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  1. Wow. How the hell did you manage to sign the Ajax kids so cheap? I literally walked the league in season 1. Skriniar is an absolute beast. Player of the season. Got a bit bored as it was beginning to become a bit easy. Going to try and manage from unemployed just for a challenge.
  2. Started a save with United. Brought in Steve Holland as my AssMan along with supplementary coaches like McGuiness, Rui Barbosa, Mario Cecchi etc. Playing a custom style 4141 DM wide. Team playing well in preseason winning all but 1 game. Good start to the PL to with a 3-0 and 4-0 thrashings of Huddersfield and Newcastle. Chelsea are up next. Regarding transfers, I sold Smalling and Darmian for £16m and £11m. De Ligt was sold to Chelsea after I bid aggresively for him. Damn AI quoted 61m while Chelsea were paying only 46m. Got pissed off and broke the bank for Skriniar for £72m (40m upfront), Tierney for 23m and Saul for 55m. Fellaini already throwing a fit regarding my acquisition of Saul. Planning to discard him in January for the right offer. Best performers so far are Skriniar (worth every damn penny), Tierney, Mata and Sanchez. Pogba has been ok. Trying to build up his fitness. Having problems with the lack of goals from my strikers. Have tried both Martial and Lukaku as AF-At with Martial missing 3 or 4 CCCs. Changed role to PF-At. Hoping it pays dividends.
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