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  1. I'm in 2nd season. I've seen my club went from "Okay", to "insecure", to "in debt", now back to insecure again. basically, other than selling players/reducing wage budget, try to win more prize money in competitions, setting low league and cup bonus, there's pretty much nothing you can do about it. I've seen board pumped in money once when my finance was "okay", but my finance would soon become "insecure". Hopefully your club get taken over by new chairman. He might settle the debt for the club.
  2. Once, in FM 2008. Chimney Corner, Northern Irish 2nd Division. In a cup match, my 2nd string players were tied 1-1 with a non league side till extra time. Late in the extra time (118th or 119th min), my centre back passed the ball back to my goalkeeper, Andrew French. Under pressure, he kicked the ball upfield without hesitation. Surprisingly, the ball went all the way upfield and took a bounce before passing the goalkeeper into the back of the net! Sweet match winning goal, though it's a fluke
  3. My Poland team vs Paraguay in a friendly. good passes create goals
  4. Man Utd 1-0 Chelsea (Community Shield) Cech's mishandling of Valencia's header at 92nd min hands me the english pre-season silverware
  5. Who did you sign first?

    Oscar Wendt for my wigan, because i lack back up for left back and left winger, since Oscar can play both positions, my 700k euros is well spent
  6. Mark the man! Mark the space!! Mark the man!!! Mark the space!!!! MARK THE MAN!!! MARK THE SPACE!!!!
  7. it's meant to be there. in real life, referees do make mistakes, and allow goals that are offside, and disallow goals that are not offside. In the game, however, I do see goals that seem to be scored offside are allowed, being called "dubious goal" by commentator, but in 2D classic, it's clearly shown that the scorer is fractionally onside, therefore goal should be allowed. This means in the game, referees and commentators do make mistakes too
  8. Awesome! I can see houses and shops behind the stadium!
  9. I hate this game

    Quite realistic actually. No one will win forever. And sometimes, having more possession and/or many more shots than your opponent, only to tie or even lose a game is frustrating. But I do love this game. 1 or 2 loss can actually help you sometimes. Once, after conceding a late goal to tie a game I should have won, I ended up devising a good time wasting strategy that can really delay time, and even able counter attack at fast pace with my fast wingers. If I didn't tie that game, I would not have thought of such a good strategy. I sacrificed 2 points, but I may have saved lots of points later on
  10. Jong Tae Se anyone? "the People's Rooney"! Oh yeah he wasn't in FM 2010 to begin with, as he was playing in J-League last season. He's now in Bochum, but he's definitely a good player. Maybe a PA of 160 - 165?
  11. Hey guys! I have s suggestion on the PA system. I realised that in real life, no one have a fixed amount of potential on how a player has. If he's a hardworking player, he'll keep on improving, even during or after his peak. And some players do have a tendency to suddenly improve a lot in a short amount of time. I've seen a lot of players in the last few FM that are in this situation: like Theo Walcott, Ben Foster etc. I remember playing fm 05 in the past and they both have mostly single digit technical attributes, and seasons later, they are in Coca Cola League 1 or 2, which in a way, was not predicted by the fm researchers. No, I'm not blaming those researchers. Afterall, no one expected that they will become who they are now. My suggestion will be, give players a PA that is not fixed. For example, a youth player coming through the ranks, got a CA of 80, and a PA of maybe 140. However, he was snapped up by a club that has the best state of the art academy. With best coaches and academy, training quality is much higher, leading to him being a much better player than before. He should have a PA higher than 140 and his CA may probably exceed 140 in future. Guys this is just a suggestion. If you guys don't like it you can certainly let me know. But pls go easy on me. I'm not an english speaker, so pardon my bad english
  12. Query re sons in FM11

    Hmm... in real life, if i really am a manager of a club, i will definitely pull my son into the club! Even if he's rubbish
  13. your worst loss?

    A 10-0 loss... I was managing Wales U19, against the greyed out invincible Germany U19
  14. Query re sons in FM11

    Hmm... how about, making chances of having a son in fm 2011 a bit higher than in fm 2010, but very low chance of having your "son" being any good?