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  1. There is only one Nvidia shield currently on sale... And it's not the tablet. It's not on sale as Nvidia shield TV, it's on sale as Nvidia shield. The same wording as what's on the site. I'm disappointed, as it should state clearlt that it's Nvidia shield tablet. I get that mistakes happen, but i think someone hasn't done their research when putting up that list. I nearly bought the game... I'm hoping others havent!
  2. I so nearly purchased this game... Very glad I didn't
  3. https://www.footballmanager.com/blog/fm19-touch-device-compatibility-list
  4. That's not what the website says... If so that's frustrating
  5. Bump for this. Just bought a shield. Says fm19 touch is compatible but I can't find it in the play store. Look at steam and the full version of FM is there.... Which version do I get? Heeelp.
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