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  1. Haven't checked this forum in a while, I see the activity has gone down. But, I just wanted to say how I still enjoy playing FM, really hooked on it during these quarantine times. Not FM20 of course or should I say FM set piece bore fest. But FM17, recently started a new save and just apsolutly enjoying it from the skin, AI intelligence regarding tactics and transfers, and the ME is almost perfect as stated many times on this forum. I love all the new features added to the game but thats all they are, features. The core of the game is the me. I pray that SI acknowledge that ME is their biggest priority for fm21.
  2. Having played Publit Beta patch for about 2 seasons now watching extended highlights I can say that the main game engine is actually more fun to watch because there ae at least some decent central play through goals, while long balls and 1on1s are quite annoying it is at least more open free flowing football,and you can minimize that with your tactic setup to some degree. The puplic beta ME seems to my eyes almost identical to fm19 me(read the dullest ME ever). The goal pattern is either: 1. Defender mistake or poor clearance. 2. Side cross to second post unmarked striker. 3. Long shot wonder goal. 4. Set piece goal. I can't say that these are the only goals but other patterns are too few to say at least. I just can't understand how can such ME regress after only 2-3 years when logically it should be much better. I know I'm just an unxperienced gamer/user and can't understand the coding details and difficulty, but to me the only thing that matters is that I've exponentially enjoyed all FMs up until fm2019 which halted my enjoyable experience. I'm just saddened either I'm getting to old to thoroughly enjoy the game or ME work is just unacceptable.
  3. Enough is enough! After giving this years version numerous chances and forcing myself to play it, I'm saddened to say that you lost another customer. Having to wait for a decent game till March, for a game that came out in November is just plain stupid. Next year for the love of God please don't emphasize new features in the game because we already have a good amount, but please work on the ME as much as you can because for 2020 this match and graphics engine is laughable. And not making the same mistake of pre-ordering the game in October that's for sure!
  4. Still a horrible boring ME, don't worry the update didn't change it.
  5. Soo, any indications of a new ME update SI staff? For me the current ME is almost unplayable with such obvious problems and simply said it's a disappointment that they released this version just before the holidays when they know, how much the dedicated fanbase will play the game through this time.
  6. Why the hell can't the wingers in this game square the ball to the ongoing lone striker?? I get this issue almost every match where I'm through on a counter my winger cutting inside from a flank and my striker following him and every Frickin time he decides to shoot at the goalkeeper instead of squaring it for an easy tap in.
  7. Any chance about a new ME update before the holidays? Gonna have some free time, but the ME right now seems so boring to me, no variety of goals, lack of ground trough balls, mentally challenged defenders, 1on1s etc. Just can't get myself to play the game as I did some versions before.
  8. Happened once more , the game seems unplayable to me right now. Can't holiday at all . FM 2020 v20.2.0.1323779 (2019.12.04 22.44.31).dmp
  9. Hello, I have encountered several game crashes since the last update 20.2.0. It happened while I was trying to holiday through the international break. It says it's caused by my GPU drivers , I immediately clean uninstalled all my up-to-date NVIDIA drivers and reinstalled them again. But , the same crash happened again . I only have custom logo pack graphics installed and I have tried deleting cache and preferences but it didn't work. Any help would be nice ! DxDiag.txt FM 2020 v20.2.0.1323779 (2019.12.04 22.15.37).dmp
  10. Sorry to go off topic, but has anyone else experienced a lot of game freezes/crashes during games after 20.10 patch? The ME after the update looks good, but the game is awfully unstable for me. This year's FM edition in terms of game optimization and technical issues is a total disappointment to me! If the game is this unstable after the release I'm tempted to consider a refund even though I love all the new editions and constant ME improvements.
  11. Just uploaded public beta a couple of hours ago and I'm gonna be short. This is the best ME you would want this year. Please no more fussing around and messing something else up. The current state of the me is for me the best football I've seen since fm2017, albeit be it I've played just about ten matches. +Laser long cross field balls rarely seen from poor passers. + My wingers and full backs finally cross without much hesitation. + My players listening to my passing instructions. + Defenders reacting better to balls over the top. + Long shot goals much more realistic and toned down, now the goals come from realistic angles. - Still don't know how to feel about 1on1s because I still see the misses quite commonly, penalties too. Maybe that's just realistic, I guess. - Still seeing the inability from wingers or inside fowards to square the ball to free space striker next to them, instead they really often just shoot instead, but I guess that could be from certain attributes. All in all, a really decent ME so far even on such a small sample size. But I would say just ship it!
  12. I tried deleting the cache and preferences folder as recommended in beta bug thread, but only a tiny bit of an improvement. Still constant fps drops in 3D on medium settings, even though I have 5 stars for my gaming pc. Switched to 2D which is smooth, for now. Waiting and hoping for an optimization on release because I can't understand what seems to be the problem.
  13. Not saying they don't work at all, but rather that they don't nearly statistically represent real life one on ones where it is almost certain that it's a goal, in the current FM ME, I'd say my strikers score 1 out of 5 clear cut chances.
  14. Unfortunately I'll have to double that, I have a i7 and gtx1060 pc with 5 star recommended graphics, yet the 3D engine is super slow and laggy to say at least. I hate to be that negative fan in the forums but the optimization of the game on Nvidia graphics is just awful. I'll have to wait until full release to make the final judgment though.
  15. Yeah, same problem for me, too. Have a quite decent computer which can run other games on high, even on FM in the preferences menu my default recommended settings for match graphics is on high. But, as soon as I enter the match in 3D everythings slows down and becomes laggy meanwhile the interface speed is just fine. My drivers are all updated so I just can't understand what it is?
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