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  1. Hello love the write up how are you finding it I’m toying with the idea of going reading
  2. Has anyone managed Middlesbrough? Looking at there team they have some good youngsters coming through? once again looking at who to be thinking long term plan with good youth prospects happy to progress youngsters from the youth championship or league one? Any ideas
  3. I done a save with them I found it enjoyable have some really good youngsters I found it hard in the 2nd season as they wanted me to fight for playoffs mush of been a glitch because I only just survived relegation
  4. Anyone know of any good players in league 2?? Mainly looking for young cheap centre midfield and a striker thanks I’m advance
  5. I would definitely follow it after seeing all the interest in this thread I’m tempted to look at doing them I’m the future done a save with them on fm19 and was my favourite save
  6. Now I’ve looked there only giving me 10% due to the Massive debts I’ve targeted a lot of league 1 players on the hope they turn into stars could be a bad idea long term but we shall see
  7. So I’m in the off season with black urn building my team nyambe release clause of 8.5 million was actives by West Ham a long with leniham to Aston Villa do building a team to go up has been difficult Bradley Dack started causing problems because he wanted out I managed to get 16 million for him I was buzzing thought I’d get Atleast something to put back into building a team and they game me 2 million!! starting to think this rebuilding isn’t going to be as easy! managed to pick some good league 1 players up cheap will update on who they are at a later time but 1 signing I d
  8. Thanks mate will definitely try and keep Dack I just don’t expect to be able to im going to make sure I have another option just incase JRC struggles rothwell is another one I’m currently debating keeping or selling
  9. So after a night thinking I think I will be taking over blackburn and after a few of my Wimbledon players served me so well I think I’ll target a few of them younger players and after having joe rankin costelo on loan he will definitely be my replacement for Bradley Dack who I fully expect to be moving on
  10. Gutted for ya had this problem last year In my 3rd season at Luton I was distraught
  11. AFC Wimbledon So after missing out on promotion with a play off lose to Doncaster I have been offered 2 jobs both are soo tempting both teams got relegated from the championship first is QPR I feel like this could be very hard and the other team was a shock Blackburn! I feel these could be interesting in league one as I’m sure most players will want to leave and I will have to rebuild the team I think I’ll take the night to decide what I’ll do stay at Wimbledon leave for QPR leave for Blackburn
  12. So I’m 13 games into my Wimbledon save and I’m 2nd 7 wins 4 draws and 2 losses I only brought in 2 players on loan first to arrive was Robbie Gotts from Leeds who I have been playing CM he has been very good but the stand out player so far is my 2nd arrival in joe rankin-Costello from Blackburn currently has a league rating of 7.37 he has a 91% tackles won and a 85%pass rate marcus forss on loan from Brentford also gets a worthy mention
  13. 😳😳what the hell! It’s got to be surely that’s one way of killing a save football manager
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