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  1. Interesting, as a Blade I love this concept, good luck!
  2. Tactic working every well, I'm testing with AFC Fylde, do you use any opposition instructions?
  3. Good luck, nice formation Wilder would be proud! Samir Carruthers is a good player for the club and can remain in the side even if you get promotion.
  4. Always manage Dem Blades and looking forward to David Brooks ratings on FM18, that boy will become a star! Love reading this thread. Good work UTB
  5. I am managing Galatasary as well and I was interested to see where you place certain individuals as to their attributes.
  6. Can you please upload, either on here or your site, a screenshot of your first XI?
  7. Incredible tactic that has produced amazing results with a very poor team. This is just one top result my Portimonense side achieved.
  8. I can't wait any idea of the release date or indeed if you'd like any help with testing?
  9. Argh! I can't stand the suspense, when can we have a chance to try this?
  10. Amazing tactic, Version 2, this is my second season, first in the prem and my side contains the likes of Federici, Alex Pearce, Karacen, McAnuff, Kebe, Roberts and top scorer Simon Church
  11. I concede most of my goals in the 6 yard box usually after runs down the wing, ball played in, striker fires it in or gets time to take a touch, turn and shoot. I've also had too many Centre backs sent off. This is how I've used my average squad (which has now won the Premiership with one game to spare):
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