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  1. В 13 декабря 2018 г. в 06:44, Alex Pitt сказал:

    It's not checking the rule that's the issue. Getting the rule changed and then updating the game takes time, especially on Switch.

    Unfortunately we don't support rules that apply to the players currently on the pitch in FMT, so we need to either increase the number of foreign players you can have in the squad or remove the rule altogether - out of interest which of those options would you prefer?

    Ок, can u make change rule - 8 foreign player in application for a season, this rule announced for RFLP https://tass.ru/sport/4842676

  2. 19 часов назад, indiEE сказал:

    Hi SI,


    Thanks for the switch port!

    I am however having some problems with my B team. I might be going crazy but there doesn't seem to be any option to move a player to the B team, or from the B team to the A team. There IS an option to make A players 'available' for B team, but I can't move them permanently. I can't find anything in the manual about this..

    Team managed - Aarhus Fremad

    Leagues loaded - Danish Superliga, 1. Division, 2. Division

    In-game date - Right at the start

    Whether the game is installed on internal storage or an SD card - Internal

    Use L (button) go to ur B squad, click on player u want to promote, then use R (button) and u got commands menu in right part of screen, then u need to scroll this menu up (its allways open scrolled down), and now u can promote this player to A squad by command.

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