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  1. After cleaning cache and preferences everything now is ok. I have 5 stars in 3D mode. Thank You for all Your help.
  2. I have changed it but there is still 3 stars in 3D mode. Please find a screen.
  3. I give You my dxdiag. NVIDA graphics is selected to FM19. DxDiag.txt
  4. The difference is quite big. 3D in FM19 with only 3 stars has lower details and is slower and shaking a little bit. I have chosen only 2 leagues. Yes I'm comparing it to FM18 which runs very good with complete 5 stars on the same computer...
  5. Yes there is a big difference. The graphic quality is really poor in three stars. @Apostolis_Pap - I had one star too for a short time. I don't know why by FM19 was selected to integral graphic card. Try to change and it should be higher than one star.
  6. I have tried almost everything to solve this problem. On this same laptop in FM 18 I got 5 stars rate for 3D. After installing FM19 I have only 3 stars and it's hard ta watch match in such poor quality. I have tried to download new graphic card drivers or clean cache/preferenses. I made sure that my grapic card is selected to FM 19. Nothing works, still 3 stars..... Any ideas?
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