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  1. I will definitely look to try this when I’m back on tomorrow I really appreciate it and will let you know how I get on!
  2. Your a legend they have 4 good strikers so I feel 2 up top will definitely be the way forward
  3. So I’ve ended up with Luton matter losing everything when I got a new laptop only problem I have is I’m struggling to find a formation/tactic that has worked any ideas?
  4. Thank you well Peterborough have been relegated to league 2 so I’m very tempted to take them over! if not possible options are Rotherham Ipswich Bolton and Preston winning the championship was Reading i don’t even know how!
  5. Cheers for getting back to me mate yeah I think I’m going to do it! I’ll update you with who I end up with!
  6. Very tempted to skip the whole first season the take over a team who has been relegated to league 1 anyone else had much fun doing this?
  7. I’ve decided I’m going st Pauli in the German 2nd league mainly because there kits look unreal
  8. So I have a confession I binned off my Norwich save way to quickly I decided nottm forest looked interested and the history behind the club made it even more appealing
  9. I’m only 3-4 games in I’ve been playing him as a inside forward on the right he’s doing alright
  10. So I decided to jump on the bandwagon and I am Norwich!
  11. I tried them before but couldn’t get the striker scoring 😂I’ll give them another look I was swaying more towards Bristol out of the 2 might be worth a try
  12. I tried them before but couldn’t get the striker scoring 😂I’ll give them another look
  13. Any ideas? I’m stuck between Bristol City or Preston? Also open to other ideas want a team with a good youth in the first team and potential to be class thanks in advance
  14. I’ll have to give them a look thanks
  15. I’m really stuck with who to be between Norwich Brentford Bristol City or Luton i want a team with good youth facilities/team but also a bit of a challenge any ideas?
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