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  1. I disgaree. Playing on Attacking still gives the ability to replicate a similar style. If you reduce the mentality too much then it's just sideways and backwards passes and the AI bunkers into it's own box and you never break them down. Lots of 1 - 0, 0 - 0.
  2. I've read a lot of people having issues scoring and it's just a lot of back and forth passing. Increase you mentality if you aren't getting forwards passing. I only ever play on Attacking or Very Attacking now. You can still get 60%+ possession with lots of short passing but you also get players willing to throw in early crosses or play more balls into space.
  3. Try playing wider and with a higher tempo to upset the structure of the defence.
  4. you just need to add a few sessions to for that unit in your training schedules. Usually the goalkeepers will complain first.
  5. When only one type of goal is being scored yes. I'd prefer to be scoring goals via passes through the lines or quick interplay in the opponents box / just outside it. None of that happens and it's simply a cross to score or a cross to a knock down and then a long shot goal.
  6. As the title suggests. Having issues scoring different types of goals. Mainly around passes to get goals. Everything is from crosses or set plays. Otherwise it's a long shot. I think maybe im pushing too far up the pitch and there is no space to pass into? Any help or ideas? I'm trying to play a pep style game, crosses would be okay if they were cut backs but they aren't. Not sure what to do if theres a game and i havent scored though, what should be changed? Also, Higuain has only scored about 2 of those 44 goals. I can't get my Striker to score anything, nothing
  7. Go and play with Kessie and you will see how dominating physical players are in this ME. Kessie almost won the golden boot for me in my first season with Milan with goals from outside the box. Higuain scored 3 goals all season. I won the title with Milan in the first season thanks to Kessie lol.
  8. With these two leagues having B teams that have different managers and are run as an affiliate. I don't believe you're able to choose the training for the players that play there. How do you guys go about making sure you're running the same training throughout the whole club etc? Do you just move the highly talented youth straight into the first team?
  9. On my save Bayern finished just outside the relegation zone in the first season. Certainly not realistic lol
  10. Key instructions Short / Very short passing Low / Very Low tempo Cautious Mentality High Pressing Build out from the back Distribute to Centre Backs Key attributes First Touch Passing Decisions Vision Composure Technique That should put you on the right path. Like others have said though, you can set a team up to have as much possession as possible but you also reduce your goal threat. There needs to be a balance. One thing i would like to see put into the tactics engine is the ability to change team mentality dependant on position in the pitch. I want a cau
  11. I've noticed when i play against Man City, their play style is a lot better and closer to the real thing than when i actually try to create it haha Some of the through balls that Aguero gets are what i'm trying to replicate and Aguero has no issues scoring unlike my #9 who takes all season to get to 5 goals in a team which tops the league. I use a cautious mentality but like others here have said, when increasing the mentality the midfield plays some balls through the defence but then the rest of the players tend to play some crazy passes that will never hit their target. Higher mental
  12. But still the issue with the striker on that mentality? I was playing as Milan and Higuain scored 9 goals all season with 20 finishing and hardly ever got a chance but Kessie on Mez (S) scored 18 goals.
  13. Attributes not trained will naturally decrease whilst ones that are being trained will tend to trend upwards.
  14. Is anyone having trouble getting the striker to score goals with this style of play?
  15. Great stuff. I not sure if training for a role other than what they will play means they won't play the role they're assigned as good as they should. Is training a specific role in individual section strictly attribute focus?
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