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  1. Decided to try the latest update to see if their had been any improvements to the match engine. Optimistic thinking on my behalf, giving the extreme troubles the match engines has faced over the last 5 years or so. Can't remember the last time I genuinely enjoyed an FM due to constant imbalances and bugs. FM is an immersive game in theory that is sadly nearly always spoiled by a poor match engine. Pretty stunned and disappointed by the extreme lack of central play, through balls and striker/winger movements (runs in behind, dropping off, peeling away, anything remotely dynamic) in established possession in the opponent final third. Doesn't seem to make a difference if you use attack or support duties and regardless of which roles you choose for your front 3, they will just sit extremely narrow and not move at all in the final third. The only thing resembling a through ball in the final third comes in the form of a ball to an outside, onrushing full back for a cross - which would be fine if this wasn't the only form of penetrating attack available to be created; in a dynamic and varied attack, this should be an option, just not the same repetitive one all the time. It seems as though the lack of central play and penetrating through balls in established possession in the final third has gone backwards to the extreme dark old days of the horror that was FM19 - and that is so bad, I couldn't give a worse criticism if I tried. I leave myself scratching my head, wondering why I still bother with this game. The development team really should put a hold on all other features until they finally get a handle on how to create a decent match engine. It is pure utter madness to buy this game straight out of the box anymore and really will require fabulous future match engine reviews and all necessary patches/updates installed before I'd ever consider spending money on this again. At this rate of development, I honestly don't expect this to occur before Football Manager 2030.
  2. FM feels like it’s more about exploiting the match engine than actually creating real-life, realistic tactics. If you observe all of the preset tactics or ones available for download or ones promoted on YouTube, they are all a total mess defensively with their positioning and bear no resemblance to real life tactics (particularly on the defensive side). FM is currently very heavily skewed towards focussing on how players behave with the ball and it seems, at least that’s my feeling, that the defensive side of the game (and how realistic it is) is largely ignored. All of this is a big turn-off for me and whenever I try to return to the game to give it another go, I inevitably end up quitting again, due to these issues. I’ve played the game since the CM Italia 94/95 update days (and that is what I am reverting back to due to frustration with what I see on the FM pitch - it’s so bad I’d rather just view text commentary) so hopefully FM21 will be substantially different. Thanks.
  3. I'd like to see the introduction of defensive styles such as man-oriented zonal pressing, flexible man marking, option-oriented zonal marking such as the kind of thing mentioned in this article: https://spielverlagerung.com/2017/03/05/pressing-counterpressing-and-counterattacking/ Having different options of how to mark when counterpressing, how players should behave differently when they are in forward pressing/midfield pressing or low block pressing situations would also be useful, as would having different options when players are in "ball-near" or "ball-far" situations. Managers should also be able to fine-tune defensive behaviour depending on whether you are close to the sideline or in the middle of the pitch, as well as being able to make configurations surrounding the use of cover shadows. These options should all be configured into "defensive styles" so that the user/manager can simply choose which style they wish to see implemented rather than having to guess the exact best combination of instructions or how far to the right or left you need to push a slider to get the defensive behaviour you want. It would also be great if the preset tactics available to users were of much, much better quality (they are currently a shambles, the positioning of players looks horrible and nothing like real life) and reflected tactical systems of real life managers such as Klopp or Guardiola. That's my suggestions for FM21. Thanks.
  4. Is there any available literature on how to translate real life defensive schemes into FM? The defending on the pre-set tactical styles is a complete mess that is way off real-life defending so obviously it's going to take some user initiated fine-tuning to get a realistic defensive scheme that measures up to what we see on a real life football pitch. But how do we achieve this? Which combinations of instructions produce which real life defensive movements and strategies? Has anyone written a useful guide regarding this? I've recently re-installed FM20 to give it another go after the match engine update and this is the area I am really struggling with (although thankfully no longer experiencing the excessive long balls over the top). Happy to consider any formations, philosophies but a particular area of interest for me would be the defensive tactics seen in these articles, for example: https://thetacticalanalyst.wordpress.com/2016/06/06/bayern-munich-a-mega-analysis/ (need to scroll down to the defensive organisation section) or https://spielverlagerung.com/2016/01/09/atletico-madrid-the-secret-behind-europes-most-solid-defence/?doing_wp_cron=1581909754.1350729465484619140625 or achieving the type of compactness spoken about in this article https://spielverlagerung.com/2015/05/08/tactical-theory-compactness/ I'm not necessarily stubbornly stuck on one idea of a formation or anything like that, just looking to try and develop a realistic, real life defensive scheme with any particular formation, obviously the attacking transition and ball possession phases would need to be compatible but what I'm looking to do is start with the defensive phase first - and then build around that if that makes sense. Any hints, tips, ideas or references to written literature in regards to this would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  5. To be honest, I'm done with the game and am uninstalling now. I've had that many problems and frustrations with it and installed/uninstalled many times. It's just not worth the effort and isn't giving me any enjoyment. Fed up with it and doubt I will ever be back.
  6. Given how diabolical long balls over the top are, SI should also be posting example setups of how to workaround this to help people overcome the problem they are forcing people to put up with due to a substandard match engine.
  7. Defending doesn't appear to be anywhere close to real world modern defensive systems such as those described in this article: https://faja1234.wordpress.com/2016/11/01/modern-defensive-systems/ Or this article: https://spielverlagerung.com/2017/03/05/pressing-counterpressing-and-counterattacking/?doing_wp_cron=1577430282.8653059005737304687500 It makes playing FM unrealistic and undesirable if we are using archaic defensive instructions that bear no resemblance to real world football or defending. SI needs to make massive improvements in this area. There also needs to be more in-game education on how to build a realistic, real-life defensive scheme, rather than rely on the very poor and unrealistic presets. It's extremely embarrassing that defending in FM is reduced to blunt instruments like "close down more", "mark tighter" or "higher line of engagement". Maybe there are combinations of instructions that can combine to produce the modern defensive schemes mentioned in articles above, who knows, but there is no education in-game to describe how you would do this. Perhaps SI needs to include real-life coaching badges in-game to teach us?
  8. I’ve read the sticky and even Rashidi/BustTheNet’s book but neither goes into the level of detail I’m looking for unfortunately. Thanks for the suggestion though! 👍
  9. I see what you mean and that’s a good option I guess. I think I’m just someone who wants full immersion, but I want to understand what I’m doing, which I have no clue about with regards to training at present. If there was accompanying documentation on how to periodise training throughout the season and really get the most out of it, without relying on an assistant, that would be ideal. I wouldn’t want to see the training features simplified as I think they are realistic (which is what I think the aim should be). I’d just love more education for people like me who have never run training in real life or periodised training across a whole professional football season before. I’d like to learn but there seems few options for that at present. Not a criticism at all, just feedback on how I feel about it just now. Cheers. 👍
  10. Really good game, marking and defending is a lot more realistic now in terms of how you see them defend on the pitch. It’s really improved a lot. This is the first time I’ve felt able to play the game in years as the unrealistic defending in previous versions was game breaking for me and caused me to uninstall. I like the Development Centre, Club Vision and things like Mentoring. All steps in the right direction. I do find Training extremely daunting and I have no idea how to construct schedules or how to determine if the schedules I create are any good or not. I have no idea how to periodise or structure training holistically across an entire training calendar and full season. Incredibly daunting but don’t want to leave it to my assistant as I want to maximise training results and development. In all honestly, unless there’s some good free guides out there on how to really make the most of training, I’ll probably skip this year’s game as well despite improvements in other areas of the game. For the record, I really like the training module, it’s just too much for me to get my head around without good documentation on how to make good schedules and how to properly periodise training the best way throughout a season. Just my honest thoughts. Thanks.
  11. Hello, I'm looking to set up a specific search filter, whereby I find all the players on my shortlist who do not fill the following criteria (I'm trying to do this using one big filter rather than individual filters for each Media Handling Style/Personality): - Media Handling Style is not Reserved, Unflappable, Evasive or Level-Headed OR - Personality is not Model Citizen, Model Professional, Professional, Driven, Determined, Charismatic Leader, Born Leader, Leader, Iron Willed or Resilient In other words, select players if any of the above is not true. I can't seem to get my head around how something like this would work (with the "and/or/is/is not" functions) so thought I'd ask for help. Thanks.
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