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  1. I’m at work so can’t do screenshots Leeds save has been a surprise challenge currently sitting in 8th mid February. Only 4 points off of a playoff spot roofe playing inside forward currently on 19 league goals Bamford struggled that much I’m picking jack clarke over him I managed to bring in arp from hamburg for 13 million but he’s struggling to have an impact so far.
  2. Well after not even a day being Sunderland I have decided to change to Leeds!!! No more changing for me!😂
  3. I’ve decided to jump on the bandwagon after not being able to get into a save. aiming at bringing through some of the youngsters
  4. For like 3 days I’ve been trying to think 😂 just felt Sunderland’s team looked like more of a challenge to me for some reason even tho that sounds weird 😂😂
  5. I did look at them aswell😂 after some thought I decided to go Sunderland!
  6. Hello This years football manager I’ve really struggled to get into a save I’ve now decided to attempt a Sunderland revival!! anyone have any suggestions for good signings?
  7. Rollin93

    FM19- Bundesliga Thread

    Anyone done a save with Stuttgart??
  8. I’ve decided to start a new save with AFC Wimbledon! Moving into a new stadium in 2020 and a not very good squad!
  9. Mine has been a difficult season I’m currently in February and sitting in 8th but have been very inconsistent
  10. Rollin93

    FM19: Olympique Lyonnais

    I ended up stopping and done a Norwich save I won the league easily
  11. Rollin93

    FM19: Olympique Lyonnais

    Sorry for poor photo but currently on a very good run and joint top with PSG
  12. Rollin93

    FM19: Olympique Lyonnais

    Decided after enjoying my fm18 save so much I will start a fm19 save wish me luck!
  13. I’m just about to start one with Norwich how’s it started??
  14. Anyone have any recommendations for what championship team to be? i want a challenge but also room to build a good young team?
  15. Rollin93

    FM19: Borussia 09 e.V. Dortmund

    I had that idea at the beginning but gotze was awful for me so I had to free up his wages I’ve bought gnarby from Bayern for 10 million he’s doing brilliant