topic for me to read about and so pleased to see someone putting such a great effort into replicating this in FM21. I hope you can also delve into the defensive side of Pep’s City tactics and make that aspect just as detailed and realistic as your other excellent work on the in-possession parts of their game. Looking forward with anticipation to see how you implement this in Football Manager terms and whether or not it’s actually even possible to match your excellent analysis w
  3. I won’t be buying the game. It looks like there has been no changes to tactics. Saw a screenshot of the FM21 tactics creator on the Football Manager official Twitter account and apart from an updated description of Defensive Width, there is nothing new. Really POOR effort by SI if this is the case. Disgusting for such an important part of the game. Stuck in last century when it comes to tactics and struggling big time to keep up with modern tactical innovations and particularly a really big ignorance on the complexity of modern defensive schemes. Sadly, FM is now largely seen by many tact
  4. I am becoming increasingly worried and disturbed that there will be no new tactical features in FM21. Will the game AI version of Guardiola’s Man City play like they do in real life on FM21? Will the game AI version of Bielsa’s Leeds play like they do in real life in FM21? Will the game AI version of Gasperini’s Atalanta play like they do in real life in FM21? So many unanswered questions and huge concerns about how realistic and how replicable real life tactics will be in FM21. These are the Number One and only issues that will convince me to buy FM21. But so far I ha
  5. Haven’t seen anything that interests me yet. Waiting to see if there’s any upgrades to tactics and tactical options, particularly defensively. If not, I’ll skip FM21 and wait for FM22. That’s the most important part of the game for me.
  6. Defensive positioning looks absolutely horrendous in the introduction video. If that’s a true representation of the match engine, no thanks. Diabolical. Until they get a heavy dose of realism into that part of the game, I won’t be purchasing the game ever again (unless I get it for free). The match engine needs to actually resemble real football for once - otherwise I’m just not interested in SI’s product as it doesn’t cater to my taste.
  7. Disappointed no new features have been announced yet. Won’t draw any conclusions from that regarding how good/bad the features may be, other than to say I find it annoying and am hoping for some news soon. Not really a fan of marketing executives or sales tactics, I have no respect for that sort of thing. I much prefer and appreciate straight up info and honesty and being kept regularly informed throughout the process, but that’s just my view. In all honesty, this type of behaviour by SI would actually incentivise me to wait longer to purchase the game and pick it up at a bigger disc
  8. Really excellent thread and fascinating concept in general. Very much enjoying your content and insights and totally looking forward to your next post with the team instructions. Thank you for the effort you are putting into this. Hoping for plenty of detail on the defensive side of things as well, which is often overlooked by many when discussing Juego de Posicion. Would be interested to know if you think the left back in your tactic would perhaps be better suited to an Inverted Wingback (Defend) role, to be better connected to the central players with the wide winger on the underlo
  9. Will reserve judgement until the game is released and will try any free demo that is made available before considering a purchase of the full version. Previously been too disappointed with limited tactical options defensively, and a poor match engine generally, to put my faith in the new game from the start, without any major new tactical features to rectify these problems I’ve had with the game not matching my expectations in the past. So will take a “wait and see” approach this time. Hoping for the best but prepared for disappointment.
  10. I won't be purchasing FM21 initially. Will need to see huge improvements defensively with drastically increased, better and more modern defensive options, organisation, strategies and instructions before I'd ever consider buying the FM series again. It's gotten to the point where I can't play the game anymore and I need a break until these issues are rectified and brought into the 21st century of modern football. Unfortunately, current defensive options on FM20 still represent the disorganised mess of 1980's/1990's defending. It sadly bears no resemblance to defending in the year 2020.
  11. Thanks for the update. In all honestly, I've been extremely disappointed with tactics and the match engine for years now so I'm hoping that this area is given a big upgrade and that defending in particular is made a lot more realistic because at the moment it is archaic (nowhere near modern standards or levels of organisation) and looks a total chaotic mess on the pitch. Whether this is fixed or not will determine whether I buy FM21 or not. I just can't justify spending the money to suffer through the same unrealistic tactical replications all over again. I actually prefer CM93/94 at the momen
  12. Decided to try the latest update to see if their had been any improvements to the match engine. Optimistic thinking on my behalf, giving the extreme troubles the match engines has faced over the last 5 years or so. Can't remember the last time I genuinely enjoyed an FM due to constant imbalances and bugs. FM is an immersive game in theory that is sadly nearly always spoiled by a poor match engine. Pretty stunned and disappointed by the extreme lack of central play, through balls and striker/winger movements (runs in behind, dropping off, peeling away, anything remotely dynamic) in establi
  13. FM feels like it’s more about exploiting the match engine than actually creating real-life, realistic tactics. If you observe all of the preset tactics or ones available for download or ones promoted on YouTube, they are all a total mess defensively with their positioning and bear no resemblance to real life tactics (particularly on the defensive side). FM is currently very heavily skewed towards focussing on how players behave with the ball and it seems, at least that’s my feeling, that the defensive side of the game (and how realistic it is) is largely ignored. All of this is
  14. I'd like to see the introduction of defensive styles such as man-oriented zonal pressing, flexible man marking, option-oriented zonal marking such as the kind of thing mentioned in this article: https://spielverlagerung.com/2017/03/05/pressing-counterpressing-and-counterattacking/ Having different options of how to mark when counterpressing, how players should behave differently when they are in forward pressing/midfield pressing or low block pressing situations would also be useful, as would having different options when players are in "ball-near" or "ball-far" situations. Managers shoul
  15. Is there any available literature on how to translate real life defensive schemes into FM? The defending on the pre-set tactical styles is a complete mess that is way off real-life defending so obviously it's going to take some user initiated fine-tuning to get a realistic defensive scheme that measures up to what we see on a real life football pitch. But how do we achieve this? Which combinations of instructions produce which real life defensive movements and strategies? Has anyone written a useful guide regarding this? I've recently re-installed FM20 to give it another go
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