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  1. Strange that worthy comments are being deleted. SI should understand that overzealous 'mods' can be brand damaging to their community as much as a poor ME can. I've played thousands of hours since FM08, but I fear the community element has passed and it is now just another game made by just another company. SI, it's been emotional, but I'm out.
  2. I sincerely hope a patch is incoming very soon *cough cough* before Christmas. I fear we are going to be stuck with this ME until March. That would be the end of FM for me I'm winning nearly every game at the moment, but there's only so many long balls over defenders then a missed 1-on-1 I can watch.
  3. I enjoyed 19 a LOT more than 20 so far I still have faith in SI to get it sorted. They get a lot of unnecessary grief.
  4. I don't know, was Leicester winning the league realistic?
  5. Hopefully SI give us an early Christmas present with a patch soon I'm currently 2nd in the table with Reading but can't enjoy the game with this match engine. It's so frustrating because it could be brilliant!
  6. Reading mid-season update. We lost 2-1 away at Newcastle in the Carabao Cup 3rd round, despite taking a 1st minute lead. We bounced back with 3 straight wins at home to Fulham (4-0!) and away to Swansea and Bristol City. 3 straight draws followed by a 1-0 defeat at home to Preston dampened my mood as we were 2 points off the top of the table at one point but we dropped down to 5th. 4 wins out of 5 in November saw us back up to 3rd but 12 points behind runaway leaders Leeds who we beat 2-1. December has been a mixed bag with wins against Derby and Birmingham but then drawing with Stoke and losing to bottom of the table Barnsley 23 games played and we sit in 2nd place on 47 points with 14 wins, 5 draws and 4 losses. Leeds are still 8 points clear at the top and, surprisingly, it is Wigan that is pushing us the hardest who are just one point behind us in 3rd place. I'm hoping for some new year consistency!
  7. The cursor has to be absolutely central but off screen to the bottom First sub made between 60 and 65 minutes wherever possible If I'm on a winning run I can't quit the game because said run will end!
  8. I primarily use a cautious 4-1-2-3 DM Wide. I'm useless at posting screenshots so I'll type it the rest My tactical style is a custom route one. In possession: - Slightly more direct passing -Hit early crosses - Play for set pieces - Be more disciplined - Overlap left/right - Higher tempo - Waste time sometimes In transition: - Take long kicks - Distribute to target man - Slow pace down - Counter and regroup Out of possession: - Defend narrower - Lower defensive line - More urgent - Get stuck in - Use tighter marking GK - Defend FB - Support CD - Defend CD - Defend FB - Support DM - Defend DLP - Support Mezzala - Attack IF (L) - Support Winger (R) - Support TM - Support
  9. Quick update on my Reading save. After an unbeaten pre-season, we typically started with a 1-0 home loss to Sheffield Wednesday. Things didn't get much better the week after as we scraped a 1-1 draw away at Hull. Since that sticky opening patch we have been brilliant! QPR (A) Carabao Cup 4-3 win Cardiff (H) 4-2 win West Brom (A) 2-1 win Huddersfield (A) 2-0 win and a first clean sheet of the season Millwall (A) Carabao Cup 1-1 - we won 8-7 on penalties! Charlton (H) 4-1 win Middlesbrough (A) 0-0 Blackburn (H) 2-0 win We currently sit 4th in the league after 8 games with Fulham, Bristol City and Leeds ahead of us. An away trip to Newcastle in the Carabao Cup 3rd round is next up!
  10. It seems to be working very well at the moment. Which season were you sacked? Olise played a couple of times in pre season, I will take a closer look at him, cheers!
  11. I ended my Southend save before it even got going and have now taken charge of Reading. Pre season has just finished and it has gone very well. We started with a 3-0 win over Eastleigh, followed by a brilliant 2-1 win over a very strong Spurs line-up. Next up was a 7-0 away win over Coleraine, a 0-0 draw with Slavia Prague, a 1-0 win away at Sunderland, a 4-0 win against Hungerford and finally a 3-0 home victory against Tranmere. Next up is our first competitive match of the season at home to Sheffield Wednesday. We have only made one signing so far in Tyrell Warren as a back up CB on a free transfer. Our club captain Liam Moore was subject of an £8,000,000 bid from Palace (he is valued at £10,000,000) so I asked for a deal worth £12,000,000 which I thought was reasonable. Palace said no, Moore kicked off and said I priced him out of a move. I told him if Palace bid £10,000,000 I would let him go and he replied I was being ridiculous Hopefully I can keep him happy and maintain a tight knit squad. I am playing a 4-1-4-1 DM Wide. Cautious and direct, very much like Burnley
  12. I've watched Burnley beat Liverpool and Man City after conceding 26 shots and having the lowest amount of possession since Opta records began. Burnley knew how Liverpool were going to play and weathered the storm. While Burnley didn't look particularly good, they won. It wasn't even a case of transitioning quickly, they didn't! Again, it happens! Get over it and try again. A shot is a chance. Eibar took a shot and it went in. Tough luck!
  13. As a Burnley fan, I'm used to seeing us have 2 shots and winning a match with 20% possession, it happens! Hell, last season we beat Fulham 2-1 without having a shot on target due to 2 own goals Your tactic looks very very attacking and it looks like Eibar read it like a book and took their chance.
  14. I've complained about a few issues in the game previously, but I still have faith in SI to get it sorted. People getting unnecessarily aggressive need to think before they post. It's a game. Just a game. A friend of mine died a couple of days ago... when something like that happens it really puts into perspective how unimportant the FM match engine actually is. SI will release a patch, they are working on it. Chill out peace!
  15. Probably in the tactics forum or in the game feedback topic in the general forum (although the shooting in to the side netting rather than passing to a striker just yards away is a known issue, so probably not worth bringing up again) It's the single most frustrating part of the game for me and I really hope SI patch it soon.
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