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  1. Exactly. AI isn't going to fix this problem when a small company are making a game for the masses. Difficulty levels could massively improve the situation for the better players be and would be easy to introduce.
  2. I agree on difficulty levels because: - Improving the AI is really difficult and FM is built to run on basic machines - Most players want to have a fun, easy game, so wouldn't like the game to be harder I can definitely understand the logic against it bit I see it as the lesser of two evils, that it would allow the casual players an easier game and offer a bigger challenge for those that want it.
  3. I take your point about uploading pkm, and I'll do it when I start a save. But there is the wider issue that the game has been too easy to overachieve in for 5+ years. I presume SI can see this already, so they should have all the data in the world to see how many people are overachieving and what formations/tactics seem to do it the most.
  4. High pressing is a perfectly valid tactic that most elite teams use now. Is he allowed to use a keeper?
  5. How is it bragging saying that he didn't do anything himself to earn it, other than throw in a quick tactic and then go on holiday for the season? Are you not all there or something? He is not bragging. He is not saying he's done something amazing to break the game by being good. He, along with a lot of others, are saying them game is way too easy this year. A lot of us are saying the game has been way too easy for a number of years now. "But, but, but, don't play as a decent team" --> it's too easy at every level! If you don't find the game easy, get over the fact that a lot of us are finding it easy. Go to another forum to compare some of your sackings.
  6. Agreed, impossible to tell from forum dwellers alone, although I’ve never seen a poll come close to saying it’s too easy before (and I’ve started enough of them over the years!). This is something only SI could tell us from their data, average finishing position vs media prediction. Probably just on bottom half teams as you can’t finish higher than predicted 1st. Hopefully they’re doing this kind of analysis in the background.
  7. You mean you don’t do that already? No wonder you find it easy. I only sign players whose surnames are anagrams of Batman baddies: Kenny Kroje Eddie Ebna Robin Frister Meeze (legendary Dutch journeyman striker) Npungei Npungei Good lads. I’ve got a mod that says ‘Pow!’ when any of them score.
  8. Can I just ask, when you play lower league teams, are you getting promoted most seasons?
  9. That's why this is saying do you want the full release to be harder than the beta. We don't know what the full release will be like yet, of course, but we can see from this poll that people want it to be harder than the beta.
  10. This isn't trying to annoy people, I'm just trying to gauge where other people are at in terms of whether they find it really easy, but are happy with that, or whether they don't find it that easy. As reference, I'd say that if you're starting down the pyramid but getting promoted more than 50% of the seasons, that is still too easy. And I'm not saying just nerf attacking play as the ME looks amazing this year for attacking. It should be that teams that play high-line, aggressive pressing football should be shattered by the end of the game and picked off on the counter, so they score a lot but concede a lot as well.
  11. "So, in a few saves now I can pick up any random lower league team, throw a few generic tactics in and absolutely slaughter any league and several above using the base players they start with" it sounds like this year's game is going to be even worse than normal for being ridiculously easy. Such a waste of a good game.
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