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  1. So, I started a save with Partizan Balgrade, got a good season with winning everything domestically , then most of my staff contracts ecpired (I left them expire because I wanted to bring in new members) . Anyway after that I suddenly found out I have taken control of the Affiliate club's (Teleoptik Zemun) U19 as a Head coach (it's reasonable in some way because the previous head coach have left, but there were enough staff to replace him automatically) . So now I'm in control of two squads , Partizan Senior, and Teleoptik U19, and have to lead the Teleoptik u19 squad trough all their matches , which is really annoying. I have tried to change responsibilities for the Teleoptik U19, also to hire a head coach for them , but the board won't allow me the transfer. Also I don't have an option to change responsibilities for Teleoptik U19 (I have that option for all the other squads: Partizan Senior, Reserves, U19, and Teleoptik as you can see on the picture() . For now I have fixed the problem with going on vacation for a day when the Teleoptik U19 match is on , but that's not a long term solution . Maybe I'm off topic, and this is not a bug, just a coinsidence produced by my activity, but I would like you guys to take a look on it, maybe we can find a solution, or ther is someon else who has a somewhat same problem. Thanks, Zoltan
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